Ari Jaaksi O S I M World 2009


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Ari Jaaksi O S I M World 2009

  1. Taking open source forward Can’t open source become more user-friendly…? Ari Jaaksi, Vice President, Maemo Devices, Nokia 1 © 2009 Nokia
  2. Yes, it can! 2 © 2009 Nokia
  3. In order to simplify, we had to… Remove dirt from the desktop Create a dashboard for multitasking Make everything finger-friendly 3 © 2009 Nokia
  4. Inspired by people Consumer & customer insights allow us to… • Build a deep understanding what consumer value in our products • Improve and redefine the user experiences of our mobile devices • Develop the opportunity into a concrete offer and verify with consumers that it makes sense A l e x a n d r a Carlo Longino, Horia Stanescu, Darla Mack, Niko Nyman, Ewan Spence Tom Raftery, Lead Deschamps- writer and analyst Independent Arts Online Journalist, Adobe Flash/Flex Entrepreneur, Analyst, energy Sonsino, CEO and who has spent a n d C r a f t s M o b i l e I n d u s tr y D e v e l o p e r , Author, and Writer and sustainability Co-founder of several years Professional M a v e n Business Owner, (www.ewanspence practice with T i n k e r . i t ! covering the Published Author . c o m ) analyst firm m o b i l e industr y on Social Me dia RedMonk; blogger, podcaster, speaker. 4 © 2008 Nokia
  5. Open source drives our way of building software • Work in the communities not parallel to them • Be transparent from Day 1 of platform development • Contribute to existing projects, don’t reinvent • Sponsor key contributors and strategic projects 5 © 2008 Nokia
  6. We want to focus on user experience and integrate services, from the Internet and operators. But we are busy putting open source components together 6 © 2008 Nokia
  7. To master open source, we had to understand … • Different technologies: Linux, GNOME, Qt, Mozilla… • How to work upstream with the community • Balance openness and differentiation, IPRs and licenses What we have not streamlined yet is the making of the entire product 7 © 2008 Nokia
  8. Maemo, Moblin, LIMO, even Android use a lot of the same open source components,… … but we integrate Open source and release projects separately. 8 © 2008 Nokia
  9. We want to concentrate on user experience and work together on things that are generic. This is how we can create value for our customers. 9 © 2009 Nokia