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Firefox OS: bringing the Open Web to mobile devices


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Tristan Nitot's (Principal Mozilla Evangelist) keynote at WebIt Congress, Istanbul, Turkey on the importance of having the freedom of the Web on mobile applications

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Firefox OS: bringing the Open Web to mobile devices

  1. 1. FIREFOX OSBringing the Open Web to Mobile Devices Tristan Nitot Principal Mozilla Evangelist twitter: @nitot –
  2. 2. TODAY
  3. 3. Mobile Industry is DOMINATED byPROPRIETARY Mobile Platforms
  4. 4. Mobile Industry is DOMINATED byPROPRIETARY Mobile Platforms• Device Specific Software• Limited revenue choices• Customer relationship mediated by store• Take-it-or-leave-it policies• Users and Developers are Locked-In
  5. 5. TOMORROW
  6. 6. FIREFOX OS Built entirely using HTML5 & standard Web APIs without the need for an intermediate OS layer Complete, standalone operating system for the open Web
  7. 7. Create Customized & Differentiated User Experiences (everything is a Webapp)Variations around the Home Variations around screen the dialer
  8. 8. Firefox OS: How an Open Web Phoneconnects HTML5 to hardware Existing Platforms (smartphones only) Firefox OS Web Significantly Browser/ smaller stack: Platform Scales from high-end } Native API- Web-based User feature phones to Experience/Web based UI Content high-end smartphones Web Engine/ APIs Standard Device APIs Kernel (e.g. Android, iOS, Kernel Win7, etc.) Device (phone, tablet, Device desktop)
  9. 9. Create amazing HTML5 experiences and apps DEVELOPERS Content owners maintain direct connection to their audience Enhanced discoverability CARRIERS Easy payment & built-in FIREFOX Carrier billing MARKETPLACE Revenue sharing
  10. 10. Developers can write Apps & Services forONE Platform – the Web 8 Million • Web Apps based on More developers HTML5 than any other platform • Developers will no longer need to learn and develop 450,000 against platform-specific + native APIs 100,000+ • Write Apps & Services for one platform – the Web
  11. 11. FOR USERS An affordable smartphone: brings the smartphone experience at a feature phoneCONNECT TO price point THE WEB Tons of apps to choose from: the Web is the limit!
  12. 12. Firefox OS demo
  13. 13. Welcome to a new, open and powerful mobile world!More info:•• Tristan Nitot - @nitot