Chemistry of Conversion by Brian Massey


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Do you know how to get a REACTION from the vistors to your Web site? Do you understand how to combine the elements of online marketing in powerful ways.

Brian Massey does. The Conversion Scientist™ presented The Chemistry of Conversion at ProductCamp Austin 6 on January 15, 2011.

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  • Excellent choice of metaphor, conceptualization, and the alignment of conversion concepts with the metaphor. -Neville
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  • Chemistry of Conversion by Brian Massey

    1. 1. It passes before its noticed; a slight raising ofthe eyebrows, a widening of the eyes. It maybe accompanied by an almost imperceptibleinhalation. The heart adds a beat in time, like aquiet exclamation point on the experience.Within a 10th of a second the reaction haspassed, but not without leaving it’s mark.Youve found what youre looking for.
    2. 2. “An event that results in a transformation” -- Collins Thesaurus of the English Language Stranger to Visitor Visitor to Prospect Prospect to Customer Customer to User User to Advocate
    3. 3. TRAFFICMACHINE Social Media Paid Search Display Ad Webinar Email Search $6 $30 0Acquisition Cost
    4. 4. “An event that results in a transformation” -- Collins Thesaurus of the English Language“ (chemistry) A process in which one or more substances are changed into others.” -- Princeton Wordnet
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    13. 13. The Conversion Scientist BlogSlides and Other ResourcesTwitterLinkedInFacebook Fan PageContact:
    14. 14. Penny is the Director of Conferences for Mietex, a $400 million company located in Houston, Texas. She will directly influence $300,000 to $400,000 in convention center revenue over time.Penny Planner METHODICAL: Makes decisions slowly andFemale logically. Needs a great deal of information toAge: 41 take action.
    15. 15. Room Explorer: Create a series of pages that verylogically guides her through the size and layout of therooms.Each feature should link to more detail. Use ofpictures (high quality photography) is important.Focus on the comfort of her guests in describingfeatures.