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What We Can Learn from Direct Marketers by Brian Massey and Debra Zahay


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What We Can Learn from Direct Marketers by Brian Massey and Debra Zahay

  1. 1. Debra Zahay, The ProfessorBrian Massey, The Conversion Scientist#convcon @bmassey @zahay
  2. 2.  LEARN why it is so hard to get and keep the attention of people UNDERSTAND why direct mail copywriters have something toteach us about Web marketing HEAR the tips provided by the most successful direct mailcopywriters SEE examples of these techniques in action on the WebBUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE#convcon @bmassey @zahay
  3. 3.  Start Small and build (Freedman and Frasier 1966) Progressively Escalating commitments (Trivial first commitmentssuch as agreeing to be interviewed can lead to organ donation(Schwartz 1970) Used in Business-to-Business as well#convcon @bmassey @zahayBut wait! There’s MORE!
  4. 4.  Professor/Data Scientist Author of over 22 articles Consultant President of Zahay, Inc. National Speaker AuthorInternet Marketing:Integrating Online andOffline Strategies Looks Good in Black#convcon @bmassey @zahay
  5. 5. Founder of Conversion SciencesConsultantNational SpeakerAuthorYour Customer Creation EquationLabwear Fashion Model#convcon @bmassey @zahayBRIAN MASSEY
  6. 6. #convcon @bmassey @zahay
  7. 7. Source: Wizard Academy www.wizardacademy.comWernickeBroca @bmassey @zahay
  8. 8. Seeing Words PassivelyPrimary Visual CortexGenerating (and Reading) WordsBroca’s Area Wernicke’s Area @bmassey @zahay
  9. 9. #convcon @bmassey @zahay
  10. 10. #convcon @bmassey @zahay
  11. 11. AUTHORITY:#convcon @bmassey @zahay--Eugene M. Schwartz
  12. 12. SCARCITY:#convcon @bmassey @zahay--Jim Kobs
  13. 13. LIKING:#convcon @bmassey @zahay--Claude Hopkins
  14. 14. SOCIAL PROOF:#convcon @bmassey @zahay--Eugene M. Schwartz
  15. 15. COMMITMENT:#convcon @bmassey @zahay--Claude Hopkins
  16. 16. RECIPROCITY:#convcon @bmassey @zahay--Robert Cialdini
  17. 17. #convcon @bmassey @zahay
  18. 18. #convcon @bmassey @zahay
  19. 19. #convcon @bmassey @zahay
  20. 20. #convcon @bmassey @zahay
  21. 21. Author ofScientific AdvertisingDownload a copy at @bmassey @zahay Download at
  22. 22. Claude C. Hopkins#convcon @bmassey @zahay
  23. 23. --Eugene M. Schwartz, Breakthrough Advertising#convcon @bmassey @zahay
  24. 24. #convcon @bmassey @zahay David Ogilvy
  25. 25. #convcon @bmassey @zahayYou’re in direct response advertising.Admit it.
  26. 26. 1. Test a single element or test a completely different approach.2. Be prepared to measure test results.3. Work on the “Beat the Champ” Principle.4. Make sure your tests are statistically valid.5. Analyze your results based on “net” dollar return.6. Don’t assume someone else’s results will turn out the sameway for your market.7. Don’t think test results are forever.8. Avoid the disease of over-testing.#convcon @bmassey @zahayWho wrote this?
  27. 27. Respected leader inthe field of directmarketing, a strategicthinker, an effectiveteacher/lecturer, anaward-winningcreative thinker, anoted author“Probably the mostmisunderstoodconcept in directmarketing is theoffer.”#convcon @bmassey @zahay
  28. 28. #convcon @bmassey @zahay-- Jim Kobs
  29. 29. #convcon @bmassey @zahay-- John Caples
  30. 30. Author ofTested Advertising Methods#convcon @bmassey @zahay Download at
  31. 31. Author ofOgilvy on AdvertisingConfessions of anAdvertising Man#convcon @bmassey @zahay Download at
  32. 32. #convcon @bmassey @zahayDavid Ogilvy
  33. 33. #convcon @bmassey @zahay-- John Caples
  34. 34. Email copy test.Subject line and landing pageremained the same.
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  38. 38. #convcon @bmassey @zahay
  39. 39. #convcon @bmassey @zahay-- Jim Kobs
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  42. 42. #convcon @bmassey @zahayJim Kobs
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  44. 44. What went wrong? High Impressions/low CTR Weak Call-To-Action Poor ResultsB2B Website MGMT SoftwareCreate Customize and Manage ContentSee Our Site Solutions Herewww.IdeosityCMS.comThanks to Ideosity and the InteractiveMasterminds Team, Marketing Technology,NIU, Spring 2013
  45. 45. Thanks to the BAMTeam, MarketingTechnology, NIU, Spring2013
  46. 46.  Free Gift Offers Discount offers Sample Offers Time Limit Offers Guarantee Offers Build-up-the Sale Offers Sweepstakes Offers Club and Continuity Offers#convcon @bmassey @zahay
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  48. 48. SuccessfulRetailer, Consultant,Retired, AwardRecipient andAuthor“Penicillin, Rubber-Photography, x-rays, the telescopeand my beginningsin direct mail.happened byaccident”#convcon @bmassey @zahay
  49. 49. MURRAY RAPHEL#convcon @bmassey @zahay
  50. 50. Author ofBreakthrough AdvertisingFind out how to download afree copy at @bmassey @zahay
  51. 51. --Eugene M. Schwartz, Breakthrough Advertising#convcon @bmassey @zahay
  52. 52. #convcon @bmassey @zahay
  53. 53. WHAT KIND OF COPYSHOULD WE WRITE?Most Aware Product Aware Solution Aware Problem Aware UnawareEugene Schwartz’s “Five Levels of Awareness”Direct IndirectProduct andPriceDiscountsand DealsClaims andProofBenefits andAnxietiesStories andSecretsSource: Great Leads by Michael Masterson and John Forde#convcon @bmassey @zahay
  54. 54. #convcon @bmassey @zahay
  55. 55. Most Aware Product Aware Solution Aware Problem Aware Unaware#convcon @bmassey @zahay
  56. 56. Most Aware Product Aware Solution Aware Problem Aware Unaware#convcon @bmassey @zahay
  57. 57. Most Aware Product Aware Solution Aware Problem Aware Unaware#convcon @bmassey @zahay
  58. 58. Most Aware Product Aware Solution Aware Problem Aware Unaware#convcon @bmassey @zahay
  59. 59. Most Aware Product Aware Solution Aware Problem Aware Unaware#convcon @bmassey @zahay
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  80. 80. #convcon @bmassey @zahay
  81. 81. #convcon @bmassey @zahay
  82. 82. #convcon @bmassey @zahayAlways be looking for your next great control
  83. 83. #convcon @bmassey @zahayForward to Scientific Advertising by David Ogilvy