Conversion Science Brian Massey and Heather Lloyd Martin


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Online Sales Conversion expert Brian Massey and Heather Lloyd Martin talk about Web sites that convert, complete with a challenging quiz. How will you score? Presented at Innotech Portland 2010.

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Conversion Science Brian Massey and Heather Lloyd Martin

  1. 1. The National C Th N ti l Conversion Q i i Quiz The Science of Online Sales Conversion Brian Massey Heather Lloyd Martin 1
  2. 2. SuccessWorks overview - First SEO copywriting agency - since 1999. - Based in PDX - and speak worldwide about SEO content best practices. - Create content, set strategy and conducts SEO content development training sessions sessions. - Developed the online SEO Copywriting Certification course, certifying in-house and freelance copywriters in SEO copywriting best practices. 2
  3. 3. The Five O’s of Brian Massey Bi M OLD years online marketing experience Fifteen Out tiThere National S N l Speaker k Opinionated and Search Engine Land pColumnist for ClickZ OCD Obsessive Conversion Disorder Open for sites of businesses of all sizes Analyze Web Business 4
  4. 4. Review
  5. 5. Search Google Ad PR Why Bounce H t Wh B Hurts Referral Networking Social Media $6 Acquisition Cost
  6. 6. Search Google Ad PR Why Bounce H t Wh B Hurts Referral Networking Social Media $3 Acquisition Cost
  7. 7. The Two Keys to Conversion
  8. 8. Q Quality Traffic y
  9. 9. Relevant Keywords Good SEO Effective Copy Q Quality Traffic y
  10. 10. Relevant Site Content
  11. 11. Findable Digestible g Flexible Relevant Content
  12. 12. Who determines what is Findable Digestible Flexible Relevant? Your Consumers
  13. 13. The Great Secret of Conversion You re You’re talking to PEOPLE
  14. 14. The Quiz Standardized
  15. 15. How Do You Calculate “Conversion Rate?” “C i R t ?” a) 2πr b) New Leads / Unique Visitors ) c) New Customers / Unique Visitors q d) Kill time on Friday afternoon
  16. 16. b) New Leads / Unique Visitors d) N New C t Customers / U i Unique Vi it Visitors
  17. 17. Qualified prospects come to my site to: i a) Learn about my company b) Solve a problem c) L ) Learn about my b t products or services d) Kill time on Friday afternoon
  18. 18. b) Solve a problem Which may include d) H i ti Having time t kill on F id afternoon to Friday ft
  19. 19. Clients love companies that can solve their th i problems bl
  20. 20. Show your prospects you understand their i th i pain points i t - What are the benefits of working with you - and why are those benefits important to your target audience? - What specific objections do you have to overcome? - What is your competition doing and how do you position your company within your local or national marketplace? - What tone and feel should you use to resonate with your audience How you say what you say is extremely important
  21. 21.
  22. 22. When you’re writing copy, who should you be writing for? a) The search engines b) People just like me c) Qualified prospects d) Everyone
  23. 23. a) The search engines AND d) Qualified prospects
  24. 24. Understand your target audience
  25. 25. Get inside your customers’ heads y Ask yourself: - Who is your target audience (hint: it’s not “everyone ”) it s everyone. ) - Do you have multiple target audiences? - How old is your typical buyer/reader? - What level of education have they reached? - What are their average income levels? - What are their hopes, fears and desires?
  26. 26. Yes, include keyphrases - but don’t stuff th page full of them! t ff the f ll f th !
  27. 27. Your “Default” Persona 29
  28. 28. Break Brad into his individual pieces and market to them
  29. 29. What should you do after creating your visitor persona? i it ? a) Drink a frosty beverage b) Research your keyphrases c) Check out competing websites d) Immediately start writing
  30. 30. b) R Research your k h keyphrases h 33
  31. 31. If customers can’t find you online, how can your copy convert? h t?
  32. 32. Keyphrase Research Tools Include: yp • WordStream (*** NEW • Wordtracker ( • Keyword Discovery ( • Twitter Search ( Keyword research is the foundation of your SEO success. If the client doesn’t provide keyphrases, do the research or ask the client for the information. li t f th i f ti
  33. 33. Which of the following headlines would appeal to someone looking to pp g solve a problem? a) “ReducO® will slash your monthly expenses by up to 50% within 30 days” days b) “We are the leader in expense-cutting solutions” c) “The expense-cutting difference!” d) “Welcome”
  34. 34. a) “ReducO® will slash your monthly expenses by up to 50% within 30 days”
  35. 35. Let’s compare: Quicken p Q
  36. 36. Let’s compare: p
  37. 37. What is your first opportunity for conversion? a) Home page b) Search engine results page c) Landing page d) When a prospect calls your company after visiting your site
  38. 38. All of the Above 41
  39. 39. Which listing would you rather click?
  40. 40. Titles serve a dual purpose p p • Well-written Titles paired with strong content helps pages t t th l position well. • “Clickable,” compelling Titles tempt your prospects to click on your link over others on the SERP.
  41. 41. Which of the following calls to action is more likely to y generate a lead? a) “Sign up for a free 30 minute consultation” b) “Contact Us” ) c) “Sign up for our newsletter” d) “Learn More” Learn More
  42. 42. a) “Sign up for a free 30 minute consultation”
  43. 43. Specificity is the Hallmark of Conversion “Clarity trumps persuasion” -- Dr Flint McGlaughlin Dr. McGlaughlin, Marketing Experiments
  44. 44. What is the most effective way to answer a visitor’s questions? a) Articles b) White Papers c) Blog Posts d) Video
  45. 45. All of the above
  46. 46. Keyphrases can uncover what your customers are wondering about Purchase Make/model search Research Reviews, blog posts, brand/features brand/feat res comparison Awareness General overarching keyphrases G l hi k h
  47. 47. Where is the best place to send visitors who click on ads or links in emails? a) Home Page b) Landing Page c) Competitor’s Site d) Any page that delivers on your promise
  48. 48. Any page that delivers on your promise What is the easiest way to deliver on a specific ad or email promise?
  49. 49. Develop a Landing Page
  50. 50. Summary Conversion is the science of turning g visitors into leads and sales. High conversion rates lower marketing costs Copy is important. We are converting PEOPLE Keywords drive qualified prospects to your site o r Be specific in your offers. Develop Personas Personas. Use Landing Pages for ads, email and other advertising
  51. 51. 4
  52. 52. Heather Lloyd-Martin heather@seocopywriting com (503) 922-3627 Twitter: T itt