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Check out Blast Advanced Media's Old Spice styled 2010 Google Developer Idol presentation of BAM Analytics. BAM Analytics is the iPhone app for viewing your Google Analytics on the go.

BAM Analytics one the 2010 Google Developer Idol competition which was judged by Google Certified Partners and Google Product Managers and Engineers.

Here is the fun script:

Think of the Old Spice Guy:
Hello Googlers.
Look at your at back at yours. Now back to mine.
Sadly they’re not like mine. Don’t you wish your Analytics can look as good as mine?

They could, if you had the BAM Analytics iPhone App to view your Google Analytics on.

Look down. Now up. Where are you?
You’re at the beach with the App your Analytics can be on....letting you get away from that dank, dark office where the only tan you get is from the glow of your computer monitor.

Look at your hand.
Now back to me.
I’m holding in my hand the Analytics from hundreds of web sites. How is this possible? By using the Google Analytics API.

By simply typing in your Google Login all your accounts and profiles appear. Need to find a specific website profile? Not a problem, start typing in the name you are looking for and it magically appears.

Have more than one Google Login? Add them all, they will be ready for you when you need them.

Look Down, Now up, look at the reports
This app lets you see over one bajillion reports all in the palm of your hand. Visitors, Ecommerce, Content, Traffic, Goals, Event Tracking...the list goes on and on and on.

Look Down, Now up.
I’m now using advanced segments to find out how many users from Timbuktu searched for a Winnebago on my site last week.

Now I’m comparing the number of visitors to my site this year compared to last year with Date Comparison.

Close your eyes
now open your eyes [slide 2 - Custom Reports]
I’m now adding custom reports directly on my iPhone, allowing me to track the number of Urchin 7 leads that were received from last week.

look diamonds...[plastic diamonds fall out of hand]

I’m at Google and I’m on a...Horse (Stick Horse)

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  • Google Developer Idol 2010 Competition - BAM Analytics

    1. 1. Login with your Google Account
    2. 2. List of accounts and profiles
    3. 3. Easy search for web site profiles name
    4. 4. Gazillion* of Reports *Gazillion = 64 reports + custom reports
    5. 5. Advanced Segments
    6. 6. Compare Two Date Ranges
    7. 7. Custom Reports
    8. 8. Get it NOW