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Unlock the Magic of PPC Segmentation


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Your AdWords interface is always changing, as Google keeps adding more targeting options. Problem is, the current interface reporting platform can be confusing to downright deceptive. See how to use segmentation to get the real story on your performance.

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Unlock the Magic of PPC Segmentation

  1. 1. Unlock the Magic of Segmentation Seattle Search Network @blastam Using just the AdWords Interface! @amyppc
  2. 2. Use the Magic of Segmentation to: Segmentation
  3. 3. Use the Magic of Segmentation to: Expertly solve problems Swiftly achieve extraordinary results Become deeply knowledgeable about your account Segmentation
  4. 4. There is no perfect Pepsi, only perfect Pepsis. -Howard Moskowitz
  5. 5. verb to “slice and dice” into meaningful, actionable groups noun a meaningful, actionable market or data set Magical segments are meaningful and actionable. Segmentation We’ll use “segment” to mean:
  6. 6. Don’t be Fooled by Randomness!
  7. 7. Segmentation Meaningful segments have similar: Meaningful segmentation teaches us: about our audience about our account market segments wants needs demand characteristics data segments behavior settings requirements
  8. 8. 0 175 350 525 700 u s h w p d f m b t e k g l a c i r q n o v j y x z $19 $22 $51 $22 $32 $22 $25 $24 $49 $33 $23 $106 $62 $35 $71 $59 $29 $45 $14 $42 $32 $38 $95 $126 $0 $0 CPL Leads Segmentation Search Terms: Alphabetically
  9. 9. Segmentation How to Daypart according to the internet:
  10. 10. Segmentation Actionable segmentation allows us to make improvements to our account based on what we’ve learned. Thanks a lot, tablets.
  11. 11. Segmentation How actionable is population data?
  12. 12. Implement & Take Action Optimize Performance Segment & Analyze Data Segmentation There’s a lot we can do with meaningful, actionable segments
  13. 13. Segmentation There’s a lot we can do with meaningful, actionable segments Doing Growth Learning + =
  14. 14. Analysis: What can we learn from our data? Analysis
  15. 15. Analysis 9 leads from this location extension? Wow! Apply Segment Segments help tell the whole story Oh! It’s actually 0 leads....
  16. 16. segment button dimensions tab tools reportsdisplay tab settings structure audience date range columns
  17. 17. Analysis Any screen gives you multiple ways to view data
  18. 18. Analysis Most segments can be instantly applied
  19. 19. Analysis Find Out: How can we unlock secret segments?
  20. 20. Analysis These segments can be yours once you add them Household Income Universities Airports Central Commercial Areas
  21. 21. Analysis From “Settings” Tab... Be sure to save!
  22. 22. Find Out: What can we learn about our customers? Analysis
  23. 23. Analysis What are our customers looking for? Dimensions: Search Terms
  24. 24. Analysis How quickly do they take action? Tools: Time lag
  25. 25. Analysis What actions are our visitors taking? Segment: Conversion name or category
  26. 26. Analysis What actions are our visitors taking? Segment: Click Type
  27. 27. Analysis What actions are our visitors taking? Dimensions: Call Details
  28. 28. Analysis What actions are our visitors taking? Segment: View Type
  29. 29. Analysis Who are we reaching? Display Tab: Demographics (Use with caution)
  30. 30. Find Out: What can we learn about ourselves? Analysis
  31. 31. Analysis Are we consistent in our application of Settings? Dimensions: Campaign Details, Ad Group Details
  32. 32. Analysis What’s impacting our performance? Dimensions: Top Movers
  33. 33. Analysis Does SERP location matter? Dimensions: Top v Other
  34. 34. Analysis Is PPC cannibalizing organic? Dimensions: Paid & Organic
  35. 35. Analysis How are our ad extensions actually performing? Segment: This extension v other
  36. 36. Analysis How are our experiments doing? Segment: Experiment
  37. 37. Analysis How is Anything doing (wild card)? Dimensions: Labels
  38. 38. Implementation: How do we use what we learned to take action? Implementation
  39. 39. Implementation How do keywords perform against specific ads? Segment: Keyword / Placement
  40. 40. Try This: Adjust Network Targeting by Performance Implementation
  41. 41. Implementation How do campaigns perform across networks? Segment: Networks
  42. 42. Implementation Tighten networks for better control
  43. 43. Try This: Adjust bidding for the “mobile moment” Implementation
  44. 44. Implementation How is mobile performing in 2015? Segment: Device
  45. 45. Implementation It may be time to change mobile bids AdWords suggests: (mobile conversion rate / desktop conversion rate) — 1
  46. 46. Try This: Don’t be a victim of location targeting Implementation
  47. 47. Implementation Dimensions: Geographic= Matching Against
  48. 48. Implementation User Locations: Actual Location
  49. 49. Implementation Option 1: Change Location Settings
  50. 50. Implementation Option 2: Change Location Targeting
  51. 51. Implementation Adjust Bids (when there’s a reason!)
  52. 52. Implementation Distance: Location Extensions
  53. 53. Implementation Add Location ExtensionTargeting
  54. 54. Implementation Distance Targeting: Location Extensions
  55. 55. Get Extraordinary Results Optimization
  56. 56. Implement & Take Action Optimize Performance Segment & Analyze Data Optimization Combine meaningful segments & action for accelerated growth
  57. 57. Optimize Account Performance feat. Campaign Structure Optimization
  58. 58. Optimization Find Out: What product & themes convert? Segment by Campaign $0 $50,000 $100,000 $150,000 $200,000 PPC Non-Mobile New Releases Strategic Top 20 Competition Revenue
  59. 59. Optimization Try it out: Restructure account Optimize campaigns for better targeting & sales $0 $200,000 $400,000 $600,000 $800,000 Brand Only Distribution Partner Product Items Characters Revenue
  60. 60. Optimization Results: +280% Revenue Visibility & optimizations led to huge growth $0 $750,000 $1,500,000 $2,250,000 $3,000,000 Cost Revenue Old Structure Re-Org
  61. 61. Optimize LP/ UX Optimization feat. Destination URLs
  62. 62. Optimization Find Out: What LPs are working best? Segment by Dimensions: Destination URL image Calculator LP Pros & Cons LP
  63. 63. Optimization Try it Out: Create an Experiment Split test LP traffic disadvantages of reverse mortgage Disadvantages of Reverse Learn the Pros & Disadvantages of Reverse Mortgages - Learn More! Pros & Cons LP Caclulator LP
  64. 64. Optimization Results: Calculator LP converts Add calculator to Pros & Cons, or switch LP image Calculator LP Pros & Cons LP
  65. 65. Optimize Ad Copy Optimization feat. Labels & Search Terms
  66. 66. Optimization Elk Grove Urgent Care See Hours and Wait Times Now Expert Care by ACME Doctors ACME Health Urgent Care No Appt Necessary, Walk Right In See Elk Grove Wait Times & Hours 82 ads across 23 ad groups... City Headline Brand Headline
  67. 67. Optimization Find out: Which treatment is better? Segment by Dimensions: Labels Brand
  68. 68. There is no perfect headline, only perfect headlines.
  69. 69. Optimization Find out: What search terms in play? Segment by Dimensions: Search Terms Brand
  70. 70. Optimization Try This: Negative match brand terms Compare performance after 30 days Brand
  71. 71. Optimization Results: +14% CTR, +7% Conv. Rate After removing brand terms, v prior period 0% 3% 6% 9% 12% CTR Conv Rate April - June July - Sept
  72. 72. Use the Magic of Segmentation to: Know how to solve problems Swiftly achieve extraordinary results Become deeply knowledgeable about your account Segmentation
  73. 73. Segmentation Your segmentation “Call to Action” Try a new approach to segment your data in a way that’s meaningful & lets you take action
  74. 74. Q&A Download/Share this Presentation Download/Share Blast’s Google Analytics Reference Guide @amyppc @blastam
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