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EcoFamily Virtual Conference

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Eco family presentation

  1. 1. Got a tablet? Download CONNECT APP Sign in as GUEST at:
  2. 2. Eco-Family Virtual Conference Kristi Cooper Brenda
  3. 3. EcoFamily Conference • Face to Face • Engaging • Outside Activities • Day long • Saturday • At a Research Farm • For the entire family 1 person registered
  4. 4. Plan “B”We had…• The presenters• The technology experience• Access to Adobe Connect• Passion for the topic• Support from administration
  5. 5. Adobe Connect• Interactive and Engaging• Chat• Voice• Breakout Rooms• Note Pods• Recordable• Transportable
  6. 6. Eco Family Topics• Local Food Systems – Food & Fitness Initiative• Connecting with Nature – Extension Family Specialist• Green Schools – Energy: UNI Center for Energy and Environment Education• Water– State Rainscaping Specialist• Edible Landscapes – Ecological Designer• Compost 101 – Master Composter
  7. 7. Eco Family Participants• Single and Multi Family dwellings• Single adults• 2+ adults• 2+ adults with children• 7 Rural counties• 6 Urban/Suburban counties
  8. 8. Adobe Connect1. Attendee 4 List 12. Chat box3. Notes Pod4. Breakout room5. Main room6. Video pod 2 3
  9. 9. Attendance Chat Pubs Video Taped Presenter Manually advanced PPT presentation
  10. 10. The responses to the questions The 3questions
  11. 11. Vetiquette (Virtual Etiquette)Introducing Virtual Etiquette:• Part of the meetings• PDF Handout mailed for review• Reminder to review in an email• Verbal (& visual) review at start of meeting
  12. 12. Audio Set-upTool OrientationVetiquette
  13. 13. Audio Set-up Wizard1. Select MEETING from toolbar at top of Screen2. Select AUDIO SETUP WIZARD in the dropdown box
  14. 14. Connect My Audio1. Select the microphone icon2. A dialog box will appear. Click ALLOW3. The micro phone icon turns green.
  15. 15. Speakers Volume1. Select the dropdown box next to the SPEAKER icon.2. Select ADJUST SPEAKER VOLUME
  16. 16. Muting and UnmutingClick to mute and unmute
  17. 17. Lower right hand corner of screen…Echo Right click on SPEAKER icon Select RECORDING DEVICESThe default speaker should be the ONLY speaker registering sound when you speak
  18. 18. Echo1. Select the PLAYBACK tab2. Make sure headset is the default speaker3. Make sure headset is the ONLY speaker selected
  19. 19. CAN’T HEAR US?• Is your headset the default?• Is it unmuted? (GREEN)• Is there a MUTE button on the headset?• Is the headset plugged in correctly? (if a USB…try another port)
  20. 20. Vetiquette1. Raise hand to speak2. Say your name3. Indicate you are done speaking
  21. 21. Outcome Measurement MethodsQuantitative Qualitative• Pre and Post Survey on • Discussion and Action sustainable living Steps during sessions practices and attitudes • Mid-Course Evaluation• Polls (session 3) • End-Course Evaluation (session 6) • Focus Group (3 month follow-up)
  22. 22. Outcome EvaluationBiggest changes• Increased knowledge of permaculture, ecological footprint• Reduction of waste (increase in composting, decreased amount garbage at curb)• Increased awareness of and interest in watershed, stormwater management practices• Doubled consumption of local foods (but still less than half of participants)
  23. 23. Outcome EvaluationSmallest/No changes• Shower length (none under 4 minutes)• Use of alternative energy sources (low),• Attitudes about nature (remained high)
  24. 24. Program Evaluation• Recorded sessions as valuable as live sessions.• Interactive format highly valued by participants.• Diverse set of topics, “narrow and deep”• Online registration & payment options important.• People were willing to pay more.
  25. 25. Pro’s and Con’sAdvantages Disadvantages• Audience across the state • Technology challenges – Band width• Experts from anywhere – Equipment (headsets, iPads,)• No transportation costs – Converting video• No speaker fees• Do it from home• 6 month commitment OK• Joining late no problem
  26. 26. Got a tablet? Download CONNECT APP Sign in as GUEST at:
  27. 27. Eco Family Project • Eco Family Blog cofamily/ • Virtual Conference • Nature Explore Training • Reclaim Your Holidays train-the-trainer • NWEI book clubs • Facebook & Twitter
  28. 28. Eco Family Resources• ISU Eco Family Blog• Facebook – ISUEco Family• Twitter – EcoFamilyISU• Virtual Conference
  29. 29. Eco-Family Virtual Conference Kristi Cooper Brenda