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TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge - 2013


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TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge - 2013

  1. 1. 2012 TSDigs Photo Winner,Fitness for Africa TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge #TSDIGS
  2. 2. Why digital storytelling?  We are visual creatures  Technology makes storytelling instantaneous and fairly DIY  Storytelling is the currency of community
  3. 3. Shifting the lens for nonprofits TechSoup Member SpotlightsLocal Impact Map Types of stories to consider  Case studies transformed  Data driven stories: maps, timelines, charts  Member spotlights  Mission based stories  Conference interviews  Build a community of stories
  4. 4. + Linden Lab does storytelling
  5. 5. Digital storytelling done right
  6. 6. Where TechSoup fits in  Many nonprofits lack confidence, knowledge, or tools for digital storytelling  TechSoup provides the education and resources, plus a friendly way to spur competition  Donor partner sponsorship model
  7. 7. +What is TSDigs? How it works One Month Challenge Training Webinars Interactive Tweet Chats Featured Storytelling 2012 TSDigs Winner – Dave Thomas Foundation Content, Tools, Resources 90-second Video or 5-image Slideshow Submissions Expert Judges Prizes Audience Choice Award Live streamed at red carpet Awards Event in San Francisco
  8. 8. What makes this digital storytelling challengedifferent? • 2011 1st Place Winner - Room to Read • No prior filmmaking experience • Two staff members participated in webinars • Used pictures from a field representative and narrated his letter describing the impact the Room to Read library brought to a rural Nepalese community • Now, they have a library of videos and pictures documenting and2011 Digital Storytelling Challenge First Prize Winner showcasing their work Room to Read Watch on YouTube
  9. 9. Timeline of EventsApril 2: Digital Storytelling Launch / Submissions OPENApril 4: Webinar: Creating a Culture of Storytelling (register)April 9: Tweet Chat: Storytelling with DataApril 11: Webinar: How to Use Your Digital StoryApril 16: Tweet Chat: Storytelling Around the WorldApril 17: Google+ Hangout: Meet the Judges!April 18: Webinar: Digital Storytelling Tools and MethodsApril 23: Tweet Chat: Storytelling and Social SharingApril 24: Google+ Hangout: Winners Circle!April 30: Submissions close at 11:59 p.m. Pacific timeMay 1 – 15: Community and expert judgingMay 28: Awards Gala live in San Francisco and streamingonline in Second Life and beyond!
  10. 10. For more information go to TSDIGS.orgThe challenge begins April 2, and youhave until April 30 to enter!