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Hunt 212 Nyc


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Creative ways to convince your managers you should allocate more money to search marketing activities.

Creative ways to convince your managers you should allocate more money to search marketing activities.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. "Planning, Budgeting and Keeping Exploration Alive" 212 New York 2009 Presented by: Bill Hunt May 13, 2009
    • 2. Agenda
      • Making the Case for Funding
      • Creative Budget Options
      • Integration into Master budget
      • Group Discussion
    • 3. Search in the Marketing Mix
      • Search is a critical marketing element both from a research perspective as well as a marketing tactic.
      • The better we can integrate into the marketing mix the wider the adoption into the marketing organization we will have.
    • 4. Traditional Budget Setting Methods Affordable Setting the Budget at the Level the Company Thinks They Can Afford. Percent of Sales Setting Promotion Budget at a Certain % of Current or Forecasted Sales Competitive Parity Setting the Budget to Match Competitors’ Outlay Objective or Task Setting Promotion Budget by Defining Objectives, Tasks & Costs.
    • 5. Search Budget Setting Methods SWAG “ Scientific Wild Ass Guess” Cost Per Action Mathematically derived budget based on allowable Keyword Dominance A budget based around ownership of specific keywords & share of voice Objective or Task Setting Promotion Budget by Defining Objectives, Tasks & Costs.
    • 6. Successful Recession Budgeting Increased Budget Closes a Gap Compliments Current Activities Demonstrated Conversions
        • Motivating management to want to spend on search
    • 7. Selling your budget to Management
      • We will spend wisely & effectively
      • How it will close a Gap or Missed Opportunity
      • How it will compliment Campaign Goals & exceed Objectives
      • How you can show desired actions
      • Do activities in advance with little to no expense to demo the concept
      • Don’t Compare to other marketing tactics lesser performance
      • Don’t box in or embarrass the CMO
    • 8. “ We’ll spend the money well”
      • We will experiment with small amounts of money
        • We can buy buy-cycle keyword phrases at lower Cost Per Click
        • Paid & Organic Synergies
      • We will measure constantly
        • We will drop poor performing keywords
        • We will increase spend on what is working
        • Monitor Collaboration with other tactics
    • 9. Competitive Forces
      • Show competitor’s ads
        • Most execs rise to the challenge of being beaten by competition
      • Show examples of successful affiliates
        • Are your affiliates beating you on your own products?
      • Develop missed opportunity matrix
        • How many searches for each term?
        • What is the expected revenue that your competition now gets?
    • 10. Budget Allocation By Segment Objective: Spend the most money where you can get the highest return Conversion Rate Estimations  1%  3-5%+  2-5% # of terms Up to 50 terms 5,000 – 50,000 terms 100 – 500 terms CPC Expensive Moderate to Expensive Inexpensive Learn Buy Shop Search Volume High Low Medium Keywords
      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Notebook Computers
      • CRM White Papers
      • P4 Notebook Computer
      • CRM Vendors or Canon 50D
      • ThinkPad T30
    • 11. Missed Opportunity Matrix
    • 12. Show the Gap 300k searches $1.125M Sales (3% conversion rate) (5% click through) ($2.5K average trans.) Total Budget - $50,000 150 critical “Buy Phase” Keyword phrases – Zero Exposure
    • 13. Show the Gap Show “Easy Fix” Issues that will have immediate impact Search Phrase: Ford SUV Search Phrase: Ford truck fuel efficiency
    • 14. Help Marketers Understand the Impact Search Engines Awareness Generation Mass Media/Adverts Press/PR Events/Promotions Word of Mouth Create initial awareness of product/service Engagement, Lead Capture, Commerce Engagement Topical Sites Blogs & News Sites Search placements are key to direct those who don’t know where to go after initial awareness Social Media Competition
    • 15. Makes Display More Effective
      • Better brand awareness
        • Visitors have 60% greater recall of sites found in search vs. 20% for banner ads and tiles (2008 IAB)
      • Extend the reach of Display Ads
      • “ 27% of internet users search as their “initial” response to an online display ad”
      • Better Return on Investment with collaboration
        • 49% of Internet users who respond to online display ads eventually perform a search related to the ad
        • 14% performed the search and purchased the product
      Source: iProspect & Forrester Search & Display Report 2009
    • 16. Demonstrate Search Demand from TV Adverts Chart: Daily volume of searches on “rarget keywords)” originating from the US Event 1 Demand up 78% Event 2 Demand up 134% Event 3 Demand Up 134% Event 4 Demand up 217% Baseline: Dec. 12 – 18
    • 17. What happened when?
      • 16/20 highest CPC terms had Top 4 ranking
      • 8/20 highest CPC terms converted 2x via organic more than PPC (12 of 20 PPC converted better)
      • 2 of highest CPC terms had no Google rankings
      • $1.3 million increase in clicks
      Combined PPC & Organic Data
    • 18. What happened when?
      • Tested subject lines with PPC
        • 220% increased open rate
      • Paid Search keyword/offer with email retargeting
        • 45% increase in leads going to next step of conversion
      • $700k in new revenue
      Combined PPC & eMail Marketing
    • 19. What happened when?
      • Click rate on PPC/Organic results increased 85%
      • Bounce rate decreased from 65% to 20%
      • Depth of Engagement increased 145%
      • 78% increase in conversion
      Intent Modeling & Landing Pages
    • 20. Tips for getting your SEM Budget
      • There is rarely any “NEW MONEY” so give sold justification of what should be cut and the business case for change.
      • Understand the goals of the current budget allocations and show how search can compliment or increase results over current spend
      • Explain the situation with general and specific market data
      • Explain competitive pressures & missed opportunities
      • Prepare for turf warfare and budget battles
      • Your traditional or interactive agency may be your biggest barrier
    • 21.
      • Group Discussion
    • 22.
      • Contact
      Now to May 29 th Bill Hunt CEO, Global Strategies [email_address] Twitter: billhunt After May 29 th [email_address] Twitter: billhunt