Career Fair: recruiter or hiring manager?


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The representative you meet with in a career fair is a recruiter? or a hiring manager? This presentation develops two meeting strategies for circumstances.

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Career Fair: recruiter or hiring manager?

  1. 1. Recruiter? Hiring Manager? www . Before CareerFairs . info Jobseeker need Different Strategies in A Career Fair
  2. 2. Do You Know The Differences Between Recruiter and Hiring Manager ?
  3. 3. Recruiter: Hiring Manager: I’ll filter out all the not-meet-requirement candidates, and also the over-qualified candidates. I make further interviews to the recommended candidates from recruiter, and sometimes, I come to the job fairs for the first round also Recruiter Hiring Manager “ “
  4. 4. Recruiter: Hiring Manager: I pay more attentions on jobseekers if they meet our basic requirements for the opening position. I’ll decide who get the job, so, I have to find out who’s the best guy for the position in our limited budget and resource. “ “ Step 1 Step 2 Meet the requirements Win the competition
  5. 5. Recruiter: Hiring Manager: I’ll surely support my recommended candidates in further interviews, and say some good for them to hiring manager. I can be more strict than recruiter in career fair, I can be also less strict on requirements if I believe the guy is a talent I need. “ “
  6. 6. Strategy for meeting recruiter Focus on the position requirements. Not only explicit requirements, but also implicit requirements such as company culture. I’m the one meet all requirements!
  7. 7. I’m the one easy to get along with Strategy for meeting recruiter Show them your cooperative abilities and nice personality to be a good team player.
  8. 8. Strategy for meeting recruiter If you get a further interview opportunity, don’t be afraid to follow up with the recruiter, for s/he is your champion, and may gives you some suggestions. I’m the one you recommended
  9. 9. Strategy for meeting recruiter A good resume will give you more possibilities to pass the recruiter’s stage in the job fair. I’m the one with this “wow” resume
  10. 10. Strategy for meeting hiring manager Focus on your ex-work performance and reference. Just make a call to my ex-boss
  11. 11. Strategy for meeting hiring manager Show them your Get-Things-Done and Do-Things-Right abilities. I’d love to share you with my past experiences and skills
  12. 12. Strategy for meeting hiring manager Explain how you finish your job in details, and how you solve a problem or a tough case effectively. I brought down 30% of management cost by…
  13. 13. Strategy for meeting hiring manager I’m sure I’ll be the best if I have the honor of becoming one of you If you have no much experiences for this job, try to make your hiring manager believe you are the person who have potential and ambition.
  14. 14. Flickr: boogah @ dennis_bcf