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Please be informed that ALPHA-SYNERGY MARITIME INC. is a non-existing company and that this handbook was created for educational purposes only (as reference in creating an actual Employee Welfare and Benefits Handbook). The contents of this handbook are all based from the Philippine Labor Laws and shall be deleted or revised when the need arises.

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Employee benefit handbook

  1. 1. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. CORPORATE PROFILE Located in Manila South Harbor, Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. (ASMI) wasincorporated with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 1980 as a stockcorporation and is a duly registered manning agency under the Philippine OverseasEmployment Agency (POEA). Due to the emergence of accelerated advance technology and globalization inthe improvement of industrial productivity, ASMI has aimed itself to provide premiumquality and value to our clients and stakeholders in a safe, proficient and efficient way. In the strive to be the first world-class manning and ship management company,ASMI offers the following value-innovated services: 1. Crewing Being one of the major cost factors of operating ships, Crewing was chosen to be the principal activity of ASMI. To meet the operational requirements of the said activity, ASMI has developed new strategies and reorganized itself to be able to address particularly the shore personnel’s competence. Another area that was recently upgraded is the crewing department which has efficiently
  2. 2. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. adopted the new systems in identifying training needs of its workers as well as competence assessment procedure prior to boarding. 2. Ship Agency Functions and Chandling Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. has enough technical support to perform even up to providing superintendence during dry docking and ship repairs in Philippine waters. Furthermore, ASMI has the ability to supply vessels with any of its stores, fuel and lubrication requirements at the most reasonable price. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc.’s strategic services at all major ports in thePhilippines and other inland container depots has made us the trusted partner to someleading lines in the internationalized containerized trade and Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 2 www.asmi.com.ph
  3. 3. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. MISSION STATEMENTVISION We strive to be the benchmark for manning and ship management services providing premium quality assurance to our clients.MISSION Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. aim is to provide exceptional service with passion and commitment by serving clients as our number one priority, taking care of our employees and establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with our people.CORE VALUES To conduct business honestly and with integrity. Treat everyone with respect and dignity. Build trust necessary to have open and honest communication. Operate efficiently and control costs without compromising safety and security. Understand, respect and bridge cultural differences. Encourage innovative thinking. Exercise discipline in every decision making. Be pro-active in the community and in protecting the environment. To continuously enhance our operating practices as we learn from our experiences. To effectively and efficiently heed and respond to our stakeholders. To take pride in our professionalism.COMMITMENT Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. is committed to ensure safe and efficient ship operations. We achieve this through passion and expertise. We obtain PASSION from our dedicated and highly competent crew members and administrative employees. EXPERTISE is acquired through years of solid experience and industrial specialization. Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 3 www.asmi.com.ph
  4. 4. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. GENERAL INFORMATIONA. Introduction from the Human Resource Department Welcome to Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc.! This Handbook is designed to aid theemployees in knowing and understanding the benefits that they will be gaining fromjoining the company. This handbook is a guide and supplementary to the originaldocuments on policies, rules, regulations and procedures with the benefits provided byAlpha-Synergy Inc. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. reserves the right, at its own discretion and as itdeems necessary or appropriate, at any time to change, revise, modify or delete all orpart any policy contained in this handbook except those required by law. Suchamendments shall be effective immediately upon the approval of the Alpha-SynergyMaritime Inc.’s Management and employees shall be notified of these changesaccordingly. Please familiarize yourself with the contents of this Handbook. Shall there beitems which are unclear, do not hesitate to contact the Human Resource Office forclarifications.B. Employee Benefits Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. complies with all mandatory provisions of Philippinelabor standard laws. In addition, Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. implements benefitprograms intended to continually aid in the improvement of the welfare of all personnel,to motivate them to work efficiently and boost their morale. Personnel benefits mayeither be government-mandated benefits or company initiated benefits.C. Definition of TermsASMI Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc.Employer Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc.Employee or Officer Any person receiving salary or compensation while in the service with Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc . Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 4 www.asmi.com.ph
  5. 5. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc.Probationary Employee All new hires start on a probationary status for an initial period of six (6) months, extendable up to twelve (12) months, wherein their performance and attitude will be observed and evaluated by their immediate supervisor or unit manager and the Human Resource Department will determine if the employee meets the standards required by the jobRegular Employee A regular employee is one who has satisfactorily undergone the probationary period of employment and has passed ASMI’s full requirements and standards made known to him/her at the time of his probationary engagement. Regular employees shall be issued corresponding contracts of employment confirming the regular nature of their employment as defined by the Philippine Labor Laws.Cadet A cadet are probationary employees who are under training for the service of crewing for an initial period of two (2) months, extendable up to three (3) months, wherein their performance and attitude will be observed and evaluated by their trainer and the Human Resource Department will determine if the employee meets the standards required by the job.Salary The basic compensation received by an employee or officer, pursuant to his tenure in the service of ASMI. Per diems, bonuses, overtime pay, honoraria, allowances and other emoluments which are not integrated into the basic pay shall not be considered as salary for the purposes of this Handbook. Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 5 www.asmi.com.ph
  6. 6. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. SECTION I LEAVES Leaves are paid or unpaid permitted absence from work for family emergency,sickness, personal time or other reasons as outlined by ASMI’s company policy.A. Vacation Leave All regular employees are eligible for vacation days with pay. Qualified employees shall be subject to the following conditions: 1. New regular employees will receive a pro-rata number of vacation days based on one day for each month worked in the hired calendar year, not to exceed ten (10) days. 2. In the first full calendar year and through the calendar year in which the employee’s three (3) year anniversary, employees shall receive ten (10) vacation days each year. 3. In the calendar year of the employee’s fourth (4th) year anniversary of employment, employees will receive fifteen (15) vacation days each year. 4. In the calendar year of the employee’s tenth (10th) year anniversary of employment, employees shall receive twenty (20) vacation days each year. 5. Up to five (5) unused vacation days may be carried over into the next year. All other unused vacation leaves will be paid out in the final paycheck for the current year. Employees applying for this leave should notify their immediate supervisor at least one (1) month in advance of taking vacation time. All vacation requests are subject to immediate supervisor’s approval. In addition, employees should directly communicate vacation dates to co-workers to ensure that work deadlines are met.B. Sick Leave Sick days are provided for illness of the employee. All employees, regardless of their employment status, should use their personal days or vacation day’s non- illness related time off. All qualified employees will receive days according to the following assumptions: 1. Employees will be eligible for paid sick days after six (6) months of employment. After six (6) months of employment, employees will be eligible for one sick day for every two (2) months worked from the date of hire, with a maximum of five (5) days in their first year of employment. Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 6 www.asmi.com.ph
  7. 7. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. 2. Every succeeding calendar year after the first year of employment, all employees will be eligible for five (5) sick days. 3. Sick days may be accumulated or carried over from year to year with a maximum of ten (10) days. All other unused sick days by the end of the year will be forfeited.C. Personal/Emergency Leave All regular employees shall be granted seven (7) days of personal/emergency leave days with pay within one year. Personal/emergency leaves shall be non- cumulative and non-commutative and shall need a valid justification or explanation to be approved and sufficient notice thereof shall be given by the employee to his/her immediate supervisor and to the Human Resource Department. In no case should prior notification exceed twenty-four (24) hours from actual leave date. Personal/emergency leave may be filed in hourly increments.D. Bereavement/Compassionate Leave When death occurs in their immediate family, all employees are granted fourteen (14) bereavement/compassionate leave credits with no deduction in their respective salary. The term “immediate family” shall refer to the employee’s legal spouse, legitimate child, parents or parents-in-law and sibling. This benefit does not apply to grandparents, aunts, uncles and other in-laws. A death certificate of the deceased immediate family shall be submitted to the Human Resource Department when applying for bereavement/compassionate leave.E. Maternity Leave All female employees, married or unmarried, shall be entitled to maternity leave benefit with pay of sixty (60) days in case of normal delivery or miscarriage, or seventy-eight (78) days in case of Caesarian section delivery. To qualify for maternity leave, the female employee should be under the following assumptions: 1. She should be an SSS member and employed with ASMI at the time of delivery or miscarriage. 2. She must have given the required notification to the SSS through ASMI. Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 7 www.asmi.com.ph
  8. 8. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. 3. ASMI should have paid at least three (3) monthly contributions to the SSS within the twelve (12) month period immediately before the date of delivery or miscarriage. Maternity leaves shall only be paid for the first four (4) deliveries or miscarriage. Applications for maternity leave should be submitted to the Human Resource Department at least three (3) months prior to the expected delivery date, supported by a medical certificate from the attending physician.F. Paternity Leave Paternity leave is granted to every married male employee of ASMI, regardless of their employment status (regular, probationary, or contractual). The employee is given seven (7) working days of leave after his legitimate wife’s childbirth, or any miscarriage which allows them seven days of time-off with pay so they can attend to their wife’s childbirth or miscarriage and help care for the newborn child while his wife is still recuperating. When on paternity leave, male employees whose wife just went through childbirth are allowed not to report to work for seven (7) days, but would receive payment equivalent to such number of days of leave. Paternity leave shall be paid in full, equivalent to seven days, up to the first four deliveries only. Every married male employee shall be entitled to a paternity leave as soon as the legitimate spouse has given birth. However, unlike maternity leave benefits, only those husbands who are living with their wives under the same roof maybe granted this benefit. Those eligible to take advantage of this benefit should be able to notify the company and the SSS about their spouse’s pregnancy and the expected date of delivery. In the event that the paternity leave benefit is not availed of, it shall not be convertible to cash and shall not be cumulative.G. Parental Leave Parental Leave refers to leave benefits granted to a solo parent to enable him/her to perform parental duties and responsibilities where his physical presence is required, which shall be for seven (7) working days every year, with full pay, consisting of basic salary and mandatory allowances. Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 8 www.asmi.com.ph
  9. 9. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. Any employee of ASMI who is a solo parent or individual shall be entitled to parental leave under the following conditions: 1. He/she has rendered at least one (1) year of service, whether continuous or broken. 2. He/she has a Solo Parent ID Card, which may be obtained from the Department of Social and Welfare Development (DSWD) of the city where he/she resides. Any employee who wants to avail of Parental leave shall submit a duly accomplished leave form and notify the Human Resource Department at least one week before the date of leave. In any event that parental leave is not availed of, it shall not be convertible to cash.H. Leave for Victims of Violence Against Women and Children All female employees of ASMI, who are victims of physical, sexual, psychological harm or suffering, economic abuse including threats such as battery, assault, coercion, harassment or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, are entitled to a leave with full pay up to ten (10) days. The said leave shall be extended when the need arises, as specified in the protection order issued by the barangay or the court. The leave benefit shall cover the days that the female employee has to attend to medical and legal concerns. In order to be entitled to the leave, the female employee has to present to ASMI a certification from the barangay chairman or barangay councilor or prosecutor or the Clerk of Court, as the case may be, that an action relative to the matter is pending.I. Magna Carta of Women Leave The Magna Carta of Women grants female employees of ASMI a two (2) month leave with full pay based on gross monthly compensation. This benefit is granted to female employees who must undergo surgery caused by gynecological disorders, provided that they have rendered continuous aggregate employment service of at least six (6) months for the last twelve (12) months. The usage of the leave shall be at the option of the woman employee. In the event that the leave benefit is not availed of, it shall not be convertible into cash and shall not be cumulative. Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 9 www.asmi.com.ph
  10. 10. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. SECTION II HOLIDAY PAY, OVERTIME PAY, 13TH MONTH PAYA. Holiday Pay Regular holidays are paid days. This means that all regular employees of ASMI are entitled to his/her regular daily wage on regular holidays even if unworked. This is called holiday pay. It is intended to benefit daily-paid workers whose employment and income are circumscribed on regular holidays through no fault on their part, by the principle of “no work, no pay.” A regular employee of ASMI is entitled to holiday pay of one hundred percent (100%) of his daily wage on regular holidays provided he is present or is on leave of absence with pay on the work day immediately preceeding the holiday. If the employee shall work on the regular holiday, not exceeding eight hours, he would be entitled to be paid two hundred percent (200%) of his regular daily wage. If the holiday work falls on his scheduled rest day, he should be paid an additional premium pay of at least thirty percent (30%) of his holiday pay of two hundred percent (200%), in effect two hundred thirty (230%) of his regular daily wage rate. For work performed in excess of eight hours on a regular holiday, a higher overtime rate of thirty percent (30%) is added to his holiday pay. Another premium of 30% is computed on this overtime rate if the overtime work is done on a regular holiday which also happens to be the employee’s rest day. When two regular holidays fall on the same date –the employee is entitled to “double holiday pay”, which is two hundred percent (200%) of his regular daily wage even if he does not work. One who works on this day is entitled to the additional 200% on top of his regular daily wage. If it is also a employee’s scheduled rest day, he is entitled to an additional thirty percent (30%) premium thereon.B. Overtime Pay All employees of ASMI are entitled to overtime pay if they have worked for more than eight (8) hours a day. The following shall be the rates followed for overtime pay: 1. For work in excess of eight (8) hours performed on ordinary working days: plus 25% of the hourly rate (hourly rate=daily rate/8 hours). 2. For work in excess of eight (8) hours performed on a rest day, a special day and a regular holiday: plus 30% of the hourly rate (hourly rate=daily rate/8 hours). Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 10 www.asmi.com.ph
  11. 11. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc.C. 13th Month Pay For an employee of ASMI to receive the whole one month salary equivalent, he/she should have served the company for one year. If an employee has served for less than one year, the benefit should be pro-rated to the number of months or days in a year of service. All employees receive this government-mandated benefit. It is given on the 15th of December and is computed as follows: Total Pay Earned from January 1-December 31 of the Current Calendar Year 12 months Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 11 www.asmi.com.ph
  12. 12. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. SECTION III LOANS AND ADVANCES Depending on the availability of funds, Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. shall grantsalary advances or loans to its employees.A. Salary Advances In case of emergency for personal or family needs, an employee may advance his/her salary for the next payday. Salary advances may be availed for only six (6) times per year and applications for the same shall be submitted starting at the 25th of each month up to the end of the month.B. Salary Loans Employees with at least one (1) year of continuous service may avail of a one (1) month salary loan based on the prevailing interest rate, payable within twenty-four (24) semi-monthly installments. For contractual employees, the loan is payable from the time the loan is availed up to the end of his/her contract period.C. Emergency Loans Employees with at least six (6) months of continuous service and are facing an emergency case may avail of an interest free loan payable within six (6) months.D. Cash Advances An employee may avail of a cash advance of a minimal amount for every salary period. This is payable in full outright deduction in the salary for the next period. Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 12 www.asmi.com.ph
  13. 13. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. SECTION IV GOVERNMENT MANDATED BENEFITSA. Social Security System (SSS) All employees who pay their monthly SSS contribution (mandatory) are entitled of this benefit. Included in the benefits are sickness, maternity, retirement, disability and death. Computations are based on the provisions of the Social Security System. Also, the employees can avail of financial assistance through the SSS Loan Programs such as salary and calamity loan.B. Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHILHEALTH) This is a benefit given to an employee as an aid during his hospitalization. It is also applicable to his qualified dependents. It is an outright deduction from the hospital bill/expenses before discharge. If there was no deduction from the hospital bills, it can still be claimed from the PHIC within 60 days after the patient has been discharged from the hospitalC. PAG-IBIG Fund Employees can avail of financial assistance given by HDMF such as Housing, Multipurpose and Calamity Loan. Amounts are subject to the policies and guidelines set by the agency. The monthly contribution of the employee serves as their savings and can be withdrawn upon retirement. Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 13 www.asmi.com.ph
  14. 14. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. SECTION V INSURANCE Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. provides eligible employees and their families withcomprehensive insurance coverage for protection from loss of income and burdensomeexpenses resulting from death, hospitalization and other causes.The categories of coverage are: 1. Life Insurance ASMI agrees to provide a Group Life Insurance Plan, inclusive therein of a death benefit plan, subject to the conditions of the insurance policy and approved by ASMI. 2. Medical Insurance a. Out-Patient care b. Basic Hospitalization c. Major Medical Hospitalization d. Maternity Once the employee has served the company for one year, he/she is entitled to enroll a maximum of three (3) dependents subject to HMO provider’s conditions. ANNUAL MAXIMUM BENEFIT LIMIT (MBL) Rank and File Employee P 75,000.00 Supervisory Employee 100,000.00 Each Dependent 50,000.00 Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 14 www.asmi.com.ph
  15. 15. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. SECTION VI RETIREMENT BENEFITSA. Entitlement An employee or officer who has rendered a minimum of two (2) years shall be entitled to separation/retirement benefit upon resignation or separation from the company.B. Retirement Package ASMI had come up with a retirement scheme that is fair to all employees and officers who have rendered a minimum of two (2) years of service upon separation. An employee or officer shall be paid his separation / retirement pay within fifteen (15) days after filing of his claim. The computation of the separation/retirement benefits are as follows: Computation of Separation / Retirement Benefits Years of service multiplied by the latest highest monthly salary 1st 5 years x 0.50 monthly salary 6 to 10 years x 0.75 monthly salary 11 to 15 years x 1.0 monthly salary 16 to 20 years x 1.5 monthly salary 21 years and above x 2.0 months salary Illustration 1: If an employee or officer separates and rendered nine (9) years of service with the company and enjoyed P85,000.00 as his latest monthly salary, the computation would be: 5 years x .5 (P85,000.00) = 212,500.00 4 years x .75 (P85,000.00) = 255,000.00 Total 467,500.00 Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 15 www.asmi.com.ph
  16. 16. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. Illustration 2: If an employee or officer separates and rendered fifteen (15) years of service with the company and enjoyed P95,000.00 as his latest monthly salary, the computation would be: 5 years x .5 (P95,000.00) = 237,500.00 5 years x .75 (P95,000.00) = 356,250.00 5 years x 1.0 (P95,000.00) = 475,000.00 Total 1,068,750.00 Illustration 3: If an employee or officer separates and rendered twenty five (25) years of service with the company and enjoyed P145,000.00 as his latest monthly salary, the computation would be: 5 years x .5 (P145,000.00) = 362,500.00 5 years x .75 (P145,000.00) = 543,750.00 5 years x 1.0 (P145,000.00) = 725,000.00 5 years x 1.5 (P145,000.00) = 1,087,500.00 5 years x 2.0 (P145,000.00) = 1,450,000.00 Total 4,168,750.00C. ASMI Guarantee The Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc guarantees the fulfillment of the obligations of the company to its employees and officers when they fall due.D. Prescription Claims for separation / retirement benefits under this Handbook shall prescribe after one (1) year from the date of contingency. Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 16 www.asmi.com.ph
  17. 17. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. SECTION VII OTHER BENEFITSA. Loyalty Award Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. honors and values the loyalty of the employees in the company. An employee is given a loyalty award if he/she has served the company for the following years of service: YEARS OF SERVICE AWARDS TO BE GIVEN 5 years Plaque of Appreciation and P20,000 cash award. 10 years Plaque of Appreciation and P40,000 cash award. 15 years Plaque of Appreciation and P60,000 cash award. 20 years and above Plaque of Appreciation and P100,000 cash award.B. Mid-year Bonus All regular employees of ASMI will be entitled to a mid-year bonus which is equivalent to one month salary and will be given not later than June 1 of each year in preparation for the start of the school year.C. Housing Assistance The purpose of this benefit is to provide a start up money to assist employees in acquiring permanent residential accommodations. It is a one-time, interest-free loan per employee with the amount of Php 200,000.00 payable in sixty (60) months and is deducted bimonthly from their salaries.D. Annual Physical Exam ASMI will select an approved medical institution where an annual basic medical check-up may be availed of by each regular employee. ASMI will inform and update the qualified employees of the medical facility to be used and its cost. ASMI will reimburse the cost of the basic annual medical check-up upon presentation of the Official Receipt up to the allowance granted by ASMI.E. Professional Learning All regular employees under the managerial position may request from ASMI allowances or funding to participate in professional development courses that will not only benefit them but also the company itself. All requests shall be submitted to and approved by the Human Resource Department Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 17 www.asmi.com.ph
  18. 18. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc.Shuttle Services A company shuttle, strategically posted at some points of the city, will be provided by ASMI to ensure the safety of its employees who are going to and are leaving from work at the office.F. Employee Dormitory A staff house or employee dormitory shall be available to the following: 1. Probationary employees who are required to stay from the start of the training period. 2. Probationary and regular employees who want to stay at the staff house on their free will from the time of employment. 3. Cadets who are under training who are required to stay from the start of their training period.G. Rice Subsidy This is a benefit given to every regular employee on a monthly basis. The purpose of this benefit is to provide an allowance for food, aside from the regular monthly salary the employee receives. This is given in the form of cash in the amount of Php 1,000.00 at the end of every month.H. Company Socials At Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc., we believe in the importance of socializing outside the office. Put simply, we believe that it leads to greater company unity and ease of communication between departments. Our company socials include Christmas party, family picnic (beach), team building and anniversaries.I. Meal Benefit Every regular employee is entitled to a meal benefit, which is, a free meal served by the company cafeteria. Every regular eight-hour work entitles an employee of a free meal and an additional meal for a four-hour rendered overtime. It is also given during holidays as long as an employee reports for work. Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 18 www.asmi.com.ph
  19. 19. Alpha-Synergy Maritime Inc. PROOF OF ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This is to acknowledge that I have read this Handbook, and agree to comply withthe policies and procedures contained within. I understand that this Handbook do not constitute a contract between ASMI andmyself or any other people. I also understand that this Handbook does not contain or constitute anyassurance or guarantee of employment or continued employment with ASMI or anyincrease in salary or promotion.Received by:____________________________________ Employee’s Signature over Printed Name____________________________________ DateNoted by:_____________________________________ Human Resource Representative Pier 01, Manila South Harbor, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63) 02 985-4685 [Phone] / (+63) 02 985-4866 [Fax] 19 www.asmi.com.ph