Tayco concourse


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Tayco Concourse is the brainchild of one of the best, most ceative systems furniture designers in the business, Dakota Kasdorf.

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Tayco concourse

  1. 1. 3 concourse 2 concourse Worksurface-L143acacialaminatewithP121whitedetails•Credenza-L121white&L132tuxedolaminatewithMomentumPanorama09132143/gammafabric•Obichair-greyseatcushionwithgreymeshback. 3 concourse welcome to concourse Characterized by a timeless appeal and designed with practical simplicity for the modern office, concourse provides limitless planning options to meet the evolving needs of virtually any organization. A simple, smart kit of parts allows you to design the office environment which best suits the way that you work… today and always. That’s Concourse.
  2. 2. 5 concourse concourse 4 get comfortable Concourse was designed with your need to fit each of your employees in mind, offering a wide selection of height adjustable leg options all of which provide a standard 6" range. Sharing our signature profile detail and refined finish, options include panel gable (shown below), post leg (shown on right page), single open and spanning gable. Worksurface-L143acacialaminatewithP121whitedetails•Solidendgable-L132tuxedolaminate•Obichair-greyseatcushionwithgreymeshback. 5 concourse Each beautifully unique leg option offers standard chrome details and white or silver finishes. Concourse can adapt to ensure that each team member feels comfortable in multiple settings ranging from an open collaborative to private office. Worksurface-L142boraboralaminatewithV121/P121/L121whitedetails•Mobilepedestal&MarsCahirs-GradetwoseatingfabricSigma9222Particle•Obichair-greyseatcushionwithgreymeshseatback.
  3. 3. 7 concourse concourse 6 be inspired Concourse storage trunks are available in a multitude of configurations, from a simple open shelving trunk to a shared trunk with lockable personal storage and drawers, all of which provide a modern twist on the conventional need for space division. Whether used as a space divider, worksurface support or storage cabinet, concourse trunks are versatile units which allow you to stay a step ahead of your ever changing workplace needs. A concourse worksurface is much more than just another worksurface. Be inspired! Choose from one of our standard unique shapes such as our J-TOP (shown to the left) or dream up your own custom worksurface shape…yes we do that! Worksurface-L132tuxedolaminatewithP121whitedetails•Trunkstorage-L121whitelaminate•Frostedglazeprivacy&modestyscreens•Mobilepedestal-L121white&L132tuxedolaminatewithMomentumPanorama09132176NORIfabric•Obichair-greyseatcushionwithgreymeshseatback. 7 concourse
  4. 4. 9 concourse concourse 8 function Concourse is designed for open plan, benching, and private office applications. Space efficient workstations are possible by virtue of sophisticated worksurface supporting storage and multifunction partitions. Concourse is easy to specify, install and reconfigure by using a simple inventory of “off-modular” components. innovation Concourse credenzas, pedestals, towers, and trunks support worksurfaces as well as define space while effectively reducing clutter with accessible storage areas both above and below the worksurface. Credenzas and trunks accommodate top mounted “off-modular” storage designed to increase storage capacity while providing added privacy. Credenzas accommodate top mounted “off-modular” seat cushions that can slide or be easily removed. Components connect without causing damage to visible surfaces. aesthetics Concourse is a sophisticated yet practical furniture system with the attributes of classic furniture. Concourse is designed with timeless contemporary aesthetics, elegant details, precise construction, and a “retro” influence. Horizontal lines, intersecting planes, and refined cubic forms with low elevations combine to create a modern appealing work environment. quality Concourse includes worksurface support components made of extruded and die-cast aluminum and powder coated with bright chrome plated details. Top mounted privacy screens are finished in designer acrylics, fabrics, laminates or tempered glass providing residential warmth and sophistication. Leather handles on cabinet sliding doors add a soft and familiar feel to the workspace. sustainability Concourse has worksurface support structure components made almost entirely of 100% recyclable aluminum. Laminate partitions, worksurfaces, and top mounted privacy screens are comprised of low VOC materials. Concourse utilizes very little plastic, and is assembled with water soluble adhesives and mechanical fasteners. Concourse places an emphasis on lower, more transparent workstations to respond to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) requirements for light and view. ergonomics Concourse integrates several ergonomic design fundamentals such as a worksurface height adjustability that can be set from 26-inches to 32-inches. Concourse complies fully with American National Standards Institute HFSE 100-1988 Standards for Anthropometrics. versatility Concourse co-ordinates well with the entire Tayco portfolio and is designed to integrate with many of our other versatile lines. Concourse supports can be used to support worksurfaces semi suspended on panels or storage components easily incorporate into panel wrapped environments. privacy screen mounts adjustable legs adjustable chrome foot personal drawer accessories rail adjustable worksurface support trunk storage 9 concourse
  5. 5. 11 concourse concourse 10 privacy screen under work surface cable management stay a while or...don’t As an inherently flexible and versatile benching platform, Concourse allows a fast and simple conversion of “my” space to “our” space in order to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the modern workforce. Remove the centre screen and the Concourse bench creates the perfect work area ideal for collaboration in small groups. powered credenza with cushionworksurface grommet Worksurface-L142boraboralaminatewithP121whitedetails•Frostedglazeprivacyscreens•Credenzas-L121white&L142boraboralaminatewithMomentumRevolve4209121308Solarfabric•Marschair-greyseatcushionwithwhiteseatback. 11 concourse
  6. 6. 13 concourse concourse 12 leather handle mobile pedestal with cushion slim privacy Semi private work environments are easily achieved by integrating the Concourse thin partition in combination with top mounted privacy screens. Complete with a full cable management rail and associated electrical power system, say good bye to the need for a thick panel to create both powered and non-powered space division! under worksurface modesty cabinet locker Worksurface-L143acacialaminatewithP112silverdetails•Frostedglazeprivacyscreens•MobilePedestal-L112silver&L142tuxedolaminatewithMomentumRevolve09121286Patinafabric•Obichair-greyseatcushionwithgreyseatback. 13 concourse
  7. 7. 14 scalability From an individual desk to a multi-person workstation, concourse can fit the needs of any company now and in the future. small footprint low storage capacity medium footprint medium storage capacity large footprint high storage capacity • 30” x 60” straight worksurface • stationary pedestal additional components: • extended worksurface • standard towers - side open additional components: • 4 X (30” x 60” worksurfaces) • privacy screen • 30” x 60” straight worksurface • low combo credenza additional components: • solo trunks with top mounted enlcosed storage • credenza top mounted cabinet • small privacy screens additional components: • 4 X (30” x 60” worksurfaces) • credenza cushions • privacy screen • 30” x 60” bow front worksurface • extended worksurface • mobile pedestal additional components: • wall mounted storage • credenza top mounted cabinet additional components: • standard towers - side open • low combo credenza Partitions Worksurfaces dependent partition straight flat/thin edge transition flat/thin edge offset corner flat/thin edge J-top flat/thin edge bow front flat/thin edge Privacyscreens partitionmounted Privacyscreens worksurfacemounted translucent solid inset modesty translucent perpendicular above privacy translucent parallel above privacy Privacyscreens wsedgemounted translucent full privacy translucent above privacy translucent below privacy translucent/solid organizer support and above privacy Supports solid end gable open end gable dual leg leg credenza top mount adjustable height credenzastorage credenzastorage topmounted low open credenza low enclosed credenza low combo credenza open cabinet enclosed cabinet combo cabinet trunkstorage trunkstorage topmounted storage wallmounted solo trunk open bottom solo trunk enclosed bottom shared trunk open bottom shared trunk enclosed bottom open cabinet enclosed cabinet shared cabinet enclosed cabinet solid doors enclosed cabinet translucent doors freestandingstorage standardtower freestandingstorage wardrobetower freestandingstorage lockertower front open b/b/b/f front open b/f/f side open b/b/b/f side open b/f/f front open b/b/b/f front open b/f/f side open b/b/b/f side open b/f/f front open b/b/b/f front open b/f/f side open b/b/b/f side open b/f/f pedestalstorage mobile pedestalstorage stationary low moblie pedestal low mobile pedestal with seat cushion tall stationary pedestal b/b/f tall stationary pedestal f/f accessoriesstorage credenza cushion tower bulletin board tower white board statement of line
  8. 8. L133 | V133 copa cabana L132 | V132 tuxedo L143 | V143 acacia L142 | V142 bora bora L141 | V141 prestige maple L140 | V140 mahogany clove L100 | V100 congo L121 | V121 white L124 | V124 opal L110 | V110 electrum L112 | V112 silver P112 silver P121 white laminates metal finishes laminate, metal details and statement of line
  9. 9. scan this code with your mobile device to learn more about tayco. work well is a trademark of tayco panelink ltd. All rights reserved. 06-0613 - Printed in Canada office furniture in your comfort zone. www.tayco.com Please make an appointment to visit us at: 7366 North Lincoln Avenue Suite 403 Lincolnwood, IL 60712 Call us Tel: (847)679-5148 Fax: (847)933-0018 Email the President directly jmeltzer@appliedergonomics.com