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KEEL by ABCO is the newest offering from the Izzy Plus family of furniture, one of our very favorites and of the design community as a whole. For more details visit

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  1. 1. life work today tomorrow needs wants action rest deadlines dreams All on an even KEEL. KEEL™
  2. 2. | 1 Modular, elegant and all about balance. KEEL, the new casegoods solution by ABCO 2.0, is all about creating balance —in open plan settings, private offices, mixed use spaces, and everything in between. The key to all that balance lies at the heart of the design, with what we call the keel. Designer Paul James was inspired by the keel in shipbuilding—the spine of the ship, which gives balance and strength to the whole structure. In our casegoods, the keel is a simple, integral piece that provides not just balance and strength, but easy assembly and plenty of flexibility, too, for a broad range of solutions. Introducing KEEL Everything—from worksurfaces and storage to accessories—attaches to the keel, an integral piece that provides strength and symmetry.
  3. 3. 2 | KEEL by ABCO 2.0 Simple components, adventurous looks
  4. 4. | 3 A departure from the predictable. KEEL balances ease and simplicity with adventurous design options and specification control, when and where you need it. It’s the flexibility of the keel that allows for so much variation, whether you’re working with small footprints and space-division needs, or private offices and the need for consistency across several spaces. KEEL’s multi-layered surfaces and vertical storage attach to the structural panel, making them easy to specify and install. Add freestanding storage and worksurfaces for even more visual and functional versatility.
  5. 5. 4 | KEEL by ABCO 2.0 SMALL A freestanding collection packed with flexibility Each space is unique. Some have small footprints and space-division needs, others have private offices in the mix, and a need for consistency across a variety of connected spaces. KEEL was designed with the flexibility and ease you need. Our simple menu of components lets you mix and match to create a broad range of solutions for individual and shared office spaces, in rooms of any size. KEEL offers great space division, organizational tools, and guest seating cushions, helping you make the most of small footprints. Big or little, private or shared PRIVATEOPENPRIVATE
  6. 6. | 5 MEDIUM LARGE
  7. 7. 6 | KEEL by ABCO 2.0
  8. 8. | 7 Unique to the individual, consistent across the space Each person has individual tasks, needs and workstyles, yet they’re all sharing common goals—and often common space. KEEL is designed to balance individual and group needs, bringing people and spaces together in cohesive ways, while offering plenty of autonomy and freedom of choice, whether they’re in a shared, open, or private setting. It’s your KEEL
  9. 9. 8 | KEEL by ABCO 2.0 Privacy and modesty panels are available in three heights and eight widths to fit a variety of worksurface lengths and configurations.
  10. 10. | 9 Accessories elevate the function and the fun Not surprisingly, a casegoods design that’s all about balancing form and function also includes a full range of smart, useful accessories. From neat wire management and handy power ports to tackable surfaces, lighting, and seat cushions, KEEL offers everything you need to create a functional, personalized workspace. All KEEL components manage power and data cabling horizontally and vertically through cable managers and inlaid trays. (Thin profile LED lighting is available for installation below overhead storage, too.) Small details, big impact
  11. 11. 10 | KEEL by ABCO 2.0
  12. 12. | 11 MELAMINES CORE SOLIDS | EDGEBAND (coordinating) Cloud White Fusion Maple Huntington Maple Empire Mahogany Hemlock Graphite Neutral White Black Platinum Ivory Platinum Graphite Black CLASSIC WOOD GRAINS | EDGEBAND (coordinating) Fusion Maple Empire MahoganyHuntington Maple Hemlock BASE/PULL Silver EVOLVING WOOD GRAINS Graphite Earth Brown Folkstone Citadel Platinum Citadel Neutral White Grey Mesh Steel Mesh Gilded Mesh Pewter Mesh DunewoodMillennium Oak Oiled Walnut LAMINATES CLASSIC PATTERNS | EDGEBAND (complimentary) Huntington Maple LAMINATES CORE SOLIDS | EDGEBAND (coordinating) Dover White Pearl Platinum Graphite Black White Fusion Maple Huntington Maple Empire Mahogany Hemlock Graphite Neutral White Black Platinum CLASSIC WOOD GRAINS Fusion Maple Empire Mahogany Hemlock Smoky Brown Pear Color and finish options complete the look Color and texture are an essential part of human-centered design—they not only covey personality, they have the power to inspire spaces and the people who use them. KEEL brings a palette of fresh colors and finishes to ABCO 2.0 through izzy+ flavors. More than two years of research went into the clean, fresh, approachable izzy+ flavors program. No matter how you choose to apply color to KEEL, the result will always be elegant and inspiring. Inspired by izzy+ flavors
  13. 13. 12 | KEEL by ABCO 2.0 TACKBOARD HEATHER | GRADE 1 Cloud Heron Air Meadow SISAL GRADE 1 Straw Willow Creme Brulee Peak Putty Bone Bonsai Cosmic Nib Whitecap Focal Graphite Jute Charcoal Mica Rain Cement Depth Decimal UNIVERSE | GRADE 2 FINE POINT | GRADE 3 ENCORE | GRADE 3 BACKDROP | GRADE 3 Antiqued Bronze Gold Amethyst Water Titanium Copper REFLECTION | GRADE 3 Milkyway Compass Mica Oatmeal Meadow Wildfire Mist Cornflower Coffee SOLILOQUY | GRADE 4 Earth Dahlia Shadow Caramel Citrus Chimney Vertex Seneca
  14. 14. Easy to spec. Easy to install. You specify KEEL the same way you install it: Start with a base cabinet and a KEEL panel of the same width. Then build up, and out—however you choose! It’s that simple. KEEL Panel + Case = Base Cabinet Choosing a base cabinet that fits your footprint and functional needs is the starting point for specifying your KEEL workstations. Once the case is attached to the KEEL panel of the same width, the unit becomes the strong, sturdy support for everything you add from there – worksurfaces, storage and accessories. 1 Build out. All attached worksurfaces—both rectangular and 135° elbow—are supported on one side by connection to the KEEL panel’s rail, and on the other side by the surface-to- floor support style of your choice. 2 . Attach the KEEL panel to the matching-width case using easy-to-secure brackets. Ta-da! You now have your base cabinet and the foundation of your configuration. And here’s a bonus: The case ships fully assembled, decreasing installation time! Worksurfaces are easily attached to the KEEL panel using a cam pin or bolt, and they can be positioned wherever you want along the rail. Four worksurface support options are available to suit all applications. 3 Build up. Attached storage cabinets are available in a wide range of heights and widths. Spec cabinets of the same height or a combination of several finished heights, depending on the desired function and look you want to achieve. Once again, it’s the sturdy base cabinet unit that supports attached hutches and storage cabinets. The base cabinet shoulders the weight, while the embedded rail secures the unit for extra stability.
  15. 15. The KEEL Panel with Rail and Case The KEEL panel, which comes in five widths (from 4 to 8 feet), lays the groundwork for your entire casegoods design. The rail, embedded in the panel, is the element that everything attaches to, providing stability, flexibility, and easy installation. When you add a matching width case, you have the foundational base cabinet. Worksurfaces Two worksurface shapes are available—rectangular and 135° elbow— in 24" or 30" depths and up to eight widths. Some worksurfaces are designed to attach to the KEEL panel, using one of four support options, while others are freestanding. Attached Storage Cabinets Your KEEL casegoods design is built up with a variety of storage components, which can be tiered for finished heights of 49", 63" and 71". Vertical and horizontal storage, supported by the base cabinet, is available with open shelves, hinged or sliding doors, and has shared storage with access from both sides. Wall-mounted storage hutches are also available. Freestanding Storage Cabinets Round out your storage needs with freestanding cabinets, specified with shelves, doors, drawers, closets, or a combination. Accessories Privacy and modesty panels are available in three heights and eight widths to fit a variety of worksurface lengths and configurations. Seat pads can be used on base cabinets or mobile pedestals for additional guest seating. Thin profile LED lighting is available in 6", 19" and 37" widths for installation below overhead storage. Other organizational accessories and those for managing power and data are also available. Filing Lateral files and mobile pedestals provide additional archival storage and the daily filing of documents. The pedestal easily rolls under the worksurface for efficient storage in a small footprint. Adding a seat pad provides additional guest seating for impromptu meetings and collaboration. Cabinets & Horizontal Storage Vertical storage cabinets rest on the base cabinet to offer above- the-surface shelf and door storage in three heights and three widths. Adding horizontal storage provides a counter-height surface. Base Cabinet Your base cabinet unit establishes the width of your installation (it can be specified in one of five widths, from 4 to 8 feet). It’s also where you begin making functional and aesthetic choices—KEEL cases are available with a variety of storage options, and they can accommodate a cushion for additional guest seating.
  16. 16. Power up. And out of sight. With KEEL, power is always where you need it, but never in the way. The secret to all that neat convenience? The KEEL panel, of course, which allows power to be run all the way through the system, with access anywhere along the base cabinet.
  17. 17. ABCO by izzy+  800.336.0070 © 2013 BROKEEL002 Fourth row, left to right Case: Empire Mahogany Case/cabinet/hutch fronts: Empire Mahogany Worksurface: Empire Mahogany Tackboard: Reflection Antiqued Case: Graphite Case/cabinet fronts: Graphite Hutch front: Dover White Worksurface: Dover White Tackboard: Universe Mica Case: Cloud Case/cabinet/hutch fronts: Grey Mesh Worksurface: Pewter Mesh Tackboard: Heather Air Fifth row, left to right Case: Ivory Case/cabinet/hutch fronts: Millenium Oak Worksurface: Millenium Oak Tackboard: Soliloquy Earth Case: Graphite Case/cabinet/hutch fronts: Grey Mesh Worksurface: Grey Mesh Tackboard: Soliloquy Cornflower Case: Cloud Case/cabinet fronts: Oiled Walnut Hutch fronts: Dover White Worksurface: Oiled Walnut Tackboard: Soliloquy Coffee Page 10, fabrics and finishes First row, left to right Case: Cloud Case/cabinet/hutch fronts: Fusion Maple Worksurface: Dover White Tackboard: Sisal Heron Case: Huntington Maple Case/cabinet/hutch fronts: Huntington Maple Worksurface: Huntington Maple Tackboard: Sisal Straw Case: Cloud Case/cabinet/hutch fronts: Dover White Worksurface: Dover White Tackboard: Soliloquy Wildfire Second row, left to right Case: Cloud Case/cabinet/hutch fronts: Smoky Brown Pear Worksurface: Smoky Brown Pear Tackboard: Soliloquy Citrus Case: Platinum Case/cabinet/hutch fronts: Gilded Mesh Worksurface: Gilded Mesh Tackboard: Reflection Bronze Case: Hemlock Case/cabinet/hutch fronts: Hemlock Worksurface: Hemlock Tackboard: Soliloquy Dahlia Third row, left to right Case: Fusion Maple Case/cabinet/hutch fronts: Fusion Maple Worksurface: Fusion Maple Tackboard: Reflection Amethyst Case: Platinum Case/cabinet/hutch fronts: Dunewood Worksurface: Dunewood Tackboard: Heather Air Case: Platinum Case/cabinet/hutch fronts: Steel Mesh Worksurface: Dover White Tackboard: Fine Point Decimal AppliedErgonomics 7366 North Lincoln Avenue Suite 403, Lincolnwood, IL 60712 Call us Tel: (847)679-5148 Fax: (847)933-0018 Email the President directly