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Multi Genre

  1. 1. The Multigenre Research Paper
  2. 2. What is Multi-Genre Research?• A multi-genre research essay is a collection of pieces written in a variety of genres, informed by your research on a particular subject that presents one or more perspectives on a research question.• A primary goal is to “experiment” with genres or “learning artifacts” to represent key learnings and understandings.• Alternative genres allow students’ creativity to shine while still informing the audience of their research findings.
  3. 3. What are the benefits of Multi- Genre Research?• Students are more engaged in the researching and writing process• Students learn, in depth, about their topic• Students are excited about the process• Students have more choice, and therefore more ownership of their writing• Multi-Genre research projects are more interesting to read (and grade!) than “regular” research papers• Final papers are better written
  4. 4. What does it look like?• Students select topics they’re interested in• Students complete research as usual: works cited page, MLA format, etc.• Students examine published pieces written in various genres• Students incorporate research findings and information in a creative way
  5. 5. Why Multi Genre?• “All of us do need to learn how to write with voice and energy when we work on nonfiction texts.” ~ Lucy Calkins• “The best nonfiction writing emerges from topics the writer knows, cares, and wonders about and wants to pursue.” ~ Stephanie Harvey
  6. 6. Why Multi Genre?• “Individually, specific facts are fascinating, but in the format of a terminal paper – I mean term paper – they can lose their spark. They get buried in lists of general information that read more like an encyclopedia than a real juicy report or story.” ~ Barry Lane
  7. 7. Benefits of Multi Genre• Helps a researcher look at a topic from many different angles/lenses.• Includes traditional writing elements in addition to alternative genres.• Students are engaged in metacognition• The multi genre paper easily allows for differentiation for all learners• Multiple literacies are valued.
  8. 8. Sample GenresAds Dramas ParablesAllegories Editorials PoemsAutobiographies Evaluations PropagandaBallads Historical Fiction QuotationsBook reviews Interviews ReportsBrochures Journals ResumesBulletins Letters SatiresCartoons Monologues SermonsCollages Myths TelegramsCommentaries Obituaries Travel foldersCritiques News Articles TributesDiaries Observations Warnings
  9. 9. Sample Elements of the Multi Genre Research Paper•Cover page•Opening/Preface •Multi Genre Artifact 4•Table of contents •Multi Genre Artifact 5•Traditional Research •Multi Genre Artifact 6Paper Component (3-5 •Multi Genre Artifact 7double-space typed •Multi Genre Artifact 8pages with parenthetical •Multi Genre Artifact 9references) •Multi Genre Artifact 10•Multi Genre Artifact 1 •Self-Reflection/Self-•Multi Genre Artifact 2 Assessment•Multi Genre Artifact 3 •Works Cited Page
  10. 10. The Repetend•Repetend is something added to a Multi Genreproject that repeats or continues•The purpose of repetend is to create unity among thevarious genre pieces and to give the writer an editorialvoice that the reader can easily relate to.•The repetend guides the reader through reoccurringimages or phrases, a running commentary, or even anarrative or story. This creates unity that will help thereader better understand the central theme. This ismuch like weaving a thesis throughout a traditionalessay.
  11. 11. Incorporating Repetend• Include the same phrase, sentence, or passage ineach genre page as a heading or somewhere else inthe text•Include a description or design in each piece(written or graphic), placed strategically for easyrecognition•Include a running commentary from you, thewriter, following or preceding each genre piece
  12. 12. Opening / PrefaceThe preface, forward, or introduction willgreet readers and give a bit of backgroundinformation about The project. Youll need tointroduce the subject and anything you thinkthe reader should know about you and/oryour project before they read it.
  13. 13. Things to Include in the Opening/Preface How you came up with your idea Why you chose your topic Why your topic is important An introduction to a main character A description of a crucial setting or central activity A theme that will be carried through your genres What you learned about your topic and/or genres.
  14. 14. Sample Self Reflection/Assessment•How writing about this topic has changed your perspective onyour topic•What you learned overall•How you felt about using the multi-genre medium to write ratherthan just writing a traditional research paper•What you hope your audience learns from your multi-genreproject•What you feel you accomplished from this project overall•Any information that would help clarify anything you wrote