Download e books from the christchurch libraries overdrive resource
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  • 1. Christchurch city libraries overdrive E-book downloading tutorial Presenter XIN(AMBER) LI STUDENT ID: 300276344 Date: 01/06/2012
  • 2. IntroductionWelcome to the Christchurch city libraries tutorial fordownloading eBooks which the collection come fromoverdrive: The Global Digital Distribution eBooks &Audio books.This tutorial shows you how to download e-bookfrom the Christchurch city libraries overdrive online ITeBook resources specifically.
  • 3. After completing this tutorial, you should be able to:* Access downloadable e-Books via Overdrive.* Know types of e-Book formats.* Understand structure of digital library* Use browsing and search options* Place holds and check out digital titles* Download digital media to PC* Transfer media from PC to e-Book device
  • 4. AudienceThis tutorial is targeted at IT studentsand professionals specifically whowish to borrow computing andinformation technologies e-Booksfrom the Christchurch city librariesoverdrive site.
  • 5. Overdrive eBooks formats Adobe PDF: Traditional eBook in Adobe documents format EPUB: New Adobe format – Digital version of physical books.
  • 6. Before getting startValid Christchurch library card A computer - Running windows XPwith valid online password; or higher; Be able to access internet;A compatible e-Book readerwith data cable
  • 7. Please note this demonstration use Sony e-Book reader,some steps may a little different depends onwhat type of reader you have at home.
  • 8. Access Overdrive digital libraryClicking here to access Overdrive Welcoming Page
  • 9. Clicking here to access resource page
  • 10. Overdrive website Structure Search ToolsNavigation Menu: eBook Fiction eBook Nonfiction Audiobook Fiction Digital Media Audiobook Collection Division: Nonfiction * New eBooks Childrens & Teens * New Audiobooks Collections * Recently Returned Audiobooks * Recently Returned eBooks * Most Downloaded * Hidden Gems
  • 11. The first thing after youaccess to overdrive resource mainpage is to login using your validlibrary card number and password.Or, the system will ask you to loginwith your information when youtry to check out books.
  • 12. Install Authorise Adobe Digital EditionsTo enable eBook reader from overdrive resource, youllneed Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to sync eBooks fromyour computer to device
  • 13. Installation of Adobe Digital Editions(1)Click "Adobe® Digital Editions" onthe "Software Downloads" Tab
  • 14. Installation of Adobe Digital Editions(2)Click “Download Adobe DigitalEditions” to access Adobe DigitalEditions software website:
  • 15. Installation of Adobe Digital Editions(3) •Clicking ‘Install’, then ‘Setup Assistant’ dialog box is displayed. •Clicking ‘Continue’ •Under ‘Authorize Computer’, enter the email address and password for your Adobe ID.(Click ‘get an Adobe ID online’ if you don’t have an ID) •Follow the instructions to sign up for an Adobe ID •Return to the activation screen. •Enter the email address and password for your Adobe account. •Click ‘Activate’ •Click ‘Finish’ to close the ‘Setup Assistant’ dialog box.
  • 16. Search for IT books To find an IT eBooks, enter a term and choose a search type from the dropdown list. The default search type for this option is ‘All’. You may choose Advanced search by click ‘Advanced search’ on right side of ‘single search box’. The advanced tool allow you to enter search term more specifically, the default fields for options are all. For search IT books, please select ‘Computer Technology’ in Subject field.
  • 17. Browse for IT books 1. Click ‘Computer and Technology’ under navigation menu ‘eBook Nonfiction’2. Browser your desirable IT booksFeatures:• You may enter the term in ‘Search tool’• Resources may sort by 5 types;
  • 18. Understand Item screen On the item screen, you see that this book has been checked out and is not available at this moment. You could send a request to hold this book for you when the only copy is returned. To do so, click on ‘Place a hold’ Under ‘Format Information’, you can see what format of e-book available. For this book, only EPUB format is available. Release date & ISBN information shows here as well.
  • 19. Check out process(1) • If there`s available copy, the button ‘Add to bookcart’ will display; • To process check out for your desirable book, straight click ‘Add to bookcart’ button for checking out.
  • 20. Check out process(2) Clicking ‘Remove’ button to delete existing book from ‘My Bookcart’ ifIf you wish to add more you decide not borrowing the book.books in ‘My Bookcart’Clicking ‘Continue Browsing’  If you want to finish browser books and go to checkout books in ‘My Bookcart’, clicking ‘Proceed to Checkout’
  • 21. Check out process(3)  Click ‘Confirm Check out’ button for check out confirmation
  • 22. Download Click ‘Download’ button to download books you borrowed Checked out & Expired Date shows on the right side. From this screenshot, it means you are able to read this book from 5/06/12 which you borrowed on this day, and this electronica copy would be expired on 12/06/12
  • 23. Transfer borrowed book into e-book reader(1) After clicking button on overdrive check out page, Adobe Digital Editions(ADE) software should be automatically pop up and downloading books if installed properly; The right area of ADE shows how many books you borrowed&downlowed and stored in ADE database.
  • 24. Transfer borrowed book into e-book reader(2)Connecting e-book reader to PC. Themodel will be shows in the bookshelveslist;For transfer borrowed books from SDEdatabase to e-book reader, simplydragging books, and drop into the devicemodel in bookshelves list.After sync finish, clicking e-bookdevice in the book shelves list inADE, the transferred booksshould be shows in your device;Disconnecting the eBook readerto complete all processes.
  • 25. Enjoy!
  • 26. Useful link for E-book readerQuick guide of compatible Overdrive devices atible-Devices/Detailed online help of Adobe Digital Editions information about Overdrive e books
  • 27. Feedback As continuously wish to improve the tutorial, could youplease complete the online survey – this will only take a few minutes. Thank you!