Xanpan - What do you get if you cross XP and Kanban?


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Xanban - a hybrid of Kanban and Extreme Programming (XP)
Presentation to the BCS Lean Kanban Day, March 2013

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Xanpan - What do you get if you cross XP and Kanban?

  1. 1. What do you get if you cross Kanban with ExtremeXanpan Programming?allan kelly BCS AgileTwitter: @allankellynet LLKD13 day March 2013http://www.allankelly.nethttp://www.softwarestrategy.co.uk The Cigarettes & Colas talk
  2. 2. Allan Kelly Director, Software Strategy Ltd – Consulting & Training for AgileAuthor – Changing Software Development: Learning to be Agile (2008, Wiley) – Business Patterns for Software Developers (2012, Wiley - ISBN: 978-1119999249) 97 Things Every Programmer Should Business Analysis Know and Leadership: Henney, 2010 Influencing Context Encapsulation in change Pattern Languages of Program Design Penny Pullan & Volume 5, 2006 James Archer 2013
  3. 3. We don’t need another Methodology
  4. 4. Choose your Cola Ken & Jeff’s Scrum-Cola David Anderson Kanban-ColaKent BeckXP-Cola Allan Kelly Xanpan-Cola
  5. 5. Where did Xanpan come from? 1• Experience (Lean+XP) First XP Kanban concept & Lean – Blue-White-Red• Kanban• XP XP Kanban 2 & Lean• Plus Product Management – Seeing others – Reports of other cross-overs nb an S P cr & an Ka Le X um &• Making sense of what I see 3 M ff Pr age u an od m st uc en er th t t O
  6. 6. Principles• Iteration routine• Team Centric - Planned & Unplanned work• Invest in Quality / “Quality is Free”• Dis-economies of Scale• Flow: Emphasize, Level, Span, Constrain• Goodhart’s Law• Constructivism learning• Visualise
  7. 7. Practice1. Technical practices: TDD, CI, etc.2. Teams can work on more than 1 stream – Flow multiple projects/product to 1 team3. Break Stories to Tasks – Colour code work – Estimate in Points – Small is better - Think Small!4. Benchmark against self (velocity)
  8. 8. Practices5. Flow – Use Product “Ownership” (Product Management & Business Analysis) to restrict flow – Apply WIP limits – Absolute Prioritization6. Planning levels (horizons)7. Pick’n’Mix8. Action over words
  9. 9. Practices9. Fit work to the time – Deadlines are good10.Evolutionary change – Small Bangs are OK but Big Bangs not a good idea
  10. 10. Some detail….
  11. 11. Iterations & Flow• Iterations bring structureBut• Strict iterations break flow – “Story must be finished in sprint” – “Story cannot be bigger than a sprint” – Sprint tail overwhelmed by finished stories – Testers drop standards• Strict iteration – Difficult at first – learn to think small
  12. 12. Iterations & Flow• Stories spanning sprints levels work – Break down stories to tasks – Tasks only counted when completed – When all tasks done, Story done• 3 Strikes & you are out! – Story span 1 Sprint, OK, good – Story spans 2 Sprints, umm… Red Flag – Story spans 3 Sprints, Out! Story too big
  13. 13. Breakdown• In planning meeting• Part – Software Design – Requirements elicitation – Opportunity to reduce scope – Estimation exercise Image from Paul Goyette, Creative Commons License http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wrecking_ball.jpg
  14. 14. Epic Discouraged but accepted Blues – Stories • Business facingStory Story • Have automatic business value Story Story • Deliverable in own right • Deliverable sometime soon • Typically software feature but anything which brings value – documentation, etc.Task Task Task Task Whites – Tasks • Typically developer tasks • No business value alone
  15. 15. Yes, Estimation• Estimate White tasks in planning meeting – Ball-park estimate Blues• Estimates in Points – Your currency £ $ € – One currency I’ve come to – Forget hours like Planning Poker but choose your own poison
  16. 16. Estimation worthwhile? “I can bring a project in to the day”• For scheduling? Perhaps – Some teams report good results – Some teams placebo effect – Long run average accurate enough• Provides Developers with safety valve• Useful input to design process(Forget actuals – retrospective estimates)
  17. 17. RedsYellowsUnplanned workGreen Specific to you
  18. 18. Planned & Unplanned work• Work planned in planning meeting• Unplanned work allowed at any time – Tag it, e.g. Yellow card – Retrospective estimation• At end of the iteration count points unplanned – Graph/Track planned v. unplanned – Incorporate into planning velocity
  19. 19. Light SabreEvery team must design their own board
  20. 20. Goodhart’s Law Any observed statistical regularity will tend to collapse once pressure is placed upon it for control purposes. Velocity & points break down if abused And so do otherProfessor Charles Goodhart, CBE, FBA measurements
  21. 21. Is Xanpan useful?• Maybe – Take it – Use it• Inspiration – Roll your own Image from Ildar Sagdejev under Creative Commons license http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:2009-02-15_Rolling_a_cigarette.jpg
  22. 22. Which brand of Cola are you drinking?allan kellySoftware Strategy Ltd.www.softwarestrategy.co.uk/allankellyallan@allankelly.netTwitter: @allankellynet(c) Allan Kelly http://www.softwarestrategy.co.uk 24