Chance of success for gifted children in contemporary school


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Chance of success for gifted children in contemporary school

  1. 1. 1 Chance of success for gifted children in contemporary school Primary teacher Dorina Marin National College of Art”Octav Băncilă”Iaşi Abstract The environment in which children grow and develop himself should help him improve, cultivate their talents through extracurricular activities related to his passion. The time has shown that often a huge talent was wasted because it was grown and grown ever since childhood, when an attentive parent can help the child to do things that he likes, encourage innate skills. Key Words education, creative languages, intergenerational learning, talent Introduction A nation that want to thrive need to invest in human been and in his education to the extent necessary for an activity as complex to the transformation of man from its primary biological in a inexhaustible creative force. Because our environment, heredity, the historic sional and from other influences that are manifested in the form of behavioral dysfunctions we have some fundamental flaws. Influenced by family or any earlier model, an individual can become a "perfectionist" - the fear of delegation, with a tendency to take even minor details and losing a lot of time with projects in place to build effective resources. a child raised in an environment where she used to be cringing can become a working adult and overly involved for fear of rejection. Therefore it is vital to teach students the importance of taking personal responsibility for what they do with their time. You can do a lot of really important things just when you remain quiet and concentration. They must understand that we all need those moments, especially when involved in creative work.
  2. 2. 2 Second paragraph Talent has no age, he just discovered and exploited. The gifted children have a very good memory, play with art, love scene and still outstanding results at an early age. They say that beauty is unusual, timeless and ageless. Art is art and that is. And the artist learned in childhood that turns dreams and illusion in reality is just a messenger whose only merit is to accept to carry the work to the end. We believe therefore not unusual that such "spokespersons" to exist among children because the child does not deform but art plays clearer, cleaner, being carved by masters, life, goals and interests. It is expressed through images and reveal unexpected beauty by simply moving the brush playing with colors. For exemple, Tora and Andreea, two girls from 1st grade from National College of Arts "Octav Bancila" already have remarkable results in various fields. Tora painting on canvas, oil, and has already had two solo exhibitions at Teachers House Iaşi and at the Athenaeum Tătăraşi, play the violin, composing lyrics and make the practical arts. Andreea has been awarded in two piano festivals and she graduated Interpretative Mastery International Course, supported by Professor Andreeas Henkel from Dresden, Germany. She composed verses and, like you know, all the children express very beautiful through art, through color and imagination. In addition, both girls have very good results in school and are passionate about theater. Besides, friday, April 5, 2013, the naturalness, the originality and the craftsmanship interpretative from this two girls was rewarded with the trophy of inter-county contest You are invited to the theater! - fourth edition Ipoteşti-Suceava with the show A cat and a half. The results are particularly valuable as they are worthwhile artistic talent of girls, 7-8 years who manage to dominate the scene and the public, without emotions, supported only by the love and support of parents and school teacher. Conclusions A modern teacher must always find the most appropriate solutions to make every child a person satisfies the demand of the millennium alert, dominated by science and technology, due to which their knowledge today,
  3. 3. 3 tomorrow will not be useful. But adaptive capacities and merits of intellectual skills to enable them to confidently address any new situation. Its role and responsibilities assumed commits to a constant theoretical and practical information to enhance the prestige of his profession. REFERENCES 1.NicolaI. (2003), Treaty of school pedagogy,Bucharest: Didactic and pedagogical. 2. CreţuE.(1999), Psihopedegogia for primary school, Bucharest: Aramis.