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Tpaak back-to-school-night-2011-08-31


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TR PAUL ACADEMY - Back to school night presentation for parents and students.

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Tpaak back-to-school-night-2011-08-31

  1. 1. Welcome to TR Paul Academy of Arts and KnowledgeFounded in 2006 by community member Annette RieselPublic, tuition-free, arts enriched charter schoolAuthorized by the Charter School Institute through CDEManaged by Mosaica Education, Inc.Governing board of parents and community members
  2. 2. An Artful Education “From global exports to local investments, the new American economy depends on imagination, innovation, and creativity, and those are the skills that artists develop, nurture, and promote.” -National Endowment for the Arts
  3. 3. TPAAK incorporates the Multiple Intelligences… an individualized, research-based educational model of learning The research concludes that there are major perceptual differences in how people learn: • Auditory learners comprise less than 15% of the population • Visual learners = 40% • Kinesthetic learners =45% Our program incorporates all of these methods
  4. 4. Paragon… Mosaica’s own integratedhumanities and social studies curriculumThrough content-rich, hands-on activities, Paragon looks to the past toprepare students for the future, instilling in students a solid understandingof history by exploring the literacy, artistic, mathematical, scientific, social,political, and philosophical ideas that have culminated in our contemporarycultural climate. The program teaches students to work collaboratively oncomplex questions relevant to their own experiences and to cultivatemulticultural perspectives and global awareness.
  5. 5. Daily Life at TPAAKAll students receive 120 minutes literacy 60 minutes science 90 minutes math 90 minutes Paragon Brain Dance PE, Art, Music, Drama Hot lunch & recessThe arts are infused in the daily schedule as wellas individual classes and through co-curricularopportunities
  6. 6. Core AcademicsOpen Court Reading Phonics Stories GrammarReal Math Review Direct instruction of skill Practice skill GamesWorkshop Data driven instructionHarcourt Brace Experiment/ starter activity Reading textbook Writing/ application activity
  7. 7. Academic Achievement Academic Performance & Quality of Educational Program TPAAK’s aggregate levels of growth produced in 2011, are above and beyond Charter School Institute and the State of Colorado in most grades and content areas, which implies that the students at TPAAK are attaining and maintaining levels of CSAP proficiency in Reading, Writing and Math at a faster rate than students attending many other schools .
  8. 8. Specialized Arts Classes• Integrated and specialized arts classes allow children to express themselves and develop skills which help them succeed academically• Separate Drama, Arts and Music classes are provided for all students and are also a part of their daily 90 minute Paragon Class.• The staffing of highly qualified arts instructors ensure that students experience one of the four art offerings daily• The Academy recognizes a direct correlation between an arts enriched education and increased spatial configuration development
  9. 9. Award Winning ArtistsSmithsonian Museum Google Award Presentation Duck Stamp Contest Winners Daughters of the American Revolution Winner
  10. 10. Community Art PartnersCommunity art partners include Bas Bleu Theatre, Young Docent program- Lincoln Arts Center, BrainDance - Art Lab, Young Curator’s Program -Front Range Community College, Streetmosphere Performers, Beet StreetArt Summit and the Museum of Contemporary Art. 6th grade performance at Bas Bleu Theater
  11. 11. Technology is integrated into all classes and eachclassroom is equipped with a Smart Board • TPAAK provides students with excellent access to computers, the internet, and to other technological tools that significantly enhance learning • In-room technology is present at a level of 1 computer per every 3 students • Students use computers to communicate via the internet, express themselves creatively, solve problems, organize data, conduct research , take some assessments, and explore mathematical and scientific principles through simulations • Cybernetics Laboratory containing 24 computers
  12. 12. “Artrepreneurs”A capital venture, Dragon DesignsGreeting Cards, was developed 2010 toenhance the entrepreneur element foryoung art students at TPAAK andshowcase creative writing and artisticability Spread your wings and fly!
  13. 13. Dragon TreasureGallery A student managed gallery opened Nov. of 2010 to sell student art work Young entrepreneurs exceeding expectations!
  14. 14. STEA M fosters excitement about and prepares students not only for careers in math, science, engineering, art and technology but for any career that uses critical thinking and problem solving skills. ScienceEngineering Technology Math Art
  15. 15. Arts enriched home school program“We are delighted to see how well he is doing (surprised us a bit). We have seendevelopment and growth as related to skills related to many things, grossdevelopment as related to PE, which he loves and Art. He spends a lot of timecoloring now (sitting for an extended amount of time when he never would sit formore than 10 minutes) and using lots of specific colors as related to what he iscoloring and coming home delighted and eager to paint and create. So I reallyjust wanted to check in and see what options we would have as we are planningfor next year.” -Mom of a TPAAK home schoolerDuring the week arts enrichmentprogram is also available at TPAAKfor area Home School students.Students experience art, music,drama, PE & Paragon and somecore subjects.
  16. 16. Partnership with local Universities Future teachers of America! TPAAK hosts and teaches the classroom management classes for University of Northern Colorado student teacher population. On a yearly basis the Academy provides cooperating teachers for UNC & CSU student teachers and practicum students. Many of these students are then hired within the Mosaica schools.
  17. 17. Brain DanceBrainDance, a dance program based on developmentalpatterns that strengthen the brain and body is implementedat all grade levels. This program provides neurologicalrepatterning, body connectivity and alignment. It helpsstudents with sensory integration disorders, focusing andfiltering problems, reading problems, poor social andemotional skills, vision problems and behavior disorders.
  18. 18. Positive Behavioral Support We introduce our students to well- known and unsung heroes – old and new – who exemplify timeless leadership and character attributes. We guide students to explore these individuals who have the qualities that make ordinary people capable of extraordinary things! Qualities such as wisdom and human genius that transcend time and place, emotional optimism, resilience, vision, tenacity! The Academy is committed to providing students with a sense of belonging and a feeling of significance so that they feel safe to learn, to grow, and to thrive.
  19. 19. General InformationPreschool full and half dayK- 7 grade, future middle schoolKindergarten full day on sliding scaleor free half dayHot lunch programBefore and After school care (OASIS)availableTeachers- meet and exceed allrequirements of No Child Left BehindSecurity- doors locked, visitor badges,background checked,High diversity ratioPositive Behavior SupportParent Teacher LeadershipOrganizationArts enriched home school programAYP School
  20. 20. TR Paul Academy of Arts and Knowledge 4512 McMurray Dr. Fort Collins, CO 80525 970.226.2800Contacts: Karen Griffin, Chief Administrative Officer- Patsy Gibbs, Special Ed Coordinator- Rebecca Tomasek, Office Manager- Eric Dinnel, Mosaica Regional Vice President-
  21. 21. Because of you…I am outstanding! Thank you ! Allysa, age 10