Evaluation Of A De Technology

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it is an evaluation of we2 application depend on action model

it is an evaluation of we2 application depend on action model

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  • 1. Evaluation of a DE technology (web2 applicationa) . Doen by : kholood khalaf Al-hoqani . ID: 82924
  • 2. ACCESS: _ How accessible is a particular technology for learners? - its accessibility depend on the connect of the internet if it is there students can access to them easily. _ How flexible is it for a particular target group? - they are very flexible and teacher can use them th meet her/his needs , beacause they aren’t designed for specific purpose. COSTS: _ What is the cost structure of each technology? - It is mostly free just we should consider the cost of internet connection. _ What are the opportunity costs vs. other technology choices? - It is very effective in term of cost compare other technology because it is mostly free . And as distance education it mostly used internet as a tool ,so students have the basic things “computer with internet connection” . TEACHING & LEARNING: _ What kinds of learning are needed? - the basics of using internet in learning and searching for information , also students need to know how to interact effectively in e-learning context. _ What instructional approaches will best meet these needs? Give students some guidelines for effective use of internet technology at the bingeing of the course .Also give students time to be familiar with the new learning environment . And it good to give them some activity that encourage them to interact throw technology . _ What are the best technologies for supporting teaching and learning in this environment? Using collections of web2 applications to support different learning goals . like : Wiki . blogs, flicker and so on... _ Can the content be adapted to the technology? The technology is very flexible and can be adapt to meet teachers’ instructional goals. _ What skills does the technology develop? - It’s depend on the use ,but at all it develop students ability to interact with others throw internet , students – machine interactions and self-directed learning . I TERACTIVITY & USERFRIE DLI ESS: _ What kind of interaction does this technology enable? it support each synchronous or asynchronous interactions.
  • 3. _ How easy is it to use and learn? Mostly very easy and have guides for effective use. However the problem is to have them scattered in different sites ,so each site take times to be familiar with. ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUES: _ What are the organizational and institutional requirements to provide stability and support? The institution should offer a page that organize the movements between the WebPages (like blogs, wiki ...) to be easier to students to follow the different types of instructions . _ What are the barriers to using this technology successfully within the institution? - We are a user of features so as users we are limited on the features that each web site provide . - they are scattered in different website but instructor should give a shared online area to all students to meet in . - Some times each website need registration and that take times but it reasonable time. _ What changes need to be made within the organization to incorporate the technology? It is ready made platform so just it need to study the properties of web2 application to get the best use of it . OVELTY: _ How new is the technology? - It is new for most learners , and just occur before mostly 5 or 6 years only. _ What are its technical capabilities? web2 applications is to allow users to interact and join information easly throw different WebPages . it increase Interaction , Mostly free , Easy to use , Use any where , Any time and Any way. SPEED: _ How quickly can courses be created and distributed with this technology? It is depend in the time take to produce the materials before publish it throw web2. Most web2 are an area to meet and share information . At all it is comparatively take less time if we compare it with design new webpage with all web2 capabilities . _ How quickly can materials be changed? Very easy to edit and change information throw web2 applications . As you have register so you can modify what you add gradually.