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Validating a site
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Validating a site



Published in Spiritual , Education
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  • 1. Rosa Peralta – Verónica Gómez July 8th, 2011. Introduction to ICTAssessment Nº 3: Validating a site We chose this site because we were looking for information about JeanPaul Sartre, one of the philosophers we are studying in our Philosophyclass. So, in this case, the page suits our objective by having concise anduseful information about his life and work. This is the first step to validateour choice. To consult Sartre´ssummary, you can clic here. The writer of this document is Thomas Flynn, from the department ofPhilosophy at Emory University. The article consulted was publishedthrough the Stanford University Press. For further data about the autor, clichere. There you can find not only personal and academical details, but alsoa link to communicate with Flynn. The publishing institution is Stanford University, a very well knownuniversity all over the world, and the publishing information is containedhere.
  • 2. This is a free page, so we consider it valid. The purpose of this work isacademic and it does not have either dead links or advertising. You do not need to download any special software, and you can use anybrowser of your choice to browse through it. This page belongs to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and itnot only consists of Sartre´s work, but also links to libraries, the author andeditorial´s information, other philosopher´s theories, etc. Almost at the endof the page you can find all the bibliography consulted for this work(divided into primary sources and secondary sources), as well as otherinternet resources that the reader may use to broaden Flynn´s report andlinks to some entries which are related to this subject. For all these reasons we consider this page valid for investigation,taking into account its accuracy, objectivity, currency, authority andcoverage. For all this, we consider this page useful for us, as TTC students, andalso for those who are at the beggining of a philosophical carreer, and evenfor other people who might be interested for personal reasons. What follows is a capture of the article´s starting point.