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Crime In The 1930’S
Crime In The 1930’S
Crime In The 1930’S
Crime In The 1930’S
Crime In The 1930’S
Crime In The 1930’S
Crime In The 1930’S
Crime In The 1930’S
Crime In The 1930’S
Crime In The 1930’S
Crime In The 1930’S
Crime In The 1930’S
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Crime In The 1930’S


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Crime in the 1930’s Andrew Clidas P.1 4/20/09
  • 2. Milestones
    • During the 1930’s, there were many milestones for crime in the US.
    • Prohibition, which led to the rising of organized crime (the mob), and men like Al Capone.
    • The Lindbergh kidnapping led to kidnapping becoming a federal crime.
    • The formation of the FBI
  • 3. Reasons
    • In the 1930’s there were two factors that made crime widespread.
    • One was the Great Depression, which made some people desperate for money and willing to do anything.
    • The second was Prohibition, this allowed organized crime to expand their operations to illegal bootlegging, a very bloody crime.
  • 4. Famous criminals in the 1930’s
    • Some of the more famous criminals of the 1930’s were:
    • John Dillinger
    • Al Capone
    • George “Pretty Boy” Floyd
    • Bonnie and Clyde
    • George “Machine Gun” Kelly
  • 5.  
  • 6. Prohibition
    • Prohibition was from 1919-1933, a period of time where it was illegal to make, sell, and transport alcohol made for consumption. Organized Crime took advantage of this and began distributing bootlegged alcohol.
  • 7. Al Capone
    • Ruled the streets of Chicago during Prohibition era.
    • Ordered the deaths of dozens of people and killed some with his own hands .
    • Was finally taken down by Eliot Ness and a group of Police know as the Untouchables.
  • 8. The Untouchables
    • A group of Chicago police officers led by Eliot Ness.
    • Know for being fearless and incorruptible.
    • Nicknamed “The Untouchables” by a member of the press.
    • Conducted raids on breweries throughout Chicago.
  • 9. Lindbergh Kidnapping
    • 20 month old Charles Lindbergh Jr. was kidnapped on March 1, 1932 from his home in East Amwell, NJ.
    • A little over two months later, an infant body was discovered 4.5 miles from the Lindbergh’s home.
    • In September, 1934, Bruno Hauptmann was arrested in the Bronx.
    • Hauptmann was found guilty and was executed in 1936.
  • 10. The FBI
    • The Federal Bureau of Investigation was formed in 1935.
    • It was formed when the Bureau of Prohibition and the Bureau of Investigation combined into one job.
    • The job of the FBI is to investigate crimes that violate federal law, until then they can not get involved.
  • 11. Miscellaneous
    • John Dillinger was the first Public Enemy Number 1, or FBI’s most wanted.
    • The murder rate in 1933 was at 9.7, one of the three highest ever in the US.
    • Al Capone was worth over $100,000,000 when he was finally arrested.
    • It is believed that George Machine Gun Kelly gave the name “G-Men” to FBI agents.
  • 12. Bibliography