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Abraham lincoln powerpoint

  1. 1. TIMELINEBy: Regan, Kelly, Cole and Sabrina
  2. 2. Lincolns Early Life  Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in a cabin in Hardin Country, Kentucky. Thomas, and Nancy Hanks was his mother and father. His eldest sister Sarah, and younger brother Thomas, who died in infancy. Abrahams grandfather was killed by Native Americans. Growing up, it left Abs father heart broken and without an education
  3. 3.  In 1816 the Lincolns moved to Indiana, partly because of difficulties with titling land in Kentucky. Land ownership was better in Indiana because of the Land Ordinance of 1785 provided by the federal government. The Lincoln’s belonged to a Baptist Church the disapproved of slavery In Indiana the Lincolns’ live on Little Pigeon Creek, in Perry County. It was not easy, they were raised to work on a farm.
  4. 4.  less the a year he Abraham attended school and could read, write, and cipher to the rule of three, but that was all. 1818 Abe’s mother died, his father remarried a Kentucky widow, she was nice and kind. In 1828 Ab’s eldest sister died during childbirth. Beginning in 1820 Abe stated to make flatboat trips to many cities and states.
  5. 5. Booth’s Early Life  John was the ninth child out of ten children born to the famous eccentric, and heavy of a drinker. John’s dad Junius Booth. The Booth family along with their slaves, lived on a farm near Bel Air, Maryland. John wanted to become an actor, so he made is own debut at the age of 17 in Baltimore, appearing in Richard III.
  6. 6.  actor in the career of Becoming a highly successful Shakespearian company, took John all over the United States. On November 9, 1863, Abe Lincoln watched Booth play Raphael in the play Marble Heart in the same box that he was later assassinated in, at Ford’s Theater. In 1850 Booth became interested in politics, later joining the Know-Nothing Party.
  7. 7.  Booth also supported the institution of slavery, and in 1859 joined a Virginia Company That aided in the capture of John Brown. Booth was an eyewitness to Brown’s execution. During the Civil War, Booth worked as a Confederate’s secret agent. He constantly met with the Secret Service’s leaders, Jacob Thompson and Clement Clay in Montreal, Canada.
  8. 8. The Election of 1860  Abraham Lincoln- Republican-180 Electoral- Popular 1,865,908 John C. Breckinridge- Southern Democratic- 72 Electoral- Popular 669,148 John Bell- Constitutional Union- 39 Electoral- Popular 590,901 Stephen A. Douglas- Northern Democratic- 12 Electoral-Popular 1,004,823
  9. 9.  Lincoln wasn’t the first picked, to be nominated for the Republican Party. First it was William Seward, was favored to win at first, but many delegates felt that his emotion towards being anti-slavery was too extreme, and might hurt the Republicans chances of winning.
  10. 10.  The Politician that won the election was Abe Lincoln because he had the most Electoral and Popular votes. The reason being because there were more Republican than any other Party, but very few people that supported the Constitutional Union Party. But there were just as many Republicans as there were Democrats. But the Democrats had to vote between two nominees and the Republicans only had to vote for one nominee.
  11. 11. John Booth’s Role in the Conspiracy  In the summer of, Booth began to come up with a plot to kidnap President Abraham Lincoln The plan was to capture the president and take him down south to Richmond, Virginia. Where he would be held until exchanged for Confederate prisoner-of-war.
  12. 12.  On March 15, Booth and his other conspirators met 3 blocks away from the Ford’s Theater, to plan their abduction of the President. But then plans changed cause Abe was attending a performance on March 17. so he thought that this was the perfect plan to capture the president. When Booth exampled the both plans to his co- conspirators, the plan failed to win the support so the dismissed it as infeasible.
  13. 13.  So Booth went with his finally plan, and plan to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. He also tried to convince several of his co- conspirators to assassinate several high government officials. Including the Vice President, the Secretary of State, and probably General Grant, but they were few willing to do the job.
  14. 14. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln  Around 10:15the President and the First Lady began to watch the performance of Our American Cousin. Booth showed a card to a presidential aide and was allow to pass. Almost reach the Presidents box with the gun behind his back. He stand 4 feet behind Abe and shoots him I the back of the head. He shouts out “Revenge for the South” or “Freedom”
  15. 15. Death of John Booth  Near the banks of the Rappahannock River in Virginia, investigators closed in on Booth and his Companion, David Herodl on April 26. Than just Booth run to a barn called Garrett barn, and had a shoot out with the investigators/polices for 2 or 3 hours. Than finally after hours of being shot out, Booth Finally died.
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