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Company Overview

  1. 1. Advanced Infrastructure Technologies, LLC<br />Overview Presentation<br />This investor presentation, which should be read in conjunction with additional materials provided by the company, is confidential and has been provided to the recipient for information purposes only and no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to the completeness or accuracy of the information contained herein. this investor presentation does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any securities of advanced infrastructure technologies, llc<br />
  2. 2. Management<br />August 27, 2009<br />Confidential<br />2<br />Dr. HabibDagher – Founder and Chief Technology Officer<br />Professor of Civil/Structural Engineering at the University of Maine<br />Director of the AEWC Center <br />Ph.D. in civil/structural engineering from the University of Wisconsin<br />Brit Svoboda – President and Chief Executive Officer <br />Co-founder of asset development group – manages a diverse portfolio of commercial real estate and industrial projects<br />10 years senior management experience with Sysco, a Fortune 100 company – specialized in M&A and turnarounds<br />
  3. 3. Overview <br />August 27, 2009<br />Confidential<br />3<br />Dedicated to providing a cost-efficient and long lasting solution to the nation’s infrastructure crisis<br />Proprietary composite arch tube system for bridge construction<br />Arches are light weight, high strength and corrosive resistant -reduce lifecycle costs<br />Completed first bridge in Pittsfield, ME<br />Second bridge installed August 2009<br />Pipeline includes 16 bridge projects<br />
  4. 4. 151,253 bridges in the U.S. are deficient<br />August 27, 2009<br />4<br />Structurally deficient<br />38%<br />Age of Bridge<br />AASHTO – Bridging the Gap, July 2008<br />
  5. 5. Why are bridges deteriorating?<br />August 27, 2009<br />Confidential<br />5<br />Solutions recommended by AASHTO:<br /><ul><li>Research and innovation – new design, materials and technology
  6. 6. Investment – federal, state and local</li></ul>Reaching age expectancy threshold<br />Environmental factors ; freezing and thawing cycles, deicing salts<br />Most bridges are concrete with steel reinforced rebar<br />Corrosion of steel breaks down integrity of concrete structure<br />Concrete Corrosion Cycle<br />Steel rebar rusts and expands<br />Spalling of concrete further exposes rebar<br />
  7. 7. August 27, 2009<br />Confidential<br />6<br />Market opportunity<br />Annual Spend on Bridges<br />Number of Bridges<br />152,316<br />Deficient Bridges (U.S.)<br />114,237<br />Replacement Candidates<br />$10.5B<br />75%<br />Yr 5 projecting 750 structures<br />&lt;1% share of addressable market<br />Yr 5 projecting $70 million in revenue<br /> &lt;1% share of addressable market<br />57,118<br />Addressable Market<br />50%<br />
  8. 8. Budgets growing in response to crisis<br />August 27, 2009<br />Confidential<br />7<br />Report by American Society of Civil Engineers in early 2009 concluded $17.0B annual investment needed<br />$10.5B is currently spent per year on the construction and maintenance of bridges<br />ARRA signed into law on Feb 17, 2009 (stimulus plan)<br />Included $27.5B for highway and bridge construction<br />“…the largest increase in funding of our nation’s roads, bridges, and mass transit systems since the creation of the national highway system in the 1950s” – Obama Admin. <br />
  9. 9. Composite arch manufacturing<br />August 27, 2009<br />Confidential<br />8<br /><ul><li>Inflatable composite tubes
  10. 10. Rapid onsite manufacturing
  11. 11. Assemble form
  12. 12. Inflate tube
  13. 13. Bend around form
  14. 14. Infuse with resin
  15. 15. Geometries completely customizable based on site requirements
  16. 16. Spans up to 60’, tube thickness up to ½”
  17. 17. No heavy transportation required</li></ul>Arch formwork<br />Laboratory manufacturing of three composite arches<br />
  18. 18. Efficient system – Neal Bridge case study<br />August 27, 2009<br />Confidential<br />9<br /><ul><li>23 arches installed in one day
  19. 19. Arches filled with concrete
  20. 20. Composite decking attached
  21. 21. Composite headwalls and precast concrete wingwalls installed
  22. 22. Bridge backfilled
  23. 23. Road surface paved
  24. 24. Low maintenance, joint-free, steel-free buried structure</li></li></ul><li>Completed Neal Bridge – late 2008<br />August 27, 2009<br />Confidential<br />10<br />Steel-free structure – expected 100+ years of service, low maintenance<br />Composite structure cost – competitive with pre-cast/steel alternatives<br />
  25. 25. Benefits of composite arch tube system<br />August 27, 2009<br />11<br />Stay in place form for concrete<br />Eliminates need for temporary formwork<br />Structural reinforcement for concrete<br />Eliminates need for rebar installation<br />Environmental protection for concrete<br />Prevents corrosion – prolongs life, reduces maintenance<br />Confined<br />Unconfined<br />Confidential<br />
  26. 26. Safe and redundant system<br />August 27, 2009<br />Confidential<br />12<br />Performed to 3.5x design load in comprehensive testing<br />Initial hinge forms at crown<br />Subsequent hinges form at shoulders resulting in structural failure<br />
  27. 27. Competitive advantages<br />August 27, 2009<br />Confidential<br />13<br />Based on patent pending process and technology<br />1/2 carbon footprint of traditional build cycles<br />Exclusive licensing rights to proprietary process<br />R&D facility – AEWC Center at the University of Maine<br />Comprehensive testing program fulfilled<br />First bridge built – the Neal Bridge<br />Second bridge installed August 2009<br />Pipeline includes 16 bridge projects<br />Relationships with key decision makers including; State DOTs, Congressional committees, Governors<br />
  28. 28. Comparison of bridge construction methods<br />August 27, 2009<br />Confidential<br />14<br />
  29. 29. Project pipeline is growing<br />August 27, 2009<br />Confidential<br />15<br />Composite Initiative Projects<br /><ul><li>Funding through Maine Governor’s Composites Initiative
  30. 30. Six bridges in 2 years
  31. 31. Spans from 24’ – 72’
  32. 32. Currently in design phase
  33. 33. McGee, Maine – August completion
  34. 34. Buckfield, Maine – In Review
  35. 35. Bridge Estates, MA – In Review
  36. 36. Hsite, WV – Active (in design)
  37. 37. South Korea – Preliminary
  38. 38. Marco Island, FL – Preliminary
  39. 39. Bradenton, FL – Preliminary (4 bridges)</li></ul>Additional Projects<br />
  40. 40. August 27, 2009<br />Confidential<br />16<br />Current business model<br />Value Proposition<br />Competitive/sustainable pricing<br />Low cost, scalable production <br />Reduce lifecycle costs<br />Resilient, safe alternative<br />OPEX (SG&A/R&D)<br />1<br />Strategic Partners<br />Distribution Channels<br />COGS - Structural design <br />Resin vendor<br />Braided carbon fiber supplier<br />AEWC/University of Maine<br />VC partner<br />Civil engineering co’s<br />Heavy construction co’s<br />DOTs/Local municipalities<br />Privately owned<br />2<br />COGS - Arch assembly<br />3<br />COGS -Transportation<br />4<br />Revenue = Arch units x Price<br />Expense = COGS + OPEX<br />
  41. 41. Summary<br />August 27, 2009<br />Confidential<br />17<br />Large and growing market opportunity<br />Timing is right for a better bridge solution<br />Provides a cost-efficient and long lasting solution to a massive infrastructure problem<br />Comprehensive testing program fulfilled<br />First bridge built – the Neal Bridge<br />Second bridge installed August 2009<br />Pipeline includes 16 bridge projects<br />Detailed financials, DCF valuation and returns analysis available upon request<br />
  42. 42. Contact Information <br />August 27, 2009<br />Confidential<br />18<br />Advanced Infrastructure Technologies, LLC<br />Brit E. Svoboda<br />President & Chief Executive Officer<br />Telephone: (239) 992-7800<br />Cell phone: (239) 633-9082<br />Email: <br />To learn more about us, visit:<br />