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Affix scaffolding catalogue
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Affix scaffolding catalogue


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  • 1. The Strongest A LUMINIU M SCAF F O L D IN G in the Industry!
  • 2. C O M PA N Y P R O F I L E C O M PA N Y P R O F I L E Affix Scaffolding LLC is a UAE headquartered company having branch in Qatar, making work at height solutions. Over the years we’ve gained an enviable reputation for providing practical & innovative scaffold solutions to meet our customer’s access requirement. Our scaffolding is made as per British standard. Our state of the art manufacturing system satis- fies the need to access hard to reach places & provide elevated working platforms in a light weight, easy stored application. We specialize in the hire and sale of aluminum access towers and all related non-mechanical access equipment. We are major suppliers to a variety of specialist contractors which include electrical, ceiling & partitioning, paint- ing, heating & ventilation and air conditioning. MISSIO N STATEMEN T MISSION S TAT EM EN TProviding market leading scaffolding solutions through superior customer services & productinnovation. Customer loyalty & Brand recognition are the assets we’ll leverage to continueto improve & grow our business. Our client should be confident that scaffold solution we pro-vide will always be done with efficiency, safety & professionalism. We should provide astrong & highly flexible system that meets all occupational health & safety standard basedon our mission to be the market leader. VISION VISION To be recognized as a service provider by dissolving the distraction & difficulties of the pro- cess. How we work & our value clarifies who we are. |
  • 3. ALUMI NALU MINIU MM O B I L E ILE TOWER I U M M OB T O W ER Double Width Mobile Tower This is most versatile tower which takes up to 18 m height indoor & 10 m outdoor. Maximum load distributed is 250kg per platform & evenly distributed is 500kg. Single Width Mobile TowerSingle size platform is best where narrowness prevails.Working height maximum is 10m for this. Maximumload distributed is 250kg per platform & evenlydistributed is 500kg. Stairway Mobile Scaffolding Tower It is very useful for ascending/descending with loads of items in hand. Maximum outdoor working is 10m & indoor 18m.Load distributed per platform is 250kg & evenly distributed is 500kg. |
  • 4. O UR C O N C O R U CTION /K F EAT U RE ATUR ES O U R S T NSTR U C T I O N /K EY E Y F ES (1) Solid Casting: strongest in the industry to support more weight. (2) Color Coded Braces: provides esy dentification to reduce assembly time. (3) Brace Hook with auto- matic lock & quick release: This feature provides for quick release & tear down. 225 degree of contact & a special shape. (4) Adjustable Leg Lock System: Provides instant height adjustment. (5) Casters: Locking system creates a safe suitable scaffold by preventing the roll & swivel of caster. (6) Standard & Hatchway Platform: The hatchway platforms provide access through the platform to move from one level to another, allowing the user to remain inside the scaf- fold. (7) Stainless Steel Wing Nuts: Our stabilizers come with easy locking clamps. (8) Footrest: The tough material of the stabilizer foot rest provides addi- tional safety against sliding off. (9) Blocking Holder: Block- ing holder fix frame pipes one inside other. This part is unbreakeable Aluminum casting. |
  • 5. ALUMIN IUMINIU M MO B IEE T O W ER C OCP O M P T S NE N TS ALU M M O B I L L T O W E R M O N EN O Horizontal Brace Plain Platform Trapdoor Platform Diagonal Brace Five Rung Ladder Frames Five Rung Frames Outside Support Leg 4 Inch Caster Adjustable Leg P L A N VIEW P L A N V I EW Plan view of different types/sizes of aluminium mobile tower Aluminium Mobile Tower Elevation Single Width Ladder Frame Double Width Ladder Frame (Front View) Aluminium Tower Aluminium Tower (Top View) (Top View) .90m .75m 1.35m 20m 1.8m 1.8m 15m 1.35m 10m 2.9m 2.5m 2.5m 2m |
  • 6. D O U BL E W I DT H HASSS EMBLY METHOD DO U BL E WIDT A S EM B LY M ET HO D1. 2. 1a. 2a.3. 4a. 4. 5.6. 7. 6a. 8.9. Middle Width Double Width Scaffolding Mobile Tower 4.3 Metre Platform Height |
  • 7. SI N G LE SINGILDT H HASSS EMBLYHO D W E WIDT A S EM B LY M ET METHOD1. 2. 1a. 2a.3. 4a. 4. 5.6. 7. 6a. 8.9. Middle Width Single Width Scaffolding Mobile Tower 4.3 Metre Platform Height |
  • 8. S TAIR L A DDE R R A SSEM B LY M ET HO D STAIR L ADDE AS S EMBLY METHOD1. 2. 1a. 3.4. 5a. 5. 6.7. 9. 8 10.11. 12. Stairladder Scaffolding Mobile Tower 4.3 Metre Platform Height |
  • 9. C OM POO MPO NET T SPECIFICATIO N C NEN N S P EC I F I C AT I O N Part Name Part Number Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Color AHB250 2550 Horizontal brace AHB180 1845 Blue AHB290 2970 ADB250 2750 Diagonal brace ADB180 2105 Yellow ADB290 3140 Span deck ASD2000 2000 AFF1800 1800 900 2000 Foldable frame AFF1500 1500 700 2000 Stair ASY250 2500 410 ASP250 2530 Standard Platform ASP180 1840 ASP290 2970 ATP250 2530 Trapdoor Platform ATP180 1840 ATP290 2970 Castor wheel ACW200 500 ACW150 150 ABF180 1800 Bracing Wheel ABF250 2500 ABF290 2900 AS3 3000 AS3.5 3500 Stabilizer AS4 4000 AS4.5 4500 AS5 5000 AS5.5 5500 AF135 1350 2000 Tube Diameter=50mm, Frame AF90 900 2000 Thickness=2mm AF200 2000 2000 ALF135 1350 2000 Ladder Frame ALF90 900 2000 ALF200 2000 2000 AGR135 1350 1000 Guardrail AGR90 900 1000 A3F135 1350 1500 3Rung Frame A3F90 900 1500 A3F 2000 1500 3Rung ladder A3LF135 1350 1500 frame A3LF90 900 1500 A3LF200 2000 1500Safety requirement & safe working practice1. Serious injury may result from improper erection or use of scaffolding equipment. Erectors and users must be familiar with &follow safe working practices and the instructions contained herein.2. Inspect all equipment before using. Never use any equipment that is damaged or deteriorated in any way. In order to assureproper fitting & maximum safety, do not intermingle, connect or use scaffold components supplied from other companies.3. Scaffolding from which any person may fall 5m or more may be erected, altered or dismantled only under direct supervisionof a person who holds the appropriate certificate of competency as scaffolder issued under the regulations.4. Supporting structure. The supporting structure of a mobile scaffold shall be a hard flat surface. Unless the castors incorporateadjustable legs, the surface shall be level. Where the castors incorporate adjustable legs, the gradient of the surface shall notexceed 5 degree, unless provision is made to take the load off the castors during the use of the scaffold. The scaffold must notlocated closer than one meter to any slab edge or partition unless the edge is protected to prevent the wheels of the scaffoldfrom falling. |
  • 10. Step up to the best with Affix Scaffolding No. 1 for safety Safety first when working at height Mobility Easy to assembleQatar Branch: Industrial Area, Street No. 37, Near Ammal Readymix, Doha, Qatar. Tel: 00974 55299893 | Fax: 00974 44432867 Email: | Web: