A GOOD DAY TO ACT HARD: Take Action on Customer Feedback in 3 Simple Steps


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Learn how you can be a Customer Service Action Hero! Use CustomerGauge to help maximise your response to Customer Issues. This was from a Webinar 17 May 2013

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A GOOD DAY TO ACT HARD: Take Action on Customer Feedback in 3 Simple Steps

  1. 1. A GOODDAY TOACT HARD:Take Action onCustomer Feedback in3 Simple StepsVivek JaiswalBusiness Development ManagerCustomerGauge/Directness21 May 2013vivek.jaiswal@directness.netNet Promoter, NPS, and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld.
  2. 2. Introduction: Become a customer service hero•  Who this is relevant to:–  Customer service and operations professionals–  B2B and B2C customer experience managers•  What we will cover:–  Importance of customer feedback–  Getting prepared to act on customer feedback–  Acting on customer feedback–  Closing the feedback loop–  Rewarding and rescuing valuable customers–  Useful tips from real clients•  Who we are and our credibility:–  Vivek Jaiswal•  Business Development Manager forCustomerGauge. Net Promoter expert withexperience in implementing NPS programs for B2Band B2C organisations across the globe, includingVerafin, ALM, FCMB and more.Thomas S Watson, IBM 1921*Net Promoter, NPS, and Net Promoter Score are trademarks ofSatmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld.
  3. 3. A word about CustomerGauge…•  CustomerGauge is the leading real-timeNet Promoter® measurement platform.–  Complete workflow and service recoverysystem–  B2b, b2c and b2e solutions–  Automated reporting and digital signage–  Automated, with integrations to CRMsystems including SalesForce.com–  32 languages (reporting system in EN,DE, ES, FR, NL, CN)•  Launched 2007•  HQ Amsterdam, global coverage withpartnersA D V E R T I S E M E N T
  4. 4. Customer feedback from different lensesWhat operations thinks What finance thinks What marketing thinksWhat product mgt. thinks What it actually is
  5. 5. Why not act?•  No one likes to hear badnews•  Common reactions–  “Its not my fault” / defensive–  “It takes time to fix issues” /extra work–  “It’s the way we always doit” / business as usual stance–  “We always get complaints” /demotivation–  “I’d like to help, but Ican’t..” / frustration withinternal issues
  6. 6. The golden rule!One should treat others as onewould like others to treat oneself
  7. 7. Being prepared for Anything•  Keep your guns loaded–  Train your frontline employees–  Make it easy for customers to getto you–  Hire the right people
  8. 8. Being prepared for Anything/2•  Have a combat plan–  Everybody should know what theyhave to do–  Get customer feedback to the rightpeople–  Measure and monitor progress oncustomer issues
  9. 9. Its all about…Keeping your guns loaded…Having a combat plan
  10. 10. Taking hard action on feedback•  Follow through with customerfeedback–  Read every comment: one in ahundred will give you a brilliantidea!–  Acknowledge the feedback andthank them–  Keep them involved–  Share results
  11. 11. Taking hard action on feedback/2•  Spread the feedback–  Improvement happens wheneveryone is involved–  Ensure departments deal withrelevant issues–  Team effort to clear issues
  12. 12. Taking hard action on feedback/3•  Reward and rescue yourvalued customers–  Segment and identify yourVIP group–  Automate closing thefeedback loop–  Setup express route torecovery for VIPcustomersValue(spend, profit)LOYALTY(Net promoterscore)RESCUECustomer SegmentationREWARDDetractors PromotersLOWER PRIORITYCustomerGauge can segment andidentify your VIP group
  13. 13. Be sure to…Listen…Act…Close…ImproveOh, boy... am Iglad you talkedme out ofswitching
  14. 14. Aligning your organisation•  Motivate–  People who take action oncustomer feedback areheroes!•  Measure–  Use tools around metrics likeNPS to measure customersatisfaction•  Monitor–  Keep track of customerfeedback–  Create projects to resolvecollection of feedbacks•  Monetize–  Reward promoters and givethem tools to promote youDownload our cartoon guide:http://customergauge.com/tag/nps-comic/
  15. 15. Summary•  Its your customers talking – listen•  Do not be caught unprepared–  Expect 50% or more of the responses togive comments–  Read every comment–  One in a hundred will give you a brilliantidea•  Close the feedback loop–  Thank your customers for feedback–  Reward and rescue•  Make acting on customer feedback acompany culture–  Motivate the heroes–  Measure customer satisfaction, use NPS–  Monitor actions–  Monetize loyal cusotmers
  16. 16. Learn more about CustomerGauge and how to act oncustomer feedback.Email: info@customergauge.comPh: +31 208 20 21 60Follow us: @CustomerGauge