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6 Post Lockdown Marketing Tactics


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These slides were used as part of a webinar run on 22snd June 2020.

Jag Panesar from Xpand talks about 6 post marketing tactics that can easily be implemented by business owners or marketing personnel.

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6 Post Lockdown Marketing Tactics

  1. 1. 6 Post Lockdown Marketing Tactics Presented by Jag Panesar
  2. 2. Did you know.... The UK economy had a 20.4% slow down in April due to lockdown. Source: in-april-as-economy-is-paralysed-by-lockdown
  3. 3. Did you know.... There are broadly 3 types of recession: Source: tions-for-business?_ga=2.71156112.1062736803.1592585980-1570816919.1592136244#
  4. 4. Softening the depth of the downturn Reducing the duration of the recession by accelerating your business in the upturn once the economy wakes up What’s your responsibility in this? By making the right moves, we can support:
  5. 5. You will learn about... Ways to ensure you retain existing client loyalty1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Emphasising your core values Creating value adding content to gain and retain clients Productising your service to differentiate yourself Understanding your competition on the digital landscape Reviewing and measuring your activity A bonus tactic!
  6. 6. A few important points... • This webinar is catered towards service based SME owners or marketing personnel • The content has been focussed around activity that you should be able to implement yourself • Activity such as SEO, PPC and social media advertising are important but are not covered today
  7. 7. 13 years in business in house professionals Est 2007 About Xpand • Studio based in Saltaire, West Yorkshire • Full service digital marketing agency • Est. 2007 - 13 years in business
  8. 8. Headway Recruitment Client 35% increase in traffic after 12 months and £114,000 of converted business within 12 months Result 35% £114K INCREASE CONVERSIONS Results
  9. 9. Pitts Wilson £200,000 worth of enquiries in 6 weeks through Google Adwords £200K 6 OF ENQUIRIES WEEKS Results Client Result
  10. 10. Chris Makin £80,000 of new business from the website £80K 24 OF BUSINESS MONTHS Client Result Results
  11. 11. Energy Mill Gym 500 members within 3 weeks. Target was 4 weeks 500 3 NEW MEMBERS WEEKS Client Result Results
  12. 12. SOLAR7
  13. 13. 17th March 2020. I thought it was the end...
  14. 14. I feel very lucky... “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more of it I have.” Thomas Jefferson American Founding Father
  15. 15. What you need post lockdown.. • It provides long term objectives • It outlines your competitive advantage • It outlines the markets and audiences to target • It outlines your brand position • It provides a road map of what needs to happen and when A marketing strategy has the following:
  16. 16. • The more granular activities that help you achieve your marketing strategy • The day to day activity • The things you plan in the very near future that contribute to building your brand What are marketing tactics? What you need post lockdown..
  17. 17. People will become more price sensitive Purchases will become more considered Negotiation from prospects will be tougher Certain types of media will suffer significantly Challenges you will face during a recession
  18. 18. Purchase Retention Engagement Consideration Awareness The sales funnel
  19. 19. Purchase Retention Engagement Consideration Awareness The sales funnel Consideration & engagement will become more drawn out
  20. 20. Tactic No. 1 Penetrate your existing customer base
  21. 21. It’s always more cost effective to sell to existing customers New Vs existing customers
  22. 22. Think about your customers’ needs
  23. 23. Support clients that are suffering Provide a temporary reduction in fees Extend credit terms Offer more value
  24. 24. Offering more value • Provide more advise around your area of expertise • Provide additional services at a lower rate • Throw in the occasional ‘freebie’ - this will create customer delight
  25. 25. • List all your valuable existing clients and take time to talk to them • Ask them what they need and what’s important to them • Carry out a cashflow forecast before you start discounting • Only offer reduced fees to the clients that are genuinely suffering Tips
  26. 26. Tactic No. 2 Emphasise your core values and how they fit around your approach during tough times
  27. 27. Your values are the fundamental beliefs upon which your business and its behaviour are based What are business values?
  28. 28. SOLAR7
  29. 29. Xpand’s values 1) Enjoy life and be friendly 2) Push your creativity 3) Challenge for positive results
  30. 30. Xpand’s values 1) Enjoy life and be friendly If you see that someone is struggling, think about what you can do to help them. Just a useful pointer in the right direction can sometimes be very valuable to them. Don’t take your own knowledge for granted.Do the right thing.
  31. 31. Xpand’s values 2) Push your creativity Innovation is key to many businesses during this period of time. Think about creative ways we can help people to achieve their goals. Their short-term goal may just be survival. A good idea from us could be the difference of people keeping their jobs or losing them.
  32. 32. Xpand’s values 3) Challenge for positive results Times are currently very challenging. It’s challenge that takes us out of our comfort zones & that’s how we grow. Challenge yourself to see how you can help a struggling client. Challenge yourself to see how you can get a better result for a client. Our clients need our support more now than ever before.
  33. 33. • It can be argued that your values should naturally dictate the right kind of action. If this is the case, writing it out and communicating this to your team just re-enforces it. Tips
  34. 34. Tactic No. 3 Create value adding content to gain and retain clients
  35. 35. SOLAR7
  36. 36. Purchase Retention Engagement Consideration Awareness The sales funnel Consideration & engagement will become more drawn out
  37. 37. Types of content you can create ‘How to’ guides How your specialism can be used to survive the recession Opinion pieces Thought leadership
  38. 38. Where you can place content Blog Webinars Social media Podcasts
  39. 39. Think emotion Source: ly-four-emotions/283560/ People buy on emotion. Research from Glasgow University suggests we have 4 core feelings: Happy Afraid /surprised Sad Angry /disgusted
  40. 40. Think emotion Think about your target audience. Split them into groups e.g. 1) New start business owners 2) MDs with < 100 staff 3) Marketing managers Think about their pain points
  41. 41. Example An accountancy practice Rather than: ‘Ways To Become More Tax Efficient’ Consider: ‘Ways To Become Tax Efficient During Troubled Economic Times’
  42. 42. Example A finance brokerage Rather than: ‘How To Manage Your Cashflow Better’ Consider: ‘5 Cashflow Mistakes You Need To Avoid’
  43. 43. Example A marketing agency Rather than: ‘6 Marketing Tactics To Build Your Business’ Consider: ‘6 Post Lockdown Marketing Tactics’
  44. 44. Build trust through reviews
  45. 45. Tips • Create a content schedule. Plan 4 weeks ahead at least • Use or for ideas • Be consistent • Ask for a review at the point your client is happy with the service you have delivered
  46. 46. Tactic No. 4 Productising your service to differentiate yourself
  47. 47. What is productising? A productised service simplifies and focuses your business’ marketing operations into a model that is more predictable, process focused, and easier to sell.
  48. 48. The benefits of productisation It helps differentiate you against your competition It demonstrates visual expertise It makes your service easier to understand
  49. 49. SOLAR7
  50. 50. Create packages For an accountancy practice, rather than: • Sole trader accounts • Limited company accounts • Management accounts
  51. 51. Create packages Business Starter Business Growth Business Accelerator Consider: For new start businesses or one person businesses Consider dedicated packages for struggling businesses For limited companies looking to grow For businesses that need regular dedicated support
  52. 52. Tips • Try to be unique with your naming and packages • Highlight the outcome if you are creating a model • Name the model. Make it relate to something we recognise in the real world • Creating a model may not happen overnight. Keep at it.
  53. 53. Tactic No. 5 Understanding your competition in the digital landscape
  54. 54. How often do you assess your competition? Once a month? Once every 6 months? Once a year? Never??
  55. 55. Step by step: 1) List at least 3 of your competitors 2) List at least 3 benchmark companies in your sector. Companies that offer the same service but you don’t compete with.
  56. 56. Step by step: 3) Search these companies on social media. Platforms could be: • LinkedIn • Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • Pinterest • YouTube
  57. 57. Step by step: 4) For each one assess the following: • No. of followers/ likes • No of posts per day • Shares per post • Comments/replies per post • Hashtags per post 5) Create a content schedule based on what you have learnt from your competition/ benchmarks
  58. 58. Tactic No. 6 Reviewing and measuring your marketing activity
  59. 59. SOLAR7
  60. 60. I live by this... “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” Peter Drucker Management consultant Author Contributor to philosophical and practical foundations of modern business
  61. 61. If you don’t track, you need to start immediately! Track the following: No. of enquiries No. of proposals/ quotes sent Total value of quotes/ proposals sent out No. of sales Value of each sale
  62. 62. Calculate your conversion rate Here’s how Total amount of business converted Conversion rate x 100 = Total amount quoted for
  63. 63. Calculate your conversion rate Example: You sent out 10 quotes in May that came to a total value of £25,500. Out of those quotes you converted £15,000 into business in that month. £15,000 58.8% conversion rate x 100 = £25,500
  64. 64. You also need to track... The source of your enquiry!
  65. 65. You also need to track... Website visits through Google Analytics
  66. 66. You should now know...
  67. 67. You should now know... Ways to ensure you retain existing client loyalty1 2 3 4 5 6 Emphasising your core values Creating value adding content to gain and retain clients Productising your service to differentiate yourself Understanding your competition on the digital lanscape Reviewing and measuring your activity
  68. 68. One final bonus tactic... 1 minute survey
  69. 69. Corporate social responsibility Give to a good cause. A charity or social enterprise. Raise awareness Pro bono work
  70. 70. Resource pack A social media assessment template A social media content plan template Some useful tools to help you implement your marketing tactics An enquiries dashboard template A conversion tracker spreadsheet You will receive: Email me: Subject header: Post Lockdown Resources
  71. 71. Email me If you’ve enjoyed the webinar, we would really appreciate a LinkedIn recommendation or a Google review. Or both! Let’s connect