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Hyperian essbase Online Training @ Adithya Elearning
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Hyperian essbase Online Training @ Adithya Elearning


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Register today to attend free demo session on Hyperian Essbase online training call uls @ + 91 8790679998 visit ;

Register today to attend free demo session on Hyperian Essbase online training call uls @ + 91 8790679998 visit ;

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. 1.Essbase Overview  Introduction to Hyperion Essbase  Hyperion Essbase Versions  Essbase Interaction Services  Essbase Studio  Excel Add-In  Essbase Thin Client  Essbase Thick Client  Hyperion Essbase Clients  MaxL or ESSCMD  What is the requirement of Essbase?  Hyperion Essbase Basic Concepts  History Of Essbase  Hyperion Essbase Architecture 2.Essbase Application Type  BSO Application  Business Requirement of ASO App  ASO Application  Business Requirement of BSO App 3.Essbase Outline Terminology  Data/Meta Data Explanation  What is Essbase Outline? 4.Dimensions and Dimension Types  What is Dimension?  Account type Dimension  Standard Dimension  Dense Dimension  Time type Dimension
  • 2.  Currency Type Dimension  Country Type Dimension  Sparse Dimension  Attribute Dimension 5.Attribute Dimension  Alias and UDA Creation  What is the need of Attribute Dimension?  What is the requirement of Alias and UDA’s? 6.Member Properties and Dimension Properties  Consolidation Properties  Data Storage Properties 7.Outline building methods  Level Reference  Parent/Child Reference  Generation Reference 8.Data Loading Process  Data loading using flat files  Free Form Loading  Data loading using SQL 9.Essbase Calculation Process  Calculation Script  Intelligent Calculation  Two-Pass Calculation
  • 3.  Aggregation  Formulas 10.Dense and Sparse restructure  Sparse Restructure  Dense Restructure 11.Essbase Partitions  Partition Types  What is the requirement of Partition? 12.Replicated Partitio  Linked Partition  Transparent Partition 13.Essbase Optimization Techniques  Data load Optimization  Calculation Script Optimization  Outline Optimization  Database Optimization 14.Essbase MaxL or ESSCMD  How to automate Essbase Application Creation Using ESSCMD?  How to automate Essbase Application Creation Using MaxL? 15.Essbase Analytics VS Enterprise Analytics  ASO Advantages and Disadvantages  BSO Advantages and Disadvantages 16.Security implementation  Creation of Users
  • 4.  Creation of Essbase Filters  Creation of Groups  Security Type  EAS Security  Shared Service Security Highlights in Training Process; Conducting demos any time to your convenience. Providing 24/7 Technical support with lab services. Certified Trainers. Easy Payment options. Hands on training for better performance in Real time Environment. We maintain flexible Batch system for your better understanding. Certified Course Content Standard Material, Real time Examples. Completing training in the given Duration. Weekdays and Weekend Batches are available. Contact Information; Skype Id ; adithyaelearning Contact Number ; +91 8790679998 , 9848371343. USA + 001 224 585 7588 Email id ;, Website ;