Social Media Marketing for Manufacturers


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How manufacturers can effectively leverage social networks and blogging channels for the purpose of B2B marketing.

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Social Media Marketing for Manufacturers

  1. 1. How can Manufacturers use Social Media B2B MarketingAbhishek ANAND Contact us: abyshake@webmurga.com +91-9582749714
  2. 2. Abhishek ANAND Contact us: abyshake@webmurga.com +91-9582749714
  3. 3. TRADITIONAL MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY An IntroductionAbhishek ANAND Contact us: abyshake@webmurga.com +91-9582749714
  4. 4. • Since the beginning of social networks, the manufacturing industry has been less receptive to the idea of social media as an effective marketing tool • 30% of global manufacturers intend to increase social media spend in 2012 • With global manufacturers moving down the social media marketing path, the willingness of small and mid-sized manufacturers to invest in social media has seen an increase • Social Media marketing is increasingly being seen as the word-of-mouth marketing of the modern digital eraAbhishek ANAND Contact us: abyshake@webmurga.com +91-9582749714
  5. 5. • MYTH: Social Media is thing for young generation and casual internet visitors; doesn’t suffice to needs of B2B enterprises • REALITY: – 93% B2B marketers engaged in social media marketing – LinkedIn – most used channel; by 72% B2B marketers – LinkedIn cited as most important channel; lead- generation identified as most valuable result out of marketing on LinkedIn – Customers spending their time online spend around 22% of their time on social networks and blogs – More than 75% online customers visit social networks and blogs to share and seek informationAbhishek ANAND Contact us: abyshake@webmurga.com +91-9582749714
  6. 6. #WAY 01: BLOG Create a blog and let your audience knowAbhishek ANAND Contact us: abyshake@webmurga.com +91-9582749714
  7. 7. • Much more than just a tool to promote your brand • Gives the opportunity to connect with existing and prospect customers using richer modes of media and with longer-form stories • Ideal avenue for sharing information about the company and the industry overall • Announce and share major milestones and achievements with customer-base; along with sharing key industry trends and news • Put a face to the words – Publish the image of the author of each blog post; helps build credentials • RESULT: Gain thought leadership position; helps to win trust and comfort of customers in the long runAbhishek ANAND Contact us: abyshake@webmurga.com +91-9582749714
  8. 8. #WAY 02: YOUTUBE CHANNEL A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is like a binding story beautifully narratedAbhishek ANAND Contact us: abyshake@webmurga.com +91-9582749714
  9. 9. • A more subtle medium to market your products • Best ways to leverage the video-marketing? – Demonstration of product and processes – Tour of the facilities – Showcase success stories and testimonials • Devise a relevant content related to your business, and engage with the customer; address questions that would arise in your customers’ minds • RESULT: In-depth portrayal of who and what you are – More brand recall when the customer needs related services. Quite effective in demonstrating your key-strengths and your company’s dedication to service at the same timeAbhishek ANAND Contact us: abyshake@webmurga.com +91-9582749714
  10. 10. #WAY 03: LINKEDIN LinkedIn is the ultimate tool to fill up the sales funnel and drive relevant leadsAbhishek ANAND Contact us: abyshake@webmurga.com +91-9582749714
  11. 11. • Time for direct approach – target your sales funnel • Gain access to sales prospects leveraging network • Most effective channels: – Relevant community discussions – Answering critical questions in Q&A forums – Connections – Formulating direct as well as referral connections with prospective clients • RESULT: Establishment of your credentials, and expertise in front of the direct client-base. Demonstration of critical industry know-how and networking with evangelists in your domain to grow the business and clientele furtherAbhishek ANAND Contact us: abyshake@webmurga.com +91-9582749714
  12. 12. # Abhishek ANAND Twitter : @abyshake LinkedIn : Website : http://abyshake.comAbhishek ANAND Contact us: abyshake@webmurga.com +91-9582749714