Careers In 2 Years


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In conducting business retention and expansion interviews, Greater Reading Economic Partnership (GREP) was able to key in on some specific needs for existing Greater Reading companies. In 2009 and 2010, out of 96 company interviews, 47% identified lack of skills and more specifically, 26% identified lack of technical skills as a current workforce challenge.

As the lead economic development organization for the Greater Reading community, GREP initiated a career and technology school campaign; “Careers in 2 Years.” GREP developed the Careers in 2 Years initiative based upon the knowledge that a readily available skilled workforce is an incredible economic development driver in terms of retaining and growing existing Greater Reading companies and attracting new ones.

This campaign targets middle and high school aged students and their parents to consider career and technology school as a viable option for their future. They can work towards a well-paying, highly employable career in approximately two years. The campaign focuses on careers in welding, mechatronics, carpentry, robotics, machining, CAD and drafting. Phase two of the campaign will focus on business management, IT and healthcare training.

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Careers In 2 Years

  1. 1. High-Paying Careers In Two YearsOptions for Post-Secondary Education or Technical Training in Career & Technology
  2. 2. Why is this campaign important?Today, it’s increasingly vital to have aneducation beyond high schoolPost-secondary education or technicaltraining brings endless possibilities andopportunities
  3. 3. Fact:The unemployment rate for those withpost-secondary education or technicaltraining is only 4.6%; those with only ahigh school diploma is nearly 10%
  4. 4. Fact:24 of the 30 fastest-growing occupationsrequire education beyond high school—including those with technical trainingcertifications(Source: Bureau of Labor & Statistics)
  5. 5. Fact:In a 2011 survey 44% of PAmanufacturers have open jobs due to amismatch between the skills that jobseekers have and those required by thejob the company has open
  6. 6. Fact:By 2018, 47 million job openings areprojected and one-third of them willrequire an associates degree orcertificate (Source: Harvard experts)
  7. 7. Fact:Business retention interviews with 96Greater Reading companies:•47% identified the lack of necessaryskill sets•26% identified the lack of technicalskills as their hiring challenges
  8. 8. Berks Technical AcademyCollaboration:•Reading Area Community College•Berks Career & Technology Center•Reading Muhlenberg Career &Technology Center.
  9. 9. Income PotentialElectrical and Electronic Repairs: $55,870HVAC Mechanics and Installers:$47,700Industrial Machinery Mechanics: $44,640Metal Fabricators: $38,400Machinists: $34,780Welders: $40,000Power Plant Operators: $63,070
  10. 10. High School StudentsAttending career & technology educationbefore graduating high school givesstudents an extra edge.They can earn college credits for FREE!
  11. 11. Engaging the Parents
  12. 12. It’s not just for High School studentsAND it’s never too late to begin acareer.In as little as two years, a technical educationcan be affordable and offer a hands-onlearning environmentIt can result in steady employment andadvanced earning potential Brought to you by Greater Reading Economic Partnership
  13. 13. How can you support this campaign? TELL EVERYONE!
  14. 14.