Social media boot camp pt 1 superzoo


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Maximize your Pet Business Marketing by using social media effectively today.

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Social media boot camp pt 1 superzoo

  1. 1. Social Media Boot Camp Part IMaximize Your Marketing Efforts Using SocialMedia — September 13, 2011Researching, Locating And Sharing InformationHas Been Simplified By The Internet Creative Business Consulting Group 1
  2. 2. Facts, Thoughts And Opinions Easily Expressed,Circulated And Amplified Via The Internet Hear Me Engage Me Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netWeb 2.0 Communication Has Evolved From APurely Informative To An Interactive Format Tell Me Converse With Me Face To Face Engagement Is NO LONGER A Requirement for Engagement Creative Business Consulting Group 2
  3. 3. Social Media Is A 24/7 Cocktail Party Where NoOne Controls The Guest List Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netIt’s Not Just For Kids; Trends In Social MediaUsage Transcends Generations Relationship And Community Development Via The Internet Impacts Consumers Of All Ages Creative Business Consulting Group 3
  4. 4. Anybody And Everybody Can Participate AndContribute From Anywhere Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.net80% Of Businesses With 100+ Employees WillUse Social Media By The End of 2011* Creative Business Consulting Group 4
  5. 5. The Lack Of Strategy And Time Has SlowedAdoption Of Social Media In Small Business Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netHow Can Your Retail Business Use SocialMedia?•Increase BrandAwareness•Word of Mouth Marketing•Lead Generation & Sales•Connect With Customers•Customer Service/Loyalty•Recruit New Employees Creative Business Consulting Group 5
  6. 6. Small Businesses Must Learn To ShiftMarketing Tactics To Meet Consumer Needs OLD Sell Take Push Buy Attention Control Talk Transaction Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netSmall Businesses Must Learn To ShiftMarketing Tactics To Meet Consumer Needs OLD NEW Sell Help Take Teach Push Give Buy Attention Attract Control Earn Loyalty Talk Listen Transaction Experience Creative Business Consulting Group 6
  7. 7. Consumer Lesson #1: Don’t Interrupt Me –Engage Me – George Benckenstein Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netWhere Should You Invest Your Time and Money? Creative Business Consulting Group 7
  8. 8. Social Media Marketing Tools Can ReachMultiple Target Markets At The Same Time Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netHow Can Facebook Help My Business?1. Develop Your Personal Brand. Reveal As Much Or As Little About Yourself /Your Business As You Wish, Allowing You To Personalize Your Brand2. Target Your Niche. Users Volunteer Vast Amounts Of Information About Themselves That You Can Readily Access. These Kinds Of Demographics, Psychographics, And Techno Graphics Would Previously Have Cost Fortunes To Access.3. Get Rapid Top Google Placement. Current Search Engines Are Crawling for SM Content. FB Included!4. Place Targeted Ads. With Facebook Social Ads, You Can Test Out Extremely Targeted Advertising For Minimal Cost5. FREE. Connect Regularly with Customers With No Cost Creative Business Consulting Group 8
  9. 9. Businesses Use Fan Pages To Engage RegularlyWith Customers Page Elements: • Event Calendar • Videos • Contest • Surveys • Discussion Boards • Photos • Blog Articles • Relevant LinksSource:, Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netYour Business and YouTube Why Use YouTube? VIDEO Is Compelling • YouTube Has 90 Million Monthly Viewers • 43% of Users Are Over 35 And 53% Of Users Earn More Than $60K • 20 Hours of Video Is Uploaded EACH Minute • It’s A Different Way To Convey What Your Business Is About • Great Repository For All Your Business Video Content How To Use You Tube: • Buy A Portable Video Camera • Many Have You Tube Software Already Loaded – Direct To YouTube From Camera What To Video About: • Product Training – How To Demonstrations • Employee Profiles – Give Your Brand A Personality • Customer Testimonials Creative Business Consulting Group 9
  10. 10. Using YouTube EffectivelyKeep Videos Short And To The Point - Start Out With Vital Statistics: Name,Website, And Company. Spend 30 Seconds On What You Do, Another 30Seconds On A Tip Of The Day. Remind Viewers Of Your Name And WebsiteAgain.Publish Often- Make A Schedule. Your Friends And Fans (And Hopefully PotentialClients) Will Keep Tuning In To Partake In Your Expertise.Push Videos Out To Facebook Profile - Want More Traffic: Add A Friendly NoteAnd Ask Your Contacts To Help You Make It Go Viral And PASS IT ON!Copy The Html Code - From Youtube And Paste It To Your “Post A New Blog”Page (The Code Portion, Of Course)Add To Your Email Marketing Software - More Is MoreTag Your Videos - And Drive Traffic To Your Website And Add To Your SEOOpportunities Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netBlogs Reach Large Audiences: And The NumbersAre Growing And Growing.. And Growing 133,000,000 – number of blogs indexed by Technorati since 2002 346,000,000 – number of people globally who read blogs 900,000 – average number of blog posts in a 24 hour period 77% - percentage of active Internet users who read blogs 55% – percentage of the blogosphere that drinks more than 2 cups of coffee per day 81 - number of languages represented in the blogosphere 59% – percentage of bloggers who have been blogging for at least 2 yearsSource: Creative Business Consulting Group 10
  11. 11. Blog Tips And Tactics: How To Start? What ToSay • News Relevant And Timely Articles About The Bird Industry • Post Other Bloggers’ Posts • Post Useful Blog Resources • Invite Industry Experts To Guest • Blogger (owned by Google) is Write Posts For Your Blog free. • Report Live From Trade Shows • WordPress is free, but you And Industry Events may have to pay for some • Review Books, Websites, Blogs features. And Of Course • For More Information: Read • TypePad Micro -Not Free, but Books about Blogging has great features. • Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netStrategy Must Be Built To Engage Followers andBuild A CommunityUsing Social Media For Your Small Business Requires A Blend Of BusinessAnd Personal Information - Suggested Blend - Personal 40% • Share Your Personality • Publish Information That Will Help Establish You And Your Brand With Your Followers • Have Fun And Express Yourself Share • Forward Blog Posts (Yours Or Others) That Are Of Relevant Interest To Your Followers Information • Share Articles That Will Be Interesting To Your Fans 30% • Make Yourself The Expert By The Information You Share Business 30% • Publish Promotions Or Store Events • Publish Specials/Deals For Followers With Links To Appropriate Webpages And/Or Locations • Host Special Events For FB Fans Only Creative Business Consulting Group 11
  12. 12. Use Scheduling Tools To Improve EfficiencyAnd Productivity For Your Bird Business Benefits: •Boost Productivity •Consistent Messaging •Long Range Planning •Scheduled Delivery Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netKey Concepts To Be Mindful Of When You GetStarted• Develop A Strategy – Align The Path You Will Set Out On With The Objectives Of The Journey – How Will This Activity Help Me Achieve My Business Goal?• Allocate Appropriate Resources – Social Media Marketers Report Time Spent Working Averages 1-3 Hour Per Day, 5 Days Per Week• Keep It Simple – Have A Simple System And Automate Everything You Can – Minimize The Time Spent, Do Not Jeopardize The Results• Abolish The Fear Of Transparency – Effective Social Media Participation Requires A Paradigm Shift –Embrace The Fact That You No Longer Control The Conversation And What People Say About Your Business• Be Flexible – Refresh Objectives And Strategies On A Regular Basis, Make Sure You’re Still On Target And Remain Flexible• Measure Results – Establish Goals And Analyze Results Creative Business Consulting Group 12
  13. 13. CBCG Is Here To Help Lynn Switanowski-Barrett is the Founder and President of Creative Business Consulting Group, (CBCG) a Boston based Retail Consulting firm. CBCG Helps Retailers Understand: •Business Opportunities Created By Using Social Media •How to Create Marketing Programs That Engage Customers •The Cost Saving Benefits Of Using Social Media •How to Create A Social Media Strategy for Your Business Call Us To Learn More About How Your Business Can Benefit By Using Social Media 617 – 437- 9191 Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netFollow Creative Business Consulting Group We Talk Retail In These Places! @RetailHelper Creative Business Consulting Group 13