Cessna172 glass cockpit
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Cessna172 glass cockpit






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    Cessna172 glass cockpit Cessna172 glass cockpit Presentation Transcript

    • Cessna 172The Glass Cockpit Presented by Ilampirai(TECHNICAL OFFICER)
    • Aircrafttechnologyranges from thesimple wickerbasket andsandbags of ahot-air balloon, tothe carbon fibreand fully digitalsystems ofmodern jets.
    • CESSNA 152CESSNA 172 RCESSNA 172R GARMIN [G1000] Cirrus SR 22 Piper PA 34
    • CESSNA152Engine specification :No.of engine :1Engine manufacturer : Textron LycomingEngine model no : o-235-N2CEngine type : normally aspirated, direct driveair-cooled, horizontally opposed, fuel injectedCompression ratio : 8:5:1Magnetos : slick[4281 RH & LH]Spark plug : 18mmTorque : 390+ 30 Lb.InAlternator :28 volt,60-ampereRated horse power at RPM : 108 AT 2550
    • Propeller specification :Propeller manufacturer : Mc cauley propellerssystemPropeller model no :1c235/LF A7570No of blades :2Propeller diameter :7fixed pitchFuel capacity :56 gallonsOil capacitySump :6 U.S quartsTotal :7 5’’Propeller type :U.S quarts
    • Electrical system :•Electrical energy for the aircraft is supplied by 28v ,direct current ,single wire,negative ground electrical system•The battery is 24 volt and is approximately 17ampere hour capacity.•Landing and taxi light is located on the left side of the wing.•The navigation light are attached to the wing tips and the aft end of thevertical fin tip. Port side –RED color Star board side - GREEN color Rear side - WHITE color•The flashing beacon is attached to the vertical fin tip, 45 flashes per min•Instrument flood light and dome light are installed in the overhead console•Compass and radio dial lighting are contained within the individual units.The control wheel map light is mounted on the lower side of the controlwheel.
    • Power plant system :The o-235-N2C engine in the model 152 is delivered fromCessna with corrosion preventative engine oil which shouldbe replaced with AD type oil and the oil filter elementchanged at the first 25 hrs . if during this operation additionof oil becomes necessary , only straight mineral oilconforming to MIL-L-6082 SHOULD be used.The accessory equipment furnished with the engine is:• RADIO shielded spark plugs•Marvel-schebler float-type carburettor•Two [2] SLICK magnetos with impulse coupling
    • Fuel system :•The system consists of two metal tanks [one in each wing] ,a fuel shut-off valve ,fuel strainer, manual primer andassociated plumbing.•Method- gravity fuel flow method•Fuel flows from tank to the fuel shut-off valve•Valve in ON position•Fuel continues through the main fuel strainer to thecarburettor.
    • Cessna-172R :No of engine :1Engine manufacturer : Textron lycomingEngine model no: IO-360-L2AEngine type : normally aspirated, direct drive, air-cooled, fuel injected, horizontally opposedfour cylinder engine with 360 cu.in displacementHorse power rating and engine speed :160 rate
    • GLASSCOCKPIT :The G1000 system is anintegrated flight controlsystem that presentflight instrument system, position , navigation ,communication andidentificationinformation to the pilotthrough large formatdisplays. The systemconsist of the followingLINE REPLACEUNIT[LRU’s]
    • •GDU 1040/1044B primary flight display[PFD]•GDU 1040/1044B multi function display[MFD]•GIA 63/63W integrated avionics unit[IAU]•GDC 74A air data computer•GEA 71 engine air unit•GRS 77 attitude and heading referencesystem[AHRS]•GMU 44 magnetometer•GMA 1347 audio system with integrated markerbeacon receiver•GTX 83 model transponder•GDL 90 ADS B data link transeceiver•GSA 81 AFCS servos•GSM 85 servo mount
    • GDU1040/1044B It s used in C-172R andfeatures are10.4 inch LCD display1024×7resolution Left sidedisplay is configured asPDF and light display isconfigured as MFD. Bothsystem works GDU’s 1040link and display allfunction of the G1000system during flight.
    • GIA 63/63W:It function as the main communication top linking allLRU’s with GPS receiver VHF COM/NAV/GS receiver asflight director and system integration microprocessor.The GIA 63W contains GPS receiver .each GIA ispaired with a respective GDU 1040/1044B displaythrough either net the GIA’s are not paired togetherand do not communicate with each other directly.
    • GARMIN DATACOMPUTERGDC 74A process datafrom the pilot static aswell as the OAT probethis unit providespressure attitudeAirspeed , verticalspeed and Oatinformation to theG1000 system and itcommunicates withthe GIA 63/63 W, GDU 40/1044B andGRS 77 using ARINC429 digital interfacethe GDC 744 also.
    • GARMINENGINE AIRFRAMEGEA 71 recievesand processsignals from theengine andairframe sensorthe unitcommunicateswith both GIA63/63 WS usingan RS-485 digitalinterface
    • GARMIN ALTITUDEREFERENCESYSTEMinformation via ARINC 429both the GDU 1040/1044Band GIA 63/63W the GRS77 contains GRS 77 [1]provides aircraft attitudethe heading advancedsensor [includingaccelerometer and ratesensor ] and interface withside on GMU 44 to obtainmagnetic field informationwith the GDC744 to obtainair data and with bothGIAS to obtain GPSinformation AHRS made ofoperation are disclosedlater in this document.
    • GARMIN MAGNETOUNITGMU 44[1] measureslocal magnetic fielddata is sent to the GRS77 for processing todetermine aircraftmagnetic heading . theunit receives powerdirectly from the GRS77 and communicateswith the GRS 77 usingRS-485 digitalinterface.
    • GARMIN MARKERAUDIOintegrates NAV/COMdigital audio intercomsystem and marker b GMA 1347audio panel eaconcontrols the GMA 1347also controls the manualdisplay reversionarymode { red display backup bottom} and isinstalled between theMFD and PDF the GMA1347 communicationwith both GIA 63/63 WSusing an RS 232 digitalinterface.
    • GARMINTRANSPONDERGTX 33 is a solidstate mode stransponder thatprovides modes AC and S operation .the GTX33controlled throughPDF andcommunicateswith the GIA63/63 WS throughan RS 232 digital.
    • GARMIN DATA LINK:GLD 69A satellite radio receiver real time weatherinformation to the G1000 MFD and indirectly to the inset mapof the 69A communication with the MFD via HSPBconnection a subscription to the satellite radio service isrequired to enable the GDC 69A capabilityGLD 90[1]: a digital data link trans receiver designed totransmit receive and decode ADS-B messages it broadcastaircraft position velocity projected track altitude and flightidentification to other equipped aircraft in the vicinity as wellas to FAA ground station.
    • GARMIN SERVOACTUATORGSA 81 and GSM85. The GSA 81servo are used forautomatic controlof roll pitch andpitch trim , theseunits referencewith each GIA63/63W
    • GARMIN SERVO MOUNT :The GSM 81 servo mount is responsible fortransferring the output torque of the GSA 81 servoactuator to the mechanical flight control surface…………………………………………………………………………………..