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Video Games

Video Games






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    Video Games Video Games Presentation Transcript

    • Adel Abdulrahman : H00205170 Ahmed Al-Mehairi: H00213889Mohammed Abudlaziz: H00155069
    •  The idea of gaming was thought first in the 1940’s by Thomas T. Goldsmith and Estle Ray Mann. It was called a Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device (CRT) in 1947. In 1961 a group of student in Stanford university made a program called spacewar!
    •  In 1971, Bill Pitts and Hugh Tuck programmed the first coin operated video game which was called Galaxy Game. In 1972, Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell founded Atari,inc. They released Pong. In 1972, Ralph Baer constructed and developed the first home console called “Magnavox Odyssey”.
    •  In 1982, ColecoVision released a new type of arcade with integrated graphics and colors called Donkey Kong. Genres were introduced in the 1980’s such as action-adventure, role playing, cinematic platform games and real time strategy.
    •  Nintendo created the first 8-bit console which was the Nintendo Entertainment System. A company called Square joined Nintendo, and released a series called Final Fantasy which was the first successful RPG game in 1987.
    •  The new release of the 16-bit graphics, Genesis was made to compete the NES with it’s 8-pit graphics, Nintendo responded with the SNES which had 16-bit graphics.
    •  With the new millennium 32 and 64 bit games were made. Sega released the sega Saturn, Sony released the playstation1. Nintendo released the Nintendo 64. which had the first 3D graphics.
    •  Sega left the gaming market, Nintendo fell behind, Sony was the only company that was left in the gaming market. In 2001 microsoft released a game console called the Xbox to compete against the playstation2 which was released in 2000.
    •  With the availability of the internet, online games became popular. A new genre was introduced called MMORPG. Microsoft released the Xbox 360, a few months just after their release Sony released the ps3 to compete against the xbox 360. Both consoles had the same components of high-end graphics, Large disk-storage and networking. In 2010, game developers, looked at games in a different angle, which was playing without controllers. The Nintendo released the Wii, which was the first motion sensor game. Just recently Microsoft developed the Xbox 360 Kinect which is like the Wii it uses motion sensors.
    •  Japan Capcom and known as (kabushiki-gaisha kapukon) Originally established in 1979 Capcom company making very interesting games such as street fighter, devil may cry, resident evil. U.S.A It was established in 1985 In few years it became very successful Started to make games for Xbox 360, ps1,ps2,ps3
    • The business model of Square Enix is centered onthe idea of "polymorphic content", which consistsin developing franchises on all potential hardwareor media rather than being restricted by a singlegaming platform.
    • Final Fantasy VII . Have the greatest profit tillnow ,the game is RBG mode which makes youcontrol the charchater freely and go whereever you want.
    •  Star Ocean The last hope
    • Tomb Raider
    •  Final Fantasy XIV Online :
    •  Sorry for taking your time Any Questions ??