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Video Games

  1. 1. Adel Abdulrahman : H00205170 Ahmed Al-Mehairi: H00213889Mohammed Abudlaziz: H00155069
  2. 2.  The idea of gaming was thought first in the 1940’s by Thomas T. Goldsmith and Estle Ray Mann. It was called a Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device (CRT) in 1947. In 1961 a group of student in Stanford university made a program called spacewar!
  3. 3.  In 1971, Bill Pitts and Hugh Tuck programmed the first coin operated video game which was called Galaxy Game. In 1972, Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell founded Atari,inc. They released Pong. In 1972, Ralph Baer constructed and developed the first home console called “Magnavox Odyssey”.
  4. 4.  In 1982, ColecoVision released a new type of arcade with integrated graphics and colors called Donkey Kong. Genres were introduced in the 1980’s such as action-adventure, role playing, cinematic platform games and real time strategy.
  5. 5.  Nintendo created the first 8-bit console which was the Nintendo Entertainment System. A company called Square joined Nintendo, and released a series called Final Fantasy which was the first successful RPG game in 1987.
  6. 6.  The new release of the 16-bit graphics, Genesis was made to compete the NES with it’s 8-pit graphics, Nintendo responded with the SNES which had 16-bit graphics.
  7. 7.  With the new millennium 32 and 64 bit games were made. Sega released the sega Saturn, Sony released the playstation1. Nintendo released the Nintendo 64. which had the first 3D graphics.
  8. 8.  Sega left the gaming market, Nintendo fell behind, Sony was the only company that was left in the gaming market. In 2001 microsoft released a game console called the Xbox to compete against the playstation2 which was released in 2000.
  9. 9.  With the availability of the internet, online games became popular. A new genre was introduced called MMORPG. Microsoft released the Xbox 360, a few months just after their release Sony released the ps3 to compete against the xbox 360. Both consoles had the same components of high-end graphics, Large disk-storage and networking. In 2010, game developers, looked at games in a different angle, which was playing without controllers. The Nintendo released the Wii, which was the first motion sensor game. Just recently Microsoft developed the Xbox 360 Kinect which is like the Wii it uses motion sensors.
  10. 10.  Japan Capcom and known as (kabushiki-gaisha kapukon) Originally established in 1979 Capcom company making very interesting games such as street fighter, devil may cry, resident evil. U.S.A It was established in 1985 In few years it became very successful Started to make games for Xbox 360, ps1,ps2,ps3
  11. 11. The business model of Square Enix is centered onthe idea of "polymorphic content", which consistsin developing franchises on all potential hardwareor media rather than being restricted by a singlegaming platform.
  12. 12. Final Fantasy VII . Have the greatest profit tillnow ,the game is RBG mode which makes youcontrol the charchater freely and go whereever you want.
  13. 13.  Star Ocean The last hope
  14. 14. Tomb Raider
  15. 15.  Final Fantasy XIV Online :
  16. 16.  Sorry for taking your time Any Questions ??