Nissan Electric Vehicles 2013


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Presented by: Brian Maragno, Nissan

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Nissan Electric Vehicles 2013

  1. 1. NissanLEAF & Commitmentto EV Technology
  2. 2. Nissan’s Commitment to EV(Globally & North America)
  3. 3. Mass production for mass marketing Flins, France Sunderland, UK Smyrna, USA Zama, Japan Oppama, Japan 500,000 battery and assembly capacity 500 000 b tt d bl it 5 battery plants 3 confirmed assembly plants
  4. 4. Nissan’s Commitment to Zero-emission leadership pNissan LEAF TBD TBD Fluence evNV2000 Infiniti Zoe Twizy
  5. 5. Nissan Sustainable Mobility Plan
  6. 6. Nissan History of EV Technology
  7. 7. Nissan EV History• Nissan released its first electric 1947 vehicle in 1947. Beginning in the 1949 1960s the company became more active i d i in developing such vehicles l i h hi l and has since released and sold numerous electric-powered automobiles. 1970 1976• We at Nissan are applying our many years of expertise with lithium-ion batteries and high- voltage electric system electric-system technology in the development of 1983 1985 our fuel-cell vehicles.• Nissan has developed unique knowledge in the EV space with over 15 concepts and production models introduced over the last 1998 65 years 1991
  8. 8. Center for Automotive ResearchBOCHUM, GermanyGlobal passenger-car sales:• Will show a steady rise in coming years to total 92.5 million units by 2025 according to the CAR Center Economic Research of the University• This will represent a 57 pc from 2010 levels• Led by China and other new markets y – China forecast to soar 163 pc to 29.6 million by 2025. – India sales are expected to jump 181 pc to 6.7 million units.• Alternative Power train vehicles will need to significantly increase their global market share or the demand for oil will out strip supply and production capability
  9. 9. The Product
  10. 10. Nissan LEAF – Product Highlights• Zero emission Size 5-door mid size hatchback• 73-mile range (EPA) Capacity 5 Adults• Superior b tt S i battery technology t h l• Built for sustainable mobility 73 mile range Range (EPA)• Stimulating acceleration• Quietness Top Speed 90 mph• Connected intelligent transportation (IT) system Battery Laminated Li-ion• Affordable Capacity/Power 24 kWh/over 90kW High-response Motor synchronous AC Motor (80kW/280Nm) Integrated IT System communication system
  11. 11. Superior Battery Technology • Places batteries in the safest location • Provides optimum weight distribution for ideal/predictable handling • All Allows f 5 passenger seating b not intruding i t cabin space for ti by t i t di into bi11
  12. 12. Advanced Vehicle IT System Use of technology for Range ManagementMeter: Distance to empty Navigation: Reachable area Charging Timer Climate Control Timer Timer functions 12
  13. 13. Telematics and Station MappingLEAF is equipped with Telematics control unit that transmits and receives i i d ihT l i l i h i d idata that will allow for unprecedented conveniences. Data Center Remote vehicle access Automatic charging spot updates • Charging/Climate Control • Charge Status • Plug-in reminder • Access by internet and web- enabled phone NEW charging spots 13
  14. 14. Customer Key Driving Data And UsageNearly all Nissan LEAF owners drive less than 60 miles aday – the average is more around 30 miles a day• Average charging time is less than 3 hours• The average drive trip is about 7 miles…• People are using the vehicle as their PRIMARY car• 85% to 90% of Charging takes place at home
  15. 15. ChargingCh i
  16. 16. Nissan LEAF Charge Ports Level 1&2DC FastCharge
  17. 17. Charging Time And MileageUSA Mileage and Charging time Cha ging Charging Level 2hr 4hr 6hr 8hr Level 2 +25mile +50mile +75mile +100mile(240 volts, 16amps) Level 1 +10mile +20mile +30mile +40mile(120 volts, 12amps) • DC Quick charging: • 25 to 30 miles in 10 minutes • 40 to 50 miles in 15 minutes • 80 to 100 in 30 min
  18. 18. Level 2 Residential & Commercial• C Commodities diti GE Schneider Leviton Legrand Eaton AV ECOTalityClipper Creek SPX Coulomb EVSEs Have gone Mainstream• Retailers – Lowes – Best Buy GE Schneider Leviton Legrand p – Home Depot
  19. 19. DC Fast ChargingEcotality Blink Aerovironment Nissan Standard DCQC $ $45,000 $35,000 -$40,000 $15,500
  20. 20. Thank Yo You