Manly Warringah Radio Society March 2013 Lecture - Mesh Potato's and Mesh Wifi Networking

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Lecture here ->

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  • 1. Village Telco & Mesh WIFI Networks 101 Carlo Nizeti - VK2MXC Glen Steedman - VK2FWOO Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 2. Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 3. The low down... The Challenge The Answer (Wifi Mesh goodness) Hardware Spec Software Spec (Batman, Asterisk, dd-wrt) Field Testing results Reference Architecture Global Deployments Demo Time Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 4. In Africa the average person spends more than 50% of their disposable income on mobile services. The rapid spread of mobile phones is remarkable. However in many parts of the world high call costs mean that people have to make hard choices about when to use the phone. Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 5. The Challenge For millions affordable access to communications remains elusive either because they live in remote areas where mobile telecommunication operators have not reached or because the available access is too expensive. Open Source telephony software combined with the latest wireless networking technology creates the potential for people to operate their own community phone systems. While designed for the developing world, the Village Telco has application anywhere where people wish to take control of their own telephone infrastructure. Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 6. Limited spectrum combined with a monopoly on communications mean poor service and high cost. No room for new players, no room for new services. Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 7. Yay for WIFI Free Spectrum Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 8. Hacking Hardware It’s amazing what you can do with a wifi router, a pringles can and too much time on your hands... Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 9. The design challenge Provide telephony capabilities over wifi. Cheap Open Standards Tough! Quick & Easy Deployment. Able to be used to deliver data and voice. Can gateway to PSTN Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 10. + = The hardware Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 11. The Mesh Potato combines the features of an 802.11bg WiFi router with an Analog telephone Adaptor (ATA). Each Mesh Potato provides a single fixed telephone line to the end user, and is connected to other Mesh Potatoes via a mesh Wifi network. Mesh Potatoes automatically configure themselves to build a mesh Wifi network, greatly extending the range of the network over regular WiFi. Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 12. Not Your Average Wifi Device Outdoor Ready Weatherised UV Protected Sealed UnitTough Capable of surviving line spike, brownouts, power surges. Flexible Accepts 9-40V Can be powered via phone or data line Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 13. Hardware Spec Atheros AR2317 system on a Chip (SoC) Silicon labs FXS port chipset MIPS 4k processor 180 MHz 8 MByte Serial Flash EEPROM 16 MByte RAM 802.11 b/g wifi with EIRP power: 1-24 Mbit 20dBm or 36-54 Mbit 17dBm Antenna Type : Internal Omnidirectional PCB Antenna LAN Port : 1 x RJ-45 FXS Port : 1 x RJ-11 Linux kernel 2.26.3 OpenWRT Kamikaze (customised version) B.A.T.M.A.N. mesh routing daemon Version 0.3 Asterisk 1.4.11 Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 14. Power Type : wide range, protected DC port Power Options: AC Adpator PoE (Power over Ethernet) PoTL (Power over Telephone Line) DC Input Voltage : 9-40 VDC DC Input Power : 2.5W DC nominal Protected Ports: DC, RJ11 phone , RJ45 Ethernet Protection: over-voltage, reverse DC, nearby lightning, static electricity Tough! Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 15. OpenWrt Linux OpenWrt is a Linux distribution for embedded devices. • Commonly used on commodity WIFI Routers. • Low memory and CPU requirement. • Well supported. Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 16. B.A.T.M.A.N. “Better Approach To Mobile Adhoc Networking” • B.A.T.M.A.N. is a routing protocol for multi-hop ad-hoc mesh networks. • Can be described as a “LAYER 2” routing system. • The individual node only saves information about the “direction” it received data from and sends its data accordingly. Hereby the data gets passed on from node to node and packets get individual, dynamically created routes. A network of collective intelligence is created. Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 17. Why B.A.T.M.A.N is awesome! Protocol Agnostic (IPv4 / IPv6 / IPX / Appletalk...) Devices don't even need an IP Address. Clients can roam. Self building, healing and scaling. Can have a gateway nominated to get out of the mesh. Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 18. Asterisk Asterisk is like a box of Legos for people who want to create communications applications. It includes all the building blocks needed to create a PBX, an IVR system, a conference bridge and virtually any other communications app you can imagine. Your IP address becomes your phone number. Fully configurable using the handset. Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 19. Mesh Potato Installation Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 20. Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 21. Performance! Pushing the limits Goals 1. Test running from battery. 2. See how far we can push wifi signal. 3. See what throughput we can get from stock unit (no external antenna). Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 22. Dee Why Long Reef Collaroy Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 23. Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 24. In the real world... More than 3 units would be deployed giving the mesh survivability and higher bandwidth. Distances would be shorter, or external antennas could be used. Further testing planned now that we have 5 units. :) Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 25. Futures Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 26. Deployments Ibadan, Nigeria Fusagasugá, Colombia Orocovis, Puerto Rico Kranshoek, South Africa Bo-kaap, Cape Town, South Africa Dili, East Timor Piracanga, Bahia, Brazil Text We are looking for a not for profit or community in Australia who could benefit! Saturday, 9 March 13
  • 27. Demo time! Saturday, 9 March 13