Pacific DRM Partnership Network


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  • 14 founding members of which PNG was one.
  • Pacific DRM Partnership Network

    1. 1. Pacific DRM Partnership Network •Formed in February 2006 •Open-ended partnership (currently about 30 members) of regional and international organisations interested/active in DRM in the Pacific •Support Pacific countries to increase safety and resilience of communities to disasters •Identify and help implement DRR and DM measures and strategies to ensure sustainable development Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission
    2. 2. Global and Regional Context Hyogo Framework Pacific Plan for Action 2005 2005 Pacific Islands Pacific DRR & DM Framework for Action Framework for Action on Climate Change 2005 2005 Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission
    3. 3. Pacific DRR & DM Framework for Action Major policy instrument/guideline to build the resilience of countries and communities to disasters in the Pacific Agreed to by officials attending the 12th Disaster Managers Meeting, June 2005 (PNG), and endorsed by the Forum Leaders at the 36th Pacific Islands Forum, October 2005. Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission
    4. 4. Priorities & Objectives • Establish and sustain a regional network of assistance and development partners that work in the different fields of disaster risk reduction and disaster management to improve regional cooperation, coordination and collaboration • Strengthen the key thematic areas identified in the Regional Framework for Action 2005 – 2015, as endorsed by the Pacific Leaders and in other associated frameworks and strategies • Reduce duplication of efforts and to ensure that assistance is built on the efforts and experiences of each other. Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission
    5. 5. Key Initiatives • The development and implementation of DRM National Actions Plans for Pacific countries in line with the commitment to implement the Pacific DRR and DM Framework for Action 2005 – 2015. • The development of a web portal for disaster risk management which contains relevant data and information to assist in DRM decision-making – Pacific Disaster Net. • The development of a Partnership Capability Matrix which maps areas of expertise, interests and DRM projects being undertaken by each Partner. • The development of a Pacific regional report of progress against the Regional Framework for Action which feeds into the Hyogo Framework for Action. • The development of an on-line monitor for the Regional Framework for Action. • The development of DRM mainstreaming guidelines using the National Action Plan mechanism. Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission
    6. 6. Nation Action Plans (NAP) Existing NAPs • Vanuatu • Republic of Marshall Islands • Samoa • Cook Islands •Proposed NAPs •Solomon Islands, Tonga, Palau, Fiji •Some donor support •ACP/EU: €1.868m over 4 years •AusAID:A$2.265m over 3 years+ •WB GFDRR •SOPAC CRP WP: F$9.4m in 2009 Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission
    7. 7. •Web-Portal for DRM in the Pacific region •Launched in Suva in September 2008 •Living collection and growing DRM information resource •Enables and assists actors and stakeholders to research, collaborate and improve information and knowledge management •Available online and also offline, on DVDs which will be frequently updated and distributed - allowing a much wider outreach even into communities without Internet access. •Developed in a cooperative effort by UNOCHA, IFRC, UNDP-PC and SOPAC under the umbrella of the Pacific Disaster Risk Management Partnership Network Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission
    8. 8. Challenges • Need for strengthening collaboration/cooperation in support of NAP development and implementation • Manage individual Partner interests • Improve monitoring and reporting of activities – regional and national • Extend membership to more NGO/CSO and the private sector • Improve awareness of Partnership activities • Information and data flow to Pacific Disaster Net Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission