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Government of Viet Nam and One UN


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Government of Viet Nam and One UN

  1. 1. GOVERNMENT OF VIET NAM AND ONE UN Save the Children Working together to reduce disaster risk in Viet Nam Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, Geneva, 16-19 June 2009
  2. 2. Disaster snapshot in Viet Nam  Viet Nam is a disaster prone country with 3,200 km. of coastline and around 80% of the population living in rural areas  Recurrent disasters every year  In 2007 alone, 462 people died, 33 are missing and 856 were injured.  Total damage in 2007 estimated in US$ 720 millions Source: Care International Viet Nam Climate Change pose a clear threat for the development of the country CARE international Viet Nam
  3. 3. Disaster snapshot in Viet Nam Relative Frequency High Medium Low Flood Hail rain Earthquake Typhoon Drought Accident (technology) Inundation Landslide Frost Fire Deforestation Viet Nam is currently expanding the scope of its disaster preparedness measures to cope with all type of hazards, including non-water related events
  4. 4. How we work together...  Viet Nam is a One UN pilot country  Through the Programme Coordination Group (PCG 10) on natural disasters and emergencies, all UN agencies work together to ensure that the UN in Vietnam has a comprehensive and coherent plan regarding all disaster-related activities. This group serves as the focal point for the government, donors, NGOs and other disaster practitioners.  The Disaster Management Working Group of which PCG 10 and the government of Vietnam are members regroups NGOs working in the disaster sector to cooperate on joint initiatives and projects.  The Natural Disaster Mitigation partnership allows all donors to work together and better respond to the needs of the Government of Vietnam Efficient coordination of disaster initiatives is a must to ensure cost-effective use of resources and adequate support to national efforts
  5. 5. ONE UN project  Timeframe: Oct. 2008-Dec. 2011  Budget: US$ 4.25 million  Aimed at strengthening institutional capacity for disaster risk management and its links with climate change  Different UN agencies contribute their expertise to the project A concrete example of how UN agencies work together with the Government of Viet Nam towards a common goal Source: Save the Children
  6. 6. For more information:  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development:   Natural Disasters Mitigation Partnership:   Disaster Management Working Group:   One UN:  Government of Viet Nam and ONE UN working together to reduce disaster risks