From Analytics to Actions: Utilize Your Website Data


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Most web analytics tools contain more data than we know what to do with. Often times this leads to inaction as opposed to action.Chris Leone, Chief Marketing Officer at WebStrategies, Inc. spoke at the June 2012 Triangle AMA meeting on how to test, analyze and learn about your site visitors.

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From Analytics to Actions: Utilize Your Website Data

  1. 1. WebStrategies Inc.
  2. 2. Ever use webanalytics to make a business decision?If web disappeared,how would it impact our business?
  3. 3. ?Negligible impact?
  4. 4. ? Significant impact, but we could survive?
  5. 5. ? Cease to exist?
  6. 6. $$ $ $$ $ $$ $$ $ $$ $ $ $ $ $ $$ $$ $$ $ $$ $$$ $ $ $$ $ Marketing $$ $$ investment made online predicated by importance of web $$ $
  7. 7. WebAnalytics <3s ROI Need clear idea of what we’re getting for our spend. Enter: Web Analytics
  8. 8. Web Analytics3 Important Points #1 Doesn’t jump through hoops out of the box. It takes configuration, time, patience, and participation from different teams and their members.
  9. 9. Web Analytics1 #2 There are A LOT of metrics and dimensions in Google Analytics.
  10. 10. Time after Search % Exit Goal1 Abandonment Rate Goal18 Completions Goal8 CompletionsTime on Page % New Visits Goal1 Completions Goal18 Conversion Rate Goal8 Conversion RateTime on Site Abandoned Funnels Goal1 Conversion Rate Goal18 Starts Goal8 StartsTotal Abandonment Rate Ad Content Goal1 Starts Goal18 Value Goal8 Value Ad Group Goal1 Value Goal19 Abandoned Funnels Goal9 Abandoned Funnels WebTotal EventsTotal Goal Completions Ad Slot Goal10 Abandoned Funnels Goal19 Abandonment Rate Goal9 Abandonment RateTotal Goal Starts Ad Slot Position Goal10 Abandonment Rate Goal19 Completions Goal9 CompletionsTotal Goal Value Affiliation Goal10 Completions Goal19 Conversion Rate Goal9 Conversion RateTotal Unique Searches Average Value Goal10 Conversion Rate Goal19 Starts Goal9 StartsTransaction Avg. Time on Page Goal10 Starts Goal19 Value Goal9 Value Avg. Time on Site Goal10 Value Goal2 Abandoned Funnels Hostname AnalyticsTransactionsUnique Events Bounce Rate Goal11 Abandoned Funnels Goal2 Abandonment Rate HourUnique Pageviews Bounces Goal11 Abandonment Rate Goal2 Completions ImpressionsUnique Purchases Browser Goal11 Completions Goal2 Conversion Rate Java SupportUnique Visitors Browser Version Goal11 Conversion Rate Goal2 Starts KeywordUser Defined Value CPC Goal11 Starts Goal2 Value Landing PageVisitor Type CPM Goal11 Value Goal20 Abandoned Funnels LanguageVisitors CTR Goal12 Abandoned Funnels Goal20 Abandonment Rate MediumVisits Campaign Goal12 Abandonment Rate Goal20 Completions MobileVisits with Search City Goal12 Completions Goal20 Conversion Rate MonthWeek Clicks Goal12 Conversion Rate Goal20 Starts New Visits 1 Connection Speed Goal12 Starts Goal20 Value Operating System Continent Goal12 Value Goal3 Abandoned Funnels Operating System Version Cost Goal13 Abandoned Funnels Goal3 Abandonment Rate Page Cost per Conversion Goal13 Abandonment Rate Goal3 Completions Page Depth Cost per Goal Conversion Goal13 Completions Goal3 Conversion Rate Page Title Cost per Transaction Goal13 Conversion Rate Goal3 Starts Pages/Visit Count of Visits Goal13 Starts Goal3 Value Pageviews Count of Visits to a Transaction Goal13 Value Goal4 Abandoned Funnels Per Visit Goal Value Country/Territory Goal14 Abandoned Funnels Goal4 Abandonment Rate Per Visit Value Custom Variable (Key 1) Goal14 Abandonment Rate Goal4 Completions Product Custom Variable (Key 2) Goal14 Completions Goal4 Conversion Rate Product Category Custom Variable (Key 3) Goal14 Conversion Rate Goal4 Starts Product Revenue Custom Variable (Key 4) Goal14 Starts Goal4 Value Product SKU Custom Variable (Key 5) Goal14 Value Goal5 Abandoned Funnels Quantity Custom Variable (Value 1) Goal15 Abandoned Funnels Goal5 Abandonment Rate RPC Custom Variable (Value 2) Goal15 Abandonment Rate Goal5 Completions Referral Path Custom Variable (Value 3) Goal15 Completions Goal5 Conversion Rate Refined Keyword Custom Variable (Value 4) Goal15 Conversion Rate Goal5 Starts Region 2 Custom Variable (Value 5) Goal15 Starts Goal5 Value Revenue Day Goal15 Value Goal6 Abandoned Funnels Screen Colors Days Since Last Visit Goal16 Abandoned Funnels Goal6 Abandonment Rate Screen Resolution Days to Transaction Goal16 Abandonment Rate Goal6 Completions Search Depth Domain Goal16 Completions Goal6 Conversion Rate Search Exits Entrances Goal16 Conversion Rate Goal6 Starts Search Refinements Event Action Goal16 Starts Goal6 Value Search Term Event Category Goal16 Value Goal7 Abandoned Funnels Service Provider Event Label Goal17 Abandoned Funnels Goal7 Abandonment Rate Shipping Event Value Goal17 Abandonment Rate Goal7 Completions Site Search Category Exit Page Goal17 Completions Goal7 Conversion Rate Site Search Status Exits Goal17 Conversion Rate Goal7 Starts Source Flash Version Goal17 Starts Goal7 Value Source/Medium Goal Conversion Rate Goal17 Value Goal8 Abandoned Funnels Sub Continent Region Goal1 Abandoned Funnels Goal18 Abandoned Funnels Goal8 Abandonment Rate Tax
  11. 11. Web Analytics1 #2 Often leads to inaction instead of action
  12. 12. Web Analytics1 #32 We care about the wrong stuff
  13. 13. we care about the wrong stuff #biggestsinofwebanalytics
  14. 14. Stop focusing on justbuying campaigns. Think about buying wins
  15. 15. Buying Wins
  16. 16. NOT WINS WINS Signups Total Visits Cost per AcquisitionPageviews Economic Value Revenue Hits ConversionPages per Rate Visits Per Visit Value Exit Rate Downloads
  17. 17. OutcomesSources One report to rule them all
  18. 18. Conversion Signups Downloads Revenue RateGoogleFacebook Bing EmailTwitter Offline
  19. 19. Visitor Insight
  20. 20. 1) Identify a question2) X marks the spot3) Track it4) Get answers
  21. 21. 1) Identify a question2) X marks the spot3) Track it4) Get answers
  22. 22. 1) Identify a question2) X marks the spot3) Track it4) Get answers
  23. 23. 1) Identify a question2) X marks the spot3) Track it4) Get Answers
  24. 24. Custom Built 1.25 : 1 Pre-Built 1st Floor 1.5 : 1 2nd Floor1st Floor Custom 1.9 : 1 2nd Floor Pre Built
  25. 25. Offline Response
  26. 26. Tracking visitors who came directly to the site OR searched brand name
  27. 27. ↑ 66.5% ↓ 68.2% ↓ 64.7% ↑ 10.9%
  28. 28. Reducing Waste
  29. 29. ✓ Pay-Per-Click Traffic
  30. 30. ✓ Pay-Per-Click Traffic✓ Non-Branded
  31. 31. ✓ Pay-Per-Click Traffic✓ Non-Branded✓ Zero Revenue
  32. 32. Testing Copy& Promotions
  33. 33. It should say this! No, should say that!A B
  34. 34. $1 Membership Join for a buck Join for $1We offer a variety of Download We offer a variety of Download We offer a variety of Downloadclasses and equipment classes and equipment classes and equipment $1 Offer $1 Offer $1 OfferUt enim ad minim veniam, Ut enim ad minim veniam, Hear from our Ut enim ad minim veniam, Hear from our Hear from ourquis nostrud exercitation quis nostrud exercitation members: quis nostrud exercitation members: members:ullamco laboris nisi ut ullamco laboris nisi ut ullamco laboris nisi utaliquip ex ea commodo “Tom is an aliquip ex ea commodo “Tom is an aliquip ex ea commodo “Tom is anconsequat. Duis aute irure excellent trainer consequat. Duis aute irure excellent trainer consequat. Duis aute irure excellent trainerdolor in reprehenderit in and helped me dolor in reprehenderit in and helped me dolor in reprehenderit in and helped mevoluptate velit esse cillum achieve all my voluptate velit esse cillum achieve all my voluptate velit esse cillum achieve all mydolore eu fugiat nulla goals” dolore eu fugiat nulla goals” dolore eu fugiat nulla goals”pariatur. Excepteur sint pariatur. Excepteur sint pariatur. Excepteur sintoccaecat occaecat occaecat
  35. 35. Winner: • var37801 7.39%6604 6.30% 14.74782 4.58% 38.08719 8.31% 12.5 Winner
  36. 36. 2.13% CTR 1.72% CTR 3.10% CTR ✓
  37. 37. Incentives
  38. 38. $$$$ $$ $
  39. 39. Perishable Non-Perishable Variable( Variable( Flat(Rate Flat(Rate Shipping ShippingCalifornia 14.6% 26.3%East(Coast 27.9% 30.0%
  40. 40. Perishable Non-Perishable Variable( Variable( Flat(Rate Flat(Rate Shipping ShippingCalifornia 14.6% 24.8% 26.3% 27.9%East(Coast 27.9% 28.8% 30.0% 29.2%
  41. 41. Social Value
  42. 42. 3 Types of Platforms
  43. 43. OurWebsite
  44. 44. Twitter Yelp Google+Facebook Our Website Google Places Tumblr LinkedIn
  45. 45. Reddit TwitterQuora Yelp Google+ Forums Our Facebook Website Google Other Places Tumblr blogs LinkedIn Other social profiles
  46. 46. 3 Types of Platforms
  47. 47. 1. Volume of buzz created around 26.  Ratings 51.  Method of content discovery (search, 76.  Savings per customer assisted through a social campaign pass-along, discovery engines, etc) direct social media interactions compared 27.  Social bookmarks to other channels (e.g., call centers, in-2.     Amount of buzz based on number of 52.  Clicks store) 28.  Subscriptions (RSS, podcasts, videoimpressions series) 77.  Savings generated by enabling 53.  Percentage of traffic generated from earned media customers to connect with each other3.     Shift in buzz over time 29.  Pageviews (for blogs, microsites, etc) 54.  View-throughs 78.  Impact on first contact resolution4.     Buzz by time of day / daypart 30.  Effective CPM based on spend per (FCR) (hat tip to Forrester Research for impressions received 55.  Number of interactions that one)5.     Seasonality of buzz 31.  Change in search engine rankings for 79.  Customer satisfaction6.     Competitive buzz 56.  Interaction/engagement rate the site linked to through social media 80.  Volume of customer feedback7.     Buzz by category / topic 32.  Change in search engine share of 57.  Frequency of social interactions per generated voice for all social sites promoting the consumer8.     Buzz by social channel (forums, brand 81.  Research & development time saved 58.  Percentage of videos viewed based on feedback from social mediasocial networks, blogs, Twitter, etc) 33.  Increase in searches due to social activity 59.  Polls taken / votes received 82.  Suggestions implemented from social9.     Buzz by stage in purchase funnel feedback(e.g., researching vs. completing 34.  Percentage of buzz containing links 60.  Brand associationtransaction vs. post-purchase) 83.  Costs saved from not spending on 35.  Links ranked by influence of 61.  Purchase consideration traditional research10.  Asset popularity (e.g., if several publishersvideos are available to embed, which is 62.  Number of user-generated 84.  Impact on online salesused more) 36.  Percentage of buzz containing submissions received multimedia (images, video, audio) 85.  Impact on offline sales11.  Mainstream media mentions 63.  Exposures of virtual gifts 37.  Share of voice on social sites when 86.  Discount redemption rate running earned and paid media in same 64.  Number of virtual gifts given12.  Fans 87.  Impact on other offline behavior environment 65.  Relative popularity of content (e.g., TV tune-in)13.  Followers 38.  Influence of consumers reached 66.  Tags added 88.  Leads generated14.  Friends 39.  Influence of publishers reached (e.g., blogs) 67.  Attributes of tags (e.g., how well 89.  Products sampled15.  Growth rate of fans, followers, and they match the brands perception of 90.  Visits to store locator pagesfriends 40.  Influence of brands participating in itself) social channels16.  Rate of virality / pass-along 91.  Conversion change due to user 68.  Registrations from third-party social ratings, reviews 41.  Demographics of target audience engaged with social channels logins (e.g., Facebook Connect, Twitter17.  Change in virality rates over time OAuth) 92.  Rate of customer/visitor retention18.  Second-degree reach (connections 42.  Demographics of audience reached through social media 69.  Registrations by channel (e.g., Web, 93.  Impact on customer lifetime valueto fans, followers, and friends exposed - desktop application, mobile application,by people or impressions) 43.  Social media habits/interests of 94.  Customer acquisition / retention SMS, etc) target audience costs through social media19.  Embeds / Installs 70.  Contest entries 44.  Geography of participating consumers 95.  Change internal market share20.  Downloads 71.  Number of chat room participants 45.  Sentiment by volume of posts 96.  Earned medias impact on results from21.  Uploads paid media 72.  Wiki contributors 46.  Sentiment by volume of impressions 97.  Responses to socially posted events22.  User-initiated views (e.g., for 73.  Impact of offline marketing/eventsvideos) 47.  Shift in sentiment before, during, and on social marketing programs or buzz 98.  Attendance generated at in-person after social marketing programs events23.  Ratio of embeds or favoriting to 74.  User-generated content created that 48.  Languages spoken by participatingviews consumers can be used by the marketer in other 99.  Employees reached (for internal channels programs)24.  Likes / favorites 49.  Time spent with distributed content 75.  Customers assisted 100.  Job applications received25.  Comments 50.  Time spent on site through social media referrals
  48. 48. No Silver BulletSet Multiple Goals
  49. 49. Influence Sentiment Outcomes
  50. 50. Au ze dieSi nc e Influence Reputation
  51. 51. SentimentCapture EventCategorize Negative PositiveAction
  52. 52. The Compass School Online Sentiment: May 2012 Location: Manassas, VA Website Good Bad LinkSavvy Source 0 2 the compass school incGoogle Places 10 4 1 0 compass school manassasGlass Door 2 (1 new) 0 Review The Compass School RVW711336.htmYahoo Local 0 0 36297461 compass school manassas?tab=webreviews#webrevGreatSchools 9 6 Compass School/3185/Insider Pages 1 0 compass school manassasCitySearch 0 0 3 2 0 0 25 14
  53. 53. Outcomes (Goals)
  54. 54. Reddit TwitterQuora Yelp Google+ Forums Our Facebook Website Google Other Places Tumblr blogs LinkedIn Other social profiles
  55. 55. Total Control Downloads, Purchases, Signups, Our Website Conversion RateSome Control Google+ Google Facebook Twitter Yelp Tumblr LinkedIn PlacesNo Control Other Other Reddit Quora Forumssocial blogs profiles
  56. 56. OutcomesSources
  57. 57. Total Control Capture, Observe, Record, Trend, Our Website Promote, Experiment, Fail fastSome Control Observe, Record, Trend, Promote, Google+ Google Facebook Twitter Yelp Tumblr LinkedIn Places Experiment, Fail fastNo Control Other Other Reddit Quora Forumssocial blogs profiles
  58. 58. GoogleFacebook Google+ Twitter Places Tumblr LinkedIn Yelp Review Sites Our Website
  59. 59. RedditQuora Forums Other blogs Other social profiles
  60. 60. Buying Wins Visitor Insight Offline Response Reducing WasteTesting Copy/Headlines Buying Wins Incentives Social Value
  61. 61.