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How to share folders in RefWorks

How to share folders in RefWorks

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  • 1. REFSHARE -- PREPARING TO SHARE To share folders with others: 1. Log into RefWorks
  • 2. REFSHARE -- PREPARING TO SHARE 2. Right click on folder you wish to share from list on the right hand side of the screen
  • 3. REFSHARE -- PREPARING TO SHARE 3. Highlight “Sharing” icon and click on “Share folder”.
  • 4. REFSHARE -- PREPARING TO SHARE 4. Click on “Share” at pop-up screen, if this is the folder you wish to share.
  • 5. REFSHARE -- PREPARING TO SHARE 5. An URL is generated and this is what you share. You may then choose what you want others to see. 6. Title you paper and add “information” in the box should you choose to. 7. Take a look at “Share options”, “Limitations”, “Output Style options” and “Fields to share” make the appropriate selections.
  • 6. REFSHARE -- PREPARING TO SHARE 8. Choose your options and save (or use the default settings)
  • 7. REFSHARE -- PREPARING TO SHARE 9. Once the information is saved, right click again on the file and you can choose to “share the link” (in MoodlesRoom for example) or “email the share” (probably most commen.
  • 8. REFSHARE -- PREPARING TO SHARE 10. Add your email recipients, separate with commas if adding more than one.
  • 9. REFSHARE -- ACCESSING SHARED FILE VIA EMAIL 1. Open email 2. Click on link
  • 10. REFSHARE -- ACCESSING CREATED LINK Folder will open in a separate “RefShare” window
  • 11. RESHARE -- EXPORTING TO YOUR REFWORKS ACCOUNT 1. Select resources you’d like to export to your RefWorks account 2. Click on 3. Click on “Export to RefWorks”
  • 12. RESHARE -- EXPORTING TO YOUR REFWORKS ACCOUNT 4. Make sure the pop-up blocker is disabled or click on “allow pop-ups from RefWorks”
  • 13. RESHARE -- EXPORTING TO YOUR REFWORKS ACCOUNT 5. Log in screen will display. 6. Log into your RefWorks account
  • 14. RESHARE -- EXPORTING TO YOUR REFWORKS ACCOUNT 7. Click on View Last Imported Folder
  • 15. RESHARE -- EXPORTING TO YOUR REFWORKS ACCOUNT 8. TADA!!! *Caveat: Sometimes it take a couple tries before this all works. Be persistent!