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  1. 1. Publish to Slideshare® Slideshare is a great software program for uploading your PowerPoint presentations up to the web for sharing with others. Be careful, it should adhere to copyright concerns. You can choose to keep the PPT private, but that almost defeats the purpose of the using Slideshare®. Here is how to publish to slideshare. 1. Log onto 2. Sign up for a new account or log in with Beth’s Account information Email: ____________________ Password__________________ 3. Log On 4. Click on the Upload button in the tool bar at the top. 5. Choose Browse and Select Files • Slideshare supports a wide variety of formats • Slideshare will accept file sizes up to 100 MB 1
  2. 2. 6. In the files, find the PowerPoint and select it 7. After selecting the PowerPoint, the screen changes and you can modify the following: • Title-Keywords help people find your PPT • Tags-Use many tags for your slideshow • Description-Write a brief description of your PPT content • Category-This PPT contains Education content • Privacy-This PPT is available for viewing by all • Finally, click on PUBLISH ALL, in the upper right corner 2
  3. 3. 8. After clicking, Publish All, the screen changes to show that it is being converted. It may take a little while to complete this process. Clicking on the check mark will show you the results. Congratulations, you have now completed the process! 9. The final result! You are published on slide share. You and others may use your presentation on a wiki, blog, webpage, or download the ppt if you log into Slideshare® 3
  4. 4. Embedding Code into Your WIKI In order to embed your slide share document into something, you need to make sure that you published it and gave public access to it. Also, you can publish other people’s presentations to your wiki, blog or webpage. Here are directions to go into your account and get your slideshare documents. 1. Go to Slideshare and log in.  Choose your username on the TOP RIGHT of the page. (This is different than most programs. Most of the time you see something like “my documents or dashboard”. Here you just choose your name.)  Select (double click) the presentation that you want to use. (You may need to select view all to find the one that you want.) Finding the Embedding Code 2. The embed code is the code you want. Look for the words embed. Copy and paste the code into a web page that you want. 3. Put your cursor into the EMBED code box.  Select All the code (Highlight or Ctrl A)  Copy it -Options (Right Click or Ctrl C) Embed into the WIKI page 1. Open your Wiki Page. 2. Select EDIT This Page (near the top) Put your curser where you think you want the cartoon. 3. Select the Widget Icon the tool bar. It looks like a TV. 4. Choose Other HTML and paste the code into the empty box. 5. Then Save 6. A placeholder for the widget will be created on the wiki page. Finish typing any text that you wish and then click save to embed the object into your pa 4