Pharma Marketing Trends 2012


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Alex Butler outlines key digital pharmaceutical marketing and health trends for 2012.

Includes social media and internet mapping, website strategy, mobile, games and games for health and big data.

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  • The forts revolution in communications that has facilitade the forming of groups. This disintermediation is a direct threat to the publishing model and to anyone who proprts to facilitae the mesaage on behalf of another person.In the past it has fallen to business and government to facilitate group action. Now we can all do it.
  • Pharma Marketing Trends 2012

    1. 1. Digital Pharma Marketing Trends 2012 @alex__butler
    2. 2. @alex__butler @The_Social_Moon
    3. 3. Strategic Elements CompetitorDevelop a digital strategy focussed on where your Landscape competitors are weakand your customers need is strong. Your Customer Capabilities Needs Strategic Focus
    4. 4. The age of computers has given way to the age of communication
    5. 5. Printing press turns alchemists into chemists
    6. 6. An asymmetry existed with previous communication milestones:Those good for 1:1 conversation could notfacilitate mass communication or support group action
    7. 7. Conversation Broadcast Groups
    8. 8. for the first time in history the amount of traditional broadcast television watched by the younger generation is decreasing rather than increasing annually 40% of viewers said they use Facebook, Twitter or some other social networking tool to discuss TV shows as they watch.Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) ConsumerLab "TV & Video Consumer Trend Report 2011,
    9. 9. The 200 Billion hours of television consumption per year in US alone estimated to be 2000 times less than the hours taken to create Wikipedia.Clay Shirky: Cognitive Surplus 2010
    10. 10. Personal Community Public Civic
    11. 11. Ladder of Engagement COLLECTIVE ACTION Commitment to joint actionInvolved-tension between individual + group goals Binding group decisions Information Sharing = Shared Awareness CO-OPERATION Co-Operation = Shared Production Synchronised behaviour Collective Action = Shared Responsibility Group identity (can be as simple as conversation) Collaborative production SHARING Poses fewest demands on participants. Maximum freedom of the individual + fewest complications of group life Share + then Gather vs. Gather + Share
    12. 12. collective action collaborationsharing conversation “Innovation is a decidedly social process encompassing diverse individuals, corporations, commu nities, networks, and regions. The work of the Myelin Repair Foundation is an excellent demonstration of these principles.” John Hagel, Co-Chair Deloitte LLC, Center for Edge Innovation
    13. 13. Youve spent the day on theInternet, but not on the Web
    14. 14. Death of a website? Stand-alone websites feel unfamiliar, impersonal and museum-like to Internet users accustomed to the Social Webs interaction. Website traffic has collapsed, and it is hard to see how or why it should recover..
    15. 15. Post PC Era?
    16. 16. Mobile Becoming Fundamental Your customers are almost certainly using smart mobile technology every day Mobile will be the most integrated marketing medium the world has ever known 1999 was the year of mobile, the 21st century will be one of ubiquitous connectivity
    17. 17. Building A Strategy Your Objectives Does it How are your follow customersmobile best using practice? mobile? How can you optimise Accessing medical records 86% your Want help with prescribing a collateral for medication 83% mobile? Help monitoring patients in hospital 74%
    18. 18. Make a portable body scanner that can detect 15 diseases and capture key health metrics and you could win 10 million dollars
    19. 19. The Fun InstinctGames are as old as civilisation itself andfound in all cultures.Games are about pleasure, freedom andescape.They also combine the most powerful setof human motivators:Achievement, competition, collaboration,learning & improvement, communicationand self expression.
    20. 20. GAMIFICATION IS BULLS*!T “Game developers and players have critiqued gamification on the grounds that it gets games wrong, mistaking incidental properties like points and levels for primary features like interactions with behavioural complexity” MOTIVATIONAL DESIGN
    21. 21. 2005 Hakkar: blood god lodged at the heart of the Zul’Gurub dungeonDeadly disease generated by Hakkar was accidentally transmitted by infectedplayers to the world ouside the confines of the dungeon.Within hours the ‘corrupted blood plague’ had begun.Tens of thousands of players characters succumbed. Dr Ran D Balicer: American Journal Epidemiology“Virtual environments could serve as a platform for studying the dissemination of infectious diseases”“[they might prove a] testing ground for novel interventions to control emerging communicable diseases”
    22. 22. Patient Rescue is a proof of concept for a game that supports healthprofessionals to recognise the signs of patient deterioration, use set protocols to assess a patientscondition and intervene effectively. Triage Trainer develops accurate decision making in the life saving skill of Triage. The game is set at the scene of an explosion in a busy high street and the players job is to prioritise the multiple casualties for treatment.
    23. 23. Gamers Redesign a Protein ThatStumped Scientists for Years
    24. 24. “ Every two days now wecreate as much informationas we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003
    25. 25. Big Data Twitter Revealed Epidemic Two Weeks Before Health Officials [STUDY]
    26. 26. Big Data The Use of Twitter to Track Levels of Disease Activity and Public Concern in the U.S. during the Influenza A H1N1 Pandemic
    27. 27. “ I think the biggest innovations of the 21st Century will be the intersection of[health, medicine]…biolo gy and [digital]technology. A new era is begginning…