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Innovative Support to Emergencies        Diseases and Disasters                                        We envision a world...
I N S T E D D I N N O V AT I O N L A B S                                                                                  ...
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updated as of 2/2/12

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  1. 1. Innovative Support to Emergencies Diseases and Disasters We envision a world where communities everywhere design and use technology to continuously improve their health, safety and development. Founded in 2006 in We work with governments, universities, corporations, international health organizations,California’s Silicon Valley humanitarian NGOs and local communities Our mission is to improve globalwith seed funding from around the world. Together we work to identify health, safety and sustainable requirements for enhanced information flow, development and the better cross-sector collaboration and moreRockefeller Foundation, effective collective action. Building Capacity within communities to foster aInSTEDD is a non-profit with Our innovative approach, which facilitates local culture of innovationa unique offering. We design collective action, is being successfully applied Creating Collaboration around the world – from pioneering diseaseand develop open source surveillance solutions in Southeast Asia to Technologies for social goodtechnology tools to help you enabling communications for victims of the Collaborating with End Users Haiti earthquake.  through a bottom up design andcollaborate and share development processinformation in order to better At the policy level, we have advised Ensuring Usefulness anddeliver critical services to organizations like the United Nations, the World Impact through research and Health Organization, and the U.S. Centers foryour communities. evaluation Disease Control on the strategic implementation of health information systems and collaboration technology ventures.Some of our network includes:
  2. 2. I N S T E D D I N N O V AT I O N L A B S iLab With long term Southeast Asia sustainability in mind, InSTEDD Innovation Labs iLab Latin America help build local capacity to ensure positive social impact beyond the life of a single project. InSTEDD Innovation Labs (iLabs) act as dialogue, cross-sector partnerships and enabling environments for technology entrepreneurial innovation serving the transfer and collaboration between software public good. developers, governments, NGOs, universities, private sector companies, local The nations, communities, and local communities and experts from a variety of organizations we assist know best what disciplines. their challenges and needs are, and we in turn count on their knowledge and Our approach is a unique blend of the social leadership to help develop solutions that and technological development spheres, address the unique needs of each context.  which have traditionally worked on problem solving in isolation from each other. By Currently, we have two iLabs. One in Phnom working collaboratively to explore shared Penh, Cambodia focusing on the Southeast solutions, the iLabs fosters collaborative Asia region and one in Buenos Aires, engineering practices, multi-disciplinary Argentina targeting the Latin America region. INSTEDD TECHNOLOGIES InSTEDD Toolkit We have created an evolving platform of Resource Map helps people track their work, Nuntium is a tool that allows anyone to technology tools and services based on build robust and scalable messaging resources and results geographically in a years of collaboration with our partners applications. collaborative environment accessible from anywhere. around the world. These tools are all open source, and available for anyone wanting Pollit to use them to improve the social impact Pollit helps you collect opinions, feedback Riff is a tool that helps groups analyze and and scale of their work. and status updates from people, wherever visualize multiple streams of information. they roam. Remindem GeoChat is a collaboration tool that allows Remindem helps you keep people informed of Seentags is a service that helps extract anyone to chat, report, and get alerts offline on important things going on in their life and work. accurate information from text reports. their mobile phones or online on their computers. Verboice Mesh4X is a set of libraries, services and The Reporting Wheel is a non-electronic device Verboice is a highly customizable application applications that allow data to be synchronized that simplifies data reporting for the most remote that empowers users and developers to build across multiple applications, databases and files. workers, including those with literacy challenges. their own interactive voice response systems.ab iLab No two places, problems, or cultures are exactly alike. Our goal is to find a solution Contact us at that is efficient, América Latina effective and appropriate for each situation. We believe that everything Boris can Krygel smaller, useful parts, delivering value in weeks, not years. Whether you be built in Boris Krygel Gerente de Programas idea, doing user-centered field design, defining a new need help refining your for more information. architecture, or building software, our experience can help you achieve your goals. Gerente de Programas +54 (911) 5701 7159 S California Ave, Suite 104 +54 (911) 5701 7159 +1-650-326-5000 @instedd boris.krygel 94306, 1818, 1° PaloBartolomé Cruz USA Alto, CA Vicente López, B1638BHR boris.krygel Buenos Aires, Argentina