Realtime NY 11 Ajit Jaokar's Presentation


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Ajit Jaokar's preview of his upcoming book

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Realtime NY 11 Ajit Jaokar's Presentation

  1. 1. Meditation in the Age of Facebook and Twitter From Shamanism to Transhumanism June 2011 0 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  2. 2. Ajit JaokarAjit JaokarWorld Economic Forum - future of the Internet UK based - Handson Publisher (futuretext) - Author (Mobile Web 2.0, Social MediaMarketing, Open Mobile) - Chair: Oxford Universitys Next GenMobile Applications panel - PhD student UCL/UK - Consulting –Operators, Governments/EU, Startups – Recent and forthcoming talks include Mobile world congress(2007,2008,2009), CEBIT, Stanford University - MIT Sloan - Web 2.0 expo - Ajaxworld Supernova - CNN money - BBC - Oxford University European parliament Global top 20 wireless blogger According to fierce wireless 1 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  3. 3. I want my life back ..A familiar feeling .. Living in the Real Time World .. 2 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  4. 4. An inspiration ..An inspiration – the mindset needed to land a plane safely in the Hudson 3 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  5. 5. Personal development ..Personal development .. Ancient and the modern .. 4 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  6. 6. The four ages of meditation .. The four ages of meditation: Shamanic, Religious, Guru led .. 5 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  7. 7. The fourth age of meditation .. Based on networks .. Social networks and neural networks .. 6 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  8. 8. A platypus of a meditation book .. A platypus of a meditation book .. An evolution of meditation .. 7 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  9. 9. Fuchs und die hase .. Fuchs und die hase .. 8 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  10. 10. The image .. Pilot/air traffic control 9 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  11. 11. Two sided view of meditation .. A two sided view of meditation .. Disconnection from external input but also connection to a network 10 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  12. 12. SANMSocial – ConnectedAugmented – Enhanced human functions through technologyNeural – The brain and social networksMeditation – Connection to the past and to humanity 11 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  13. 13. Meditation ..Adaptations of two existing approaches:- Autosuggestion and- Autogenic meditationWe consider three modifications to these approaches: 1) We focus on the brain and the neural networks 2) We build on the paradigms of networks and emergence 3) We consider the implications of Meditation as a Transhumanisttechnology - implications of meditation in a world of technologicalsingularity 12 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  14. 14. Meditation and a Gedankenexperiment ..And more questions ..• Is the brain an oscillator?• And if so, does it resonate?• Can such brains synchronize or harmonize?• Is such synchronization spontaneous?• Can such synchronization be enhanced if we develop the brain?• Can meditation (as we define it here) help in that process?• Can emergent phenomenon arise from resonating minds?• Can synchronization and evolution of the brain be augmented by technology?• How does the brain itself evolve as we meditate?There are two phenomenon which study the ability of multiple oscillatorsto synchronize: Coupled oscillators and Quantum coherence 13 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  15. 15. Is meditation a transhumanist technology?The singularity is the point in mankind’s future when we willtranscend current intellectual and biological limitations and initiatean intelligence and information explosion beyond imagining.Human intelligence could be augmented by technology either throughamplification or through connectivity allowing humans to transcendphysical limits.Cybernetics – Think cochlear implant (bionic ear) not Terminator (cyborg)How do these ideas come together? – The facebook of theconnected mind .. 14 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  16. 16. Facebook of the connected mind ..But what is facebook? (or for that matter any social network):A profile , A ‘wall’, private messaging, upload and share contentAn individual is the most granular unit of a social network.But in future, what if you could extend this to a neural level?To take social networking to the neural level (the facebook of theconnected mind), we need the ability to• Record brain waves and see them• Be able to create a visual representation of your mind at a point in time (a thoughtform)• Be able to share that thought form with others• Be able to do so cheaply and globally 15 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  17. 17. Social meditation – a shared hologram ..Social meditation – A shared hologramMeditation becomes a ‘shared hologram’ i.e. your state of mind projectedas three dimensional object which can be viewed by others you share itwith.How will technology act as a catalyst to meditation?• Measurement of brain waves• Amplification of brainwaves• Projection• Connection and Feedback (social functions)• Recursion and self reinforcement• Making technology cheap and globally accessible 16 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  18. 18. Games neurons play ..Alchemy visualiser, from Neurosky.Using a technology called the eSense in the NeuroSky MindSet, thealchemy visualiser is a game that uses feedback to train or relax usingsoftware. In the visual mode of the alchemy visualiser, the user ischallenged to remain in a specific state with feedback through an imageon the screen. This is very similar to meditation using neural imaging. 17 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  19. 19. Power of meditation .. The power of meditation, the mind and your shared human past 18 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  20. 20. LaunchPromotional launch offer - $9.99 + postage – contact me by email – offer valid only till aug 2011 19 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London