The 'I Believe' 20-Minute Tutorial

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This is the 20-minute activity that award winning business coach Andrew Priestley gets his business clients to complete before he starts a coaching programme. You need to book an appointment with …

This is the 20-minute activity that award winning business coach Andrew Priestley gets his business clients to complete before he starts a coaching programme. You need to book an appointment with yourself, grab a cupper and your smart phone voice recorder. Enjoy!

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  • 1. “Fabulous 20-minute tune-up.” “I believe.” Tap into what inspires you most. Leadership genius Warren Bennis said, “You are your own raw material. Only when you know what you’re made of and what you want can you really live your life. The best way of learning from and what you believe.” In this quick tutorial, award-winning business coach Andrew Priestley gives you a fabulous 20-minute activity that will start to tap into what inspires you. Book an appointment with yourself, a cup of tea and your voice recorder and complete this sentence ...
  • 2. The 20-Minute “I Believe…” Activity Andrew Priestley is an award-winning internationally recognised business coach, mentor, speaker and author. Through 1-2-1 coaching, workshops and training he works with owner/managers usually managing directors - running established mid-sized companies across the UK, Australia and the USA. Typical results are certainly increased revenues and profits and higher performing teams. And coaching definitely helps you resolve challenges or problems associated with business leadership. Andrew developed this coaching programme after working with senior managers in highcompliance environments. He discovered highly effective leaders are doing five things really well. He now applies what he learned in those environments to his coaching clients. the clients I work with who have suffered a crisis of meaning, feel unfulfilled or feel they haven’t realised their potential have to a person overly focused on the What and How … without fully exploring the Why. Conversely, taking the time to explore and create context is what makes life a deeper, richer and more fulfilling experience. fulfilling. So … This is the exercise I get my clients to do at the start of their coaching programme. _________________ The ‘I believe …” Activity 1. Schedule 20 minutes It’s important to schedule 20 uninterrupted minutes with yourself. 2. Grab a coffee/tea/Bonox … In this tutorial, you will start to tap into what inspires you most. Enjoy! Next, grab a cupper. _________________ 3. Get your smart phone and find the Voice Recorder app. Start here Leadership genius Warren Bennis1 said, “You are your own raw material. Only when you know what you’re made of and what you want can you really live your life. The best way of learning from yourself is to reflect on who you are ... and what you believe.” Simon Sinek2 said, “Most of the answers we get, when based on sound evidence, are perfectly valid. However, if we’re staring with the wrong questions, if we don’t understand the cause, then even the right answers will steer us wrong … eventually. I offer you a challenge. From now on, start with Why.” This goes along with ‘too busy cutting a path through the wrong jungle’ and climbing a ladder against the wrong wall’ and so on. I’m sure you have your own version. I learned years ago that working on the wrong problem … is the problem. At the heart of it, I discovered that most of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 2 OK, find the app turn it on, press record. 4. Finish the sentence, “I believe …” You can decide if your ‘I believe’ responses are going to be about the whole of life or just the things you believe about your business, for example. Just start talking. Simply finish the statement, “I believe …” i) Some people keep repeating the statement and include different endings. “I believe … people need a coach.” “I believe … that working in isolation and struggling along bravely with problems on your own is a huge mistake.” ”I believe … people need either help or distinctions.” Get the idea? Bennis. W. (2009) On Becoming a Leader. Basic Books. Sinek. S. (2009) Start with why. Portfolio Penguin. © 2014 The Coaching Experience 1
  • 3. ii) Other people expand on their initial responses and say why they believe what they believe. “I believe …people need a coach because … sometimes … in fact often … you are way too close to the situation to be objective. A coach gives you an amazing opportunity to reflect on what’s happening because it’s a structured, supportive, non judgmental conversation … “ 5. Keep going for 20-minutes then stop. For now, don’t do more than 20-minutes. A big mistake is to get on a roll – and you will – and before you know it you’ve been ‘I believing’ for an hour or more! There is another reason. 6. Listen back to the recording with a pen and paper (at this session or a subsequent session). Get the idea? iii) A really useful format you might try is: a) List – generate a list of ‘I believe’ bullet points. For example I recently did this with a group of 50 delegates. I selected a volunteer and over 5 minutes he had identified 15 ‘I believe’ statements. For example, ‘I believe you need a coach if you run a business.’ b) Why – I then went back over the list and invited him to select one of the ‘I believe’ statements from that initial list. Then I asked him to say why he believed that. He spoke for at least 5 minutes about the item he selected. For example, ‘I believe you need a coach if you run a business because …’ c) Case study/example - I then asked him if he could think of an example to illustrate. He came up with a brilliant case study. For example, I once had a client who was dead scared of chasing latepaying customers. We resolved that issue in a 2-hour coaching session and over the following week he had collected over USD$59000 in unpaid invoices. He said that he having a coach has literally changed the liquidity of his business. d) A quick tip - My quick tip would be to make contact with a coach or mentor ASAP. Do a search for someone local or ask one of your colleagues but take action. © 2014 The Coaching Experience Right! Listen to your own voice. Allow it to sink in. Listen back and make notes. Stop the recording if you get inspired. (You will get inspired!) Most of my clients actually gain new insights from the playback. Sometimes they are really important distinctions. Other times you will realize that you in fact don’t believe what you just said! This is a time to reflect. And take action. Many clients arrive at action points as well. So list any ‘to-dos’ that come from this session. _________________ OK. Next steps? Repeat and Rinse – (as my nana would say). Do the activity again. Regularly. Archive – You will end up with an MP3 file. I recommend you archive these MP3 recordings. They make fascinating listening a year from today or five years from today. Transcribe – I recommend you jump on Elance and get the MP3 transcribed because … Collateral/IP – Turn it into collateral. There is a whole content management argument that goes hand in hand with social media and the need to be relational and create digital downloadable relational content. Simon Sinek’s argument is that people by why you sell more than what you sell. You can edit and top and tail your authentic ‘I believe’ transcript and make it available as a digital downloadable PDF relational piece on your website, for example. Most people have an About page. This is a great About page piece! 2
  • 4. Repurpose – This is a big discussion for perhaps another tutorial but once you’ve got it you can repurpose this content into reports, tutorials, downloadable PDFs, embedded email links, YouTube videos, SlideShare uploads, Tweets, Facebook Posts, MP3 interviews and so on. Testimonials and Feedback I would love to add some testimonials or feedback to the next revision so please email me at Big topic for a workshop. (For your benefit, most online content can be repurposed into things people can watch, read, listen to and do.) There is always a but … …but … for now, do this just for you. The big danger in doing this for a wider audience is that you cease to be authentic and start saying stuff you think others want you to say. You start to spin things. If you sense that you are spinning, then stop, get another cuppa and start again or do it later. This is a hand on heart exercise. Contact Andrew Priestley Web: or Email: Facebook Twitter @arpriestley Skype: priestley1 Phone: +44 (0) 7879 330060 This is not a Jerry McGuire moment. You do not have to stay up all night and publish your manifesto and have it distributed the next day. Warren Bennis again on reflecting: “Faced with your own mortality you realize that what you’ve been doing, what you’re invested in is not an accurate reflection of your real needs and desires.” So you should perhaps occasionally alter the statement to read, ‘I really believe …’ (This is a great Lunch and Learn activity to do with your staff, by the way. You’d be amazed at what your team might believe about your business, your customers, the industry, how customers should be treated etc. But again, a great activity for another day. Start with you first.) Hope this helps Andrew Priestley © 2014 The Coaching Experience Note: I love this shot of The Beatles when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan show on February 9th 1963. Over 73 million people tuned into that show! No one believed it possible! The Beatles believed that the world should hear their music.! 3