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Sales: where do your sales tools come from?


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Do you know where your sales tools come from? Ever wondered where things like trial close and handling objections came from? This is an interesting report on where some of your sales techniques and tools come from.

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Sales: where do your sales tools come from?

  1. 1. Andrew  Priestley   A  History  of  Sales   Where do your sales techniques come from? In  this  article   Award winning business coach, Andrew Priestley, provides an excellent insight into the way and why we sell by looking into the recent past to see where contemporary selling strategies come from. If you want to get to the bottom of why old-style selling feels so wrong, then you must read this article, as it provides a great foundation for selling authentically. ©  2010-­‐2013  Andrew  Priestley  |      Priestley  Coaching   1  
  2. 2. Before  we  start   Sales training is a multi-billion dollar per annum industry. Its goal is to dramatically enhance the performance of sales people in all industries. To gain a better understanding of how to benefit from this, it’s worth asking the following questions: • Where does this training come from? • Does it work? • How do you know?