Wii mote whiteb presentation


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  • Nice presentation thanks. Worth noting that we also supply mains adapters for the Wii remote which allows it to be used more or less permanently without the need for AA batteries.

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Wii mote whiteb presentation

  1. 1. THE WII INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD  It originated from Johnny Chung Lee in 2007  It is based on the high-performance infra-red camera on the top of the Wii remote  The infra-red camera tracks the tip of an infra-red light source (the infra-red pen)
  2. 2. PROJECT OBJECTIVE  The aim:  To show how to make your own interactive white board (IWB)  Spreading the knowledge of open source educational software that can be used with you IWB  Levelling the playing field with inexpensive technologies that can be provided for all  Promoting Interactive Teaching concepts that can be used to innovate learning
  3. 3. CONTENTS  Objective of the presentation  How it works  What you need  How to make an IR pen  Different IR pen designs  Wii remote  Software for Windows and Ubuntu  Free available software  Teachers portal  Future of the project
  4. 4. HOW IT WORKS  The infra-red camera in the Wii remote tracks the light source of the IR pen.  The location of the IR light source is sent via Bluetooth to the computer  This is shown on the computer as the location of the mouse
  5. 5. Projector Wii Remote Computer Projected Screen IR Pen
  6. 6. HOW TO MAKE YOU OWN PEN  This can be done easily provided you buy the correct Infrared LED  Use an empty whiteboard marker case and a battery if available  IR LED VISHAY TSAL6400 (available in SA)  Key Ring version
  7. 7. DIFFERENT TYPES OF IR PENS AND COSTS  There are two types of IR pens  Pressure tip  Manual Click  Preferred – the manual click  Home made keying version  Cost of IR pen for UK 6 Pounds - R68
  8. 8. HOW TO SET IT UP  With a normal setup, you want you Wii remote to be situated either on the left or right side, depending on the user  When you write, you will block the shadow  Wii remote have a 45 degree angle  Positioning will require some trial and error  Calibrate IR pen with 4 point touch
  9. 9. LAYOUT
  10. 10. WHAT YOU NEED  Standard computer (does not have to be new)  Projector (or large screen)  Nintendo Wii Remote  Infra-red Pen  Bluetooth Dongle (if pc does not support Bluetooth)  Software to connect to the Wii Remote
  11. 11. OPERATING SYSTEMS  The free software available does work on all operating systems  Windows and Ubuntu versions most common  Mac versions do exist, but not as popular  Both have different aspects which are useful  Windows – smooth board, linkivity presenter  Ubuntu - Wii Whiteboard, Built-in educational software
  12. 12. WHITEBOARD AND WII MOTE SOFTWARE  The Wii mote software:  connects the computer to the Wii remote control.  It calibrates the IR pen to work as a mouse  E.g. Pentabulous, Wii Mote Whiteboard  The Whiteboard software:  This creates a virtual whiteboard for you to write on  It has the pens, highlighters, erasers and tools  E.g. Linktivity Presenter, Smooth board
  13. 13. PENTABULOUS (WINDOWS)  Free windows based software used to implement the IWB with a Wii remote  User Friendly, easy to use  Occasionally temperamental, but works well  Recommended open-source option  for windows
  14. 14. LINKTIVITY PRESENTER (WINDOWS)  Freeware software that allows you to draw, highlight and write on your screen  Highly recommended for use in Windows environment  Has a screenshot function and shapes  Is not as effective as the commercial alternative - Smooth board
  15. 15. SMOOTH BOARD (WINDOWS)  Windows based  Created by Boon Jin  Cost $30 for a licence  Demo version works well  Easy to use and stable
  16. 16. WII WHITE BOARD (UBUNTU)  Program that can facilitate connection of a Wii remote to make a IWB  Easy to use and self explanatory  Can remember Calibration  Right-Click delay  Recommended open-source version for Ubuntu
  17. 17. MASSIVE BOARD (JAVA)  Whiteboard software – Ubuntu  Easy to use, no smoothing  Offers highlighting, different size nibs  Best open source option for Ubuntu
  18. 18. USB BOOTABLE UBUNTU  Put the flash drive in and boot off it  Contains great free games and teachers tools  Tux Paint, Tux Math, Graphing Software  Built in Software including smart board bootable  No cost of operating system and theoretically easiest install  Convenient for substitutes teachers and for security  Customize your workspace and carry it around  Netbook version perfect for IWB interface
  19. 19. TEACHERS PORTAL  http://www.livingmaths.com/teachers/teachlinks.html  Portal full of links for teachers  Interactive Games  Interactive Concepts – specific web links that assist in teaching concepts using a an IWB  Work in Progress
  20. 20. ADVANTAGES  Cost significantly less than the commercial IWB  Allows for Interactive whiteboard lessons without a commercial  Allows for portability between classrooms  Can work on a screen as well as a projector  Can operate on any flat surface  Future development of multipoint pens  Open Source development constantly improving
  21. 21. DISADVANTAGES  Not as smooth to write on as commercial IWBs (exception of smooth board at $29 per license)  Will require the use of batteries for Wii remote  Issue of blocking the IR pen while writing  Bluetooth issues
  22. 22. WHERE FROM HERE  The future of this project is unclear  Potential implementation into underprivileged school  A viable alternative if the cost of a commercial IWB is too high  Constantly improving technology
  23. 23. MORE INFORMATION  www.livingmaths.com - Teachers  Wii Whiteboard PowerPoint, and pdf  Links to all interactive concepts, games and more  Constantly growing resources available at no cost  Spread the idea and promote innovative technologies that you can make youself
  24. 24. THANK YOU