Portable interactive whiteboard an attachment device


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Portable interactive whiteboard an attachment device

  1. 1. Portable interactive whiteboard – an attachment device Classroom Aid, Inc.
  2. 2. Interactive Module  An attachment device added onto any ordinary projector, it can turn any surface, hard or soft, into an interactive whiteboard !  If your computer output is connected to TV panel, it can turn the screen into a touch screen. Includes a wand and a pen for different needs (The left & right buttons of a mouse are built in them.) Can be attached onto ceiling-mounted projectors or just placed on the meeting table.
  3. 3. This product utilizes : CMOS sensors Infra-Red signal emitting indicators Interactive projectors have CMOS sensors built-in, the portable interactive whiteboard puts the sensor stand-alone and works very well with any projector.
  4. 4. How To Use It ?  No power line  Only a USB cable connected to the computer  Power from USB interface  Before using it, run the interactive software  Do 13-points calibration as easy as 1-2-3  If it’s fixed, no more calibration necessary after first setup  Start to interact !
  5. 5. What Can You Do With It ?  Mouse mode  access to all your files, browse the internet, working just like your mouse cursor  work with any software  Key in with screen keyboard  Pen mode  write notes, highlight key points, drawing  line width/color changes  capture, modify, save or email anything on the screen  Support 13 languages
  6. 6. Specifications Of Interactive Module  Sensor accuracy +/- 6 pixels  Throw ratio 1.4+/- 20%  Screen size : up to 120” diagonal with interactive capability  Installation : up to 30 degree vertical angle  Power consumption < 0.5W  Frame speed : 30 frames/sec  Net weight : 0.2 lbs/80g  Dimension (WxHxD) : 110x20x80 mm  Included standard accessories  A stylus pen (AAA batteries x2)  A Wand (AA batteries x2)  USB cable mini (1.5m)  Installation hardware x 1 set  Quick start guide  CD (interactive software)
  7. 7. It Can Help In Education …  Capture students attention  Visualizing and audible : more impressive than any word  Enhance teaching and learning efficiency  Tons of interactive education resources – photos, videos, games, simulations, news clips, animations, open sources - are shared on internet which teachers can use to inspire, motivate their students, so that self-learning is activated after class  Engaging with real world, open a window onto the world
  8. 8.  A portable solution is available for presentations on the move  Interact with your computer from any surface  Capture audience attention  Visual and audible : empowering your expression  Enable a really dynamic and interactive presentation  Meeting minutes can be taken with presentation content and saved immediately It Can Help In Business Presentation …
  9. 9. Portable Interactive Projector Advantages over traditional interactive whiteboards (IWBs)  No bulky IWB installment needed, no extra power line needed  Robust design  Extremely Cost-effectiveExtremely Cost-effective  Easy to useEasy to use  Great flexibilityGreat flexibility to accommodate different situations  Image size with interactivity up to 120”  Interact on any surface or TV panel  Portable and fixable  Compatible to any software  upgrade your current projectors right away !!
  10. 10. Manufacturer : BOXLIGHT  BOXLIGHT has been developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing projectors for schools, government agencies, house of worship, and every customer in between since 1985.  BOXLIGHT produced the first interactive projector in the world, the winner of “The BEST Product of Infocomm” in 2010.  All hardwares and softwares are manufactured in Taiwan by BOXLIGHT’s mother company, the patent holder of this technology .
  11. 11. Classroom Aid Inc.  Mission : To provide more cost-effective, affordable technologies to benefit more classrooms  Vision : We hope global learners can access to educational resources by cost-effective technologies  Supported by BOXLIGHT’s mother company for serving the educational market  What We Do  Selling through partnership with educational product providers  Bridging quality manufacturers with educational brand companies  Supporting on private branding, logistic and warehousing management to business customers