Design, mock-ups and other things


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It's my third lecture at Belgirate workshop for Alta Scuola Politecnica (may 2014).

Here i go through a series of interesting examples regarding the "how to present your project"

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Design, mock-ups and other things

  1. 1. mock-ups, rapid prototyping and things alta scuola politecnica spring school 2014 stefano mirti, belgirate, may 2014
  2. 2. today i would like to introduce you to some interesting projects. i chose them not because of the project itself, but because of the presentation language. how to explain your idea in a concise and immediate and fascinating way.
  3. 3. the cover image, the previous page and this page, they are works made by rube goldberg. well-know cartoonist, famous for his “goldberg machines” here an interesting goldberg machine: “the page turner”, by Joseph Herscher
  4. 4. here you have another interesting project: “noteboek” by evelien lohbeck
  5. 5. here a project where the designers (crispin jones and ideo) focus their attention on the relationship between the mobile phone and people’s behaviors link to the video link to the website
  6. 6. this is a very nice project, communicated in an excellent way. soren pors, phony star + a whole new world (2003)
  7. 7. you can work making a comic… here you have paul maich’s “architect murdered in his own building” you might consider to get into his world. it is an extremely fascinating world.
  8. 8. then of course, we cannot skip terry gilliam’s animation. monty phyton stuff, if you don’t know, you should check them out. videoclip how to
  9. 9. what else? you could sketch your story like it was a comic book, but as a work-in-progress… here above, you have ettore sottsass’ sketchbook and here below a very nice video about his life: “the life and time of ettore sottsass”
  10. 10. here you have marti guixe’s drawings he is another one, very good at explaining things… website
  11. 11. of course we couldn’t finish this presentation without mentioning charles and ray eaems: “power of ten” is quite an impressive work!
  12. 12. here you have saul steinberg’s masks
  13. 13. saul steinberg
  14. 14.
  15. 15. stefano mirti, belgirate, may 2014 @stefi_idlab on twitter and instagram, stefano mirti on facebook