Introduction of Book Scout


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3D POP UP, Book Art, Paper craft

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Introduction of Book Scout

  2. 2. History of BookScout International Fair & Prize-awarded Experience 2010_09 Tokyo International Gif t Show, Japan 10 Frankfur t Buch Messe, Germany 2011_03 Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Italy 06 Seoul International Book Fair, Korea 09 Tokyo International Gif t Show, Japan 10 Awarded with a Presidential Prize at “2011 Korea Design Exhibition” 2012_01 Paris Museum Expressions, France 06 Seoul International Book Fair, Korea 09 Tokyo International Gif t Show, Japan Export Experience Exported to Branch office at Kinokuniya, Malaysia Exported to Yu-Chung Stationary Co., Ltd., Taiwan Exported to Papeti, Spain Merchandise Development Showtory series / Pucca Gift House Disney’s Princess Palace / Barbie’s Fashion Show / Pixar Cars 3D Pop-up house series World Museum Puzzle / 4 title of Activity Calendar for children Currently developing a new product for 2014 version of USA Orange Circle Studio Status of being offered to large shopping malls (In korea) Toysrus, E-mart Large bookstores) Seoul, Kyobo, Youngpoong, Yes24, Aladin, etc. Open markets) Ebay, 11th Avenue, Interpark, 10x10, Tiny-Big
  3. 3. “What’s Up? Showtory” series Self-organizable 3D Pop-up book• Presidential Prize awarded at 46th Korea Design Exhibition, 2011!• Marvelous 3D Pop-up Book manipulable by one-touch!• New concept teaching tools allowing kids to make 360-degree rotatably structured and unfoldable 3D Pop-up Book and inducing kids to creative learning through English Work Book!• Collecting whole series to complete one village!
  4. 4. Advantage of a 3D Pop-up book360-degree rotatable Pop-up Book structure “Education using pop-up book is good for kids Away from the conventional but it is difficult to store pop-up book” 180-degree pop-up structure! 3D Pop-up Book has a structure easily foldable Education effect of nurturing kids spatial and storable like a book. perception capability and creativity in addition
  5. 5. (Do It Yourself) DIY character Pop-up Book Presented image (front) Presented image (rear) * This image is a completed image. *The famous character PUCCA that has stormed European markets are now completely inside the gift house !• Romantic confession by Pucca Funny Love to Garu!• Why not put a small surprising gift bucket on 3D Pop-up Book.• Make a gift 3D Pop-up House, and present 3D Book card with your heart.• 360-degree rotatably structured Pucca Gift House is foldable and storable like a book.• Present Pop-up Book to loved one on a special day as long memorable memento!
  6. 6. DIY character Pop-up bookPicture book makeable and readable together with mom Barbie’s Fashion Show / Cars / Princess Palace Published as one of a DIY book-making series in a license agreement with Korea Yearim-I. Read a picture book and create a space in a Pop-up book in which main characters live.
  7. 7. PuzzleEducational puzzle for kids Picture included 18 famouse museums in the world! -Size 290(w)x220(l)x550(d)mm -104 pieces puzzle -With four pop up cards
  8. 8. PuzzleList of 18 museums 1) Musee du Louvre 2) Guggenheim Museum 3) San Francisci Museum of Modern Art 4) Vangogh Museum 5) São Paulo Museum of Art 6) Centre Pompidou 7) Leeum 8) Guggenheim Bilbao Museum 9) Tate Modern Collection 10) NewYork Contemporary Art Museum 11) Jewish Museum 12) Getty Villa 13) Seoulmoa 14) MoMa 15) DalíExhibition Space Montmartre 16) Miro Museum 17) Moca 18) Whitney Museum of American Art
  9. 9. 패키지 사이즈 : 215x280x35(mm) 205x270x30(mm)
  10. 10. Bookscout Jeong Hye Jeon Tel : +82-2-6000-5698 Fax :+82-2-6000-5697 H.P : +82-10-4283-1771126, Trade Venture Plaza, 4F COEX, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea